Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good news & funny facts

First of all the good news.
As I mentioned in an earlier blogpost, someone is lending us a hand by doing music for the game.

We want to officially thank 'Illustrious' for helping us out on this matter.
The music he does is pretty great, so you can look forward to having a great BGM in the demo.
(which will be available soon, I hope, well, we are just waiting for 2 more BGMs, so please be patient)

And now lets get to the funny facts.
Today I ran into Paperheads CG Gallery on e-hentai.org.
When I looked at the tags I had to laugh, and I was barely able to pull myself together when I read the comments xD
(don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of anyone, I'm simply amused and I can totaly understand how this whole matter came up)

The reason why I'm laughing are the tags:
- devil may cry
- final fantasy 7
- gender bender
- cloud (from FF7)

You can see for yourselves (as long as it's not fixed, that is):

(you can find the Paperheads CG gallery on this blog as well, if I'm not mistaken one CG is missing on the e-hentai link posted above)

Since in the comments people wondered, if Paperheads has actually anything to do with those games and characters mentioned, I thought it would be good to bring some clarification into this matter.
(it's not important to do that, but why not?)
Though I would have prefered it, if people just have asked me directly.
I'm always willing to give out answers, and I like discussing such matters and hearing different opinions.

The short version is:

Nope, it's not gender bender (not gender swap either), and the characters have NOTHING to do with the games mentioned above.
They are not even inspired by the mentioned games or characters.
But as I know all the mentioned characters and games, I see the similarity.
(and that's why I have to laugh xD)

The detailed story is:

All characters have been created by myself or by Crescentia.
And originally their character designs are way off, from what they appear in Paperheads.
(keep in mind, that Paperheads is a "spin-off" of our original characters)

Lets start with the guys first:

(I'm not going to post their character designs now because I don't know where I saved them on my notebook, but you can find at least Chao's design on this blog in some older blogpost)

Chao might look like Reno from FF7, but as some of you might recall, he "originally" had some completely different clothes etc.
He's designed so he looks like an ancient chinese warrior or something like that.
Having a pact with one of the "gods" of the Wolfenstahl-Universe (lets call it that way for now),
he has some special abilities, one of them being reborn when he dies.
(well nothing spectacular)

Ledun on the other hand is "originally" a rogue, and on top of that, a werewolf too.
(well, not in Paperheads, he's a regular human there)
His original design was inspired by the Stalker-Class from the game "Ragnarok Online".
(but in the end he doesn't look like that at all)
Having white hair + red clothes does resemble Dante, but I don't see any other similarities.
Btw. the scar on his face is an injury he got from an werewolf... back then, when he wasn't a werewolf himself.

I forgot to mention, that Leduns clothing is inspired by "Rock Howard" from Fatal Fury (Garou - Mark of the Wolves).
[Edit end]

Those two had been created by Crescentia, though I roughly sketched Ledun some years ago.

And now, lets get to the more important and more interesting part, the girls:

In the original story, Sheyla, Neamera and Verdani are all part of the same team,
they are more or less friends, but they tend to argue with each other.
But not in Paperheads (it's a spin-off), here at least Verdani and Neamera have no friendship or whatsoever.
While Sheyla doesn't have any major appearance in the game, the other two have.
(to be honest, I'm sometimes "dreaming" about making some kind of remake... with all 3 of them as playable characters... but... this would need a really huge budget... so it's not possible for now)

I designed all three of them about 8 years ago.
(back then, my drawing abilities were starting to develop)

Well, of course I looked at other characters to get inspired, but I bet noone would make the right guesses...
(well... I haven't copied anything... I just took my inspirations)

Sheyla's early design was "inspired" by Saber from Fate/Stay Night.
(blonde with green eyes ^^)
But as you can easily tell, despite being inspired by Saber,
Sheyla doesn't have much in common with her.
Neither looks nor personality wise.
Crescentia didn't change anything on Sheyla, everything is still as it used to be.
(I almost forgot to mention that Sheyla also used to have a different name,
but... lets not talk about it now)

Neamera went through so many changes, that I can't exactly say that she's being inspired by any character in particular.
"Originally" her hair had a 'wet-look', which I've seen on some character from the series "Claymore", but despite the wet-look I don't recall any other similarities.
And when Crescentia took over all the characters,
she got rid of the wet-look in Neameras hair.

Verdani, is perhaps the most interesting of the 3.
Having blonde "spiky" hair might resemble Cloud, I agree on that one.
But what else? (well, I don't see anything else they have in common)
The character that inspired me for Verdani, was "Karura" from Utawarerumono.
In the early design stages Verdani had similar hair, but this changed over time.
(Her name changed too! I used to call Verdani "Athene" (just like Athena, but with E) back in the old days)
While other characters inherited no personal traits or abilities from the characters that were the source of inspiration, Verdani did in fact inherit one thing from Karura.
And that's her super-human strength.

Yes, Verdani doesn't have any particular super-human abilities in Paperheads.
(it's a spin-off of the yet untold "original story")
But originally she can easily break other peoples bones, toss giant rocks around etc,
and her sword strikes are absolutely deadly.
(mainly because her legendary sword doesn't break and it has the ability to slice through literally anything in an instant, because of it's magical capabilities... but lets spare the details)

If you look at her now, she doesn't have anything in common with Karura regarding her looks.
Only the "super-human" strength, but well... if you put it that way, there are maybe several hundred other anime-characters that share this trait with her.
(Anyway, Karura was originally the source of inspiration for Verdani)

When Crescentia took her, she gave Verdani the spiky hair she has now, which fits her nicely.

Verdani and Sheylas old designs - drawn by Wolfenstahl

Sometimes I regret that I've started with a "spin-off" game...
rather than starting with the true story.
The fast as lightning assassin Sheyla, the skilled (and sadistic) ninja Neamera,
and the black knight (with super-human strength) Verdani,
are all central characters of it.
(yup, Geisterhands Sheyla is one of the many reincarnations of her, but it's still the real Sheyla and the real story)

To be honest, I'm tempted to write a whole bunch of text about Sheyla, Neamera and Verdani.
But I don't want to do any spoilers...
And more importantly, I don't know if people would read all of that text anyway.
Well, lets leave it that way for the time being.

So as you can see, no gender bender (no gender swap either), no Final Fantasy 7 or Devil May Cry.
Instead Fate/Stay Night, Utawarerumono and Claymore, I guess?
(well, it's just inspirations anyway, but I think it's interesting nonetheless)
In the end they are all "original characters" (OC's for short), and of course similarities to other games, anime series etc. will always be present, since it's hard to make a character noone has ever seen before.

And yup, I don't care if the tags on e-hentai stay "messed up" or if someone fixes them.
I think it's fine the way it is... because lots of people look for final fantasy stuff,
so the gallery gets more views lol jk
(well if someone wants to fix it, I appreciate it, but it's really not important)

Yes I mentioned a lot that Paperhead is a "spin-off", of the original Wolfenstahl-Universe.
And the work on Geisterhand resumes more or less smoothly.

As this case is resolved, I want to thank all the people who helped to correct the tags.
Thank you very very much!


  1. so Sheyla's the girl with leather cloth and a whip in Paperheads? she looks so different to the Sheyla om Ghosthands...

    1. The girl with the whip is just a generic enemy.
      Sheyla looks the same as she looks in Geisterhand.
      (she appears on only one CG together with Verdani)

    2. Ah! so it's the girl in the CG after you clear mission 2 right?

      Based on the text, i thought she's the girl who gave information about paperheads to verdani, and she was captured by the mission 2 boss (the Dante like guy!?) to later be rescued by Verdani.

    3. Yup, that's Sheyla.

      Well, the story text is actually too short to give enough specific details in the game.

      To explain in other words, what's going on:
      First Verdani goes into the sewers, and beats up some guys.
      (including Chao (1st Boss))
      Then Sheyla calls her and tells her she has some information about the organisations hidden headquarter.
      So Verdani uses the subway to get to Sheylas place.

      At the last station she beats up Ledun (2nd Boss), arrives at Sheylas place, gets the information from her, and has some fun with her afterwards.
      (well, while Verdani tends to like to "play" with her, Sheyla is not always amused, as you might tell by her expression)

      I don't recall if I mentioned it in an earlier blogpost:
      Verdani mainly likes girls (well she likes guys too... but it's extremely rare), while Sheyla and Neamera are straight.
      Occasionally Verdani teases Sheyla, and she's mostly "enduring" it.

  2. Hello guys!
    So when will be release of the demo version?

    1. Currently another BGM track is almost done.
      After it's done, one last track is missing, and then we will release the demo.

      (I'm currently tweaking stuff here and there, as well as working on the other stages that are not in the demo, but I guess we are pretty close to a demo release)

  3. You guys still have the best CG out of the recently released english H-games. Big props to the artist.

    1. Thank you very much, I'll forward your praise to Crescentia ^^