Thursday, August 27, 2015

Character popularity poll #2 and status update

I'll first do the status update since it's shorter.
We're working on implementing music and sfx into LDH right now, but it will still take a couple days until it's fully implemented and we still need to do testing.
So, I can't give any definite release date yet, as there's still the possibility of running into unforseen trouble. At any rate, we're working as fast as possible, so it shouldn't take too long.

Also, since our writer is currently having a lot of RL issues, the upcoming version of LDH will not include the Werewolf enemy, since it won't be ready in time.
However, we'll make sure to deliver it in another patch.
After that we can wrap up LDH, and we can finally move on to DA.

Now to the character popularity poll:

Since we're always curious about which one of our characters is received best, we're doing another popularity poll! Especially because the last one had been a long time ago.
Last time Ferania was the most popular character, followed up by Aurora on second place and Catheline on third place.

This time around, we're only including characters that made an appearance in the webcomic.
Even if they just made a brief appearance, you can still vote for them here.
Also, same as last time, you'll get multiple votes.

The candidates are:


Deathblight's lightning shooting tsundere protagonist.


Also called "Mimi": Now with gravitation manipulation abilities and karate techniques.


Cute and calm, but coupled with Ferania she might be a troublemaker.


Super lazy... because of mind reading and telekinesis abilities.


Drinks alcohol to get rid of her shyness, also likes to piss off people.


The very very curious Cath.


Big sis foxgirl shrine maiden.


Super old big sis with jiggly boobs.


Also super old big sis but without jiggly boobs.


Ms polar bear who tries to manipulate polls by telling people she will show her boobs if she wins.


Don't fuck with the grizzly bear lady... seriously, don't fuck with her.


She's not sad, she always looks like this.


Green haired yandere-chan, still looking for a senpai.

And that's it.
Have fun voting!