Thursday, April 2, 2020

Deathblight Guilty Raid DEMO V1 release!

Hello everyone!

This is the public release of Deathblight Guilty Raid DEMO V1!

This Demo includes the following:
-1 Playable character: Safiya
-First level out of 3
-5 CG scenes

It's first and foremost a gameplay demo, so no dialouge scenes are included yet.
Also some other content like power ups and the like are yet to be included.
That is to come with the demo v2.

If you encounter any bugs, please let us know through commenting here or on our Discord server:

Also once again, this project is self funded. It's not funded via Patreon. So you don't need to join Patreon in order to get access to this game.

If you would like to join Patreon anyways though, you can find us here:


Download here:!29UViIAb!In1O4GC886CMCGubZDW1d0QiEtQxXBW5AIcbXAsnZIw


  1. Safiya opened the door and started to watch surroundings
    - Empty room... I bet, it swarms with a starfishes...
    She stares at the red glowing computer, standing at the wall on the other side of the room, and clenched her teeth. Her previous encounter with them leaved her with a torn clothes and a feeling of disgust.
    After taking a deep breath, the jackal rushed to the computer as faster, as she possibly could, pushed the button, unlocking another door somewhere in the complex, and darted away back to the door.
    - Phew, i actually made it!
    And leaved the door open...

  2. you guys just made my week. i really enjoyed the game this is based off of and was sad to see it go. now that it's back...

  3. First of all, thank you for the demo, appreciate your work. Played several times and have some points on the game.
    1. Somehow melee feels weaker than ranged attacks even though it is more dangerous. Probably due to speed of ranged attacks, but still I think that melee should be more rewarding.
    2. I think you need to fill out the levels as of right now there is literally no incentive to go through rooms - just straight to the exit. Maybe some hp or mana charges. Some explosive barrels to lure hordes of enemies into, traps, etc.

    Hope my feedback will be of any use. Thanks.

    1. thanks for your feedback!

      1. melee isn't supposed to be "rewarding", it's basically just a last-ditch-effort to avoid being lewded.
      because of this it is weaker than ranged (and this is absolutely intentional), if you look closely, you can see that melee even get's debuffs when you're grabbed or when energy drops low.
      so yes, this is absolutely as intended.

      2. we will add powerups to the game to be found in the levels.
      other than that, there's Orbs to gain from slain enemies (which are needed for upgrades and can be used to buy stuff with the shopkeeper in later versions)
      Healing items are scarce on purpose (rogue-lite).
      Other than that, future updates should have more stuff to find and making exploration more worthwhile, yes!

      Thank you very much for the feedback ^^

  4. upon game over i got a error code

    1. please post the error code over on our Discord if you can ^^
      there's a bug reporting section.
      thank you very much!

  5. Holy fuck this game is only a demo and already Godlike.
    Lewd mechanics are great and game over screens / cgs are fucking sexy. Already a 9/10 based on current game.
    Can't wait for more guys.

  6. How do i play this. I got the mega app but i dont know what to do from there