Sunday, December 31, 2017

Summary of 2017 - Happy New Year

Let me start this off by wishing you all a happy new year!
I hope you were able to enjoy a nice christmas season.

Looking back at the year, I guess this was one of the better years for us.

First of all we need to thank each and everyone of you for your support, especially our supporters on Patreon! We're very grateful for your help and dedication in creating everything Deathblight related.

Let's talk about the bad things that happened this year, and then get to the good ones.
Our game designer (Blade) suddenly became homeless this summer.
But we helped him to find an appartment and after a stressful Alpha 3 release things went back to normal mostly.
Other than that, I think there wasn't really anything specifically bad this year.
(only minor hiccups along the way, like everyone experiences in life, so nothing special)

So on to the good things!
Our fanbase grew quite a bit this year, thank you everyone!
Other than that, the webcomic progressed smoothly and we managed to release new major releases of Deathblight RPG in march and end of august, as well as several minor releases in between.
We didn't quite make it for the december release (current Alpha 4) but we're almost there and pushing hard to release it the next couple days.
(we worked 6 day weeks during the past weeks and christmas and didn't really enjoyed much time off, that's some dedication haha, at any rate, no worries, we'll make sure to take at least 1 week off after the Alpha 4 release to regain some energy!)

With our Patreon campaign growing, I'm thinking about possibly hireing a pixel artist to finally continue Deathblight Apocalypse.
I know it's the 5000 $ milestone on our list, and we've still got ways to go to reach that (currently we're at 3000 $).
But as always I'm planning ahead and I guess it wouldn't hurt to look for people to hire ahead of time.
That being said, let's see how the next year will be!

See ya next year and let's hope it will be even better.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Progress update for Alpha 4

As usual we're posting at least 2 progress updates per month on Patreon.
It's been a while I posted here, so I figured it's time for another blogpost!

Chiira CG for Alpha 4

Most of the graphical work is done, so we just need to finish the 3 CG scenes as well as some other things for the Alpha 4 release.

In today's live stream we should be able to finish the CG shown above.
(several facial variations are missing, as well as other things needed to complete the entire CG scene with Chiira)

Live Stream:
We start in about 1 hour after posting this blogpost.
As usual the stream goes on for about 4-6 hours.

After that the CG scene needs to be implemented into the game.
As well as the other CG scenes which we're going to work on the next couple days too.

We also decided to not work on any commissions this month.
(though keep in mind that we need to do these commissions after Alpha 4 release, so we catch up with commissions in january)

So for this month we focus all our energy and attention to DB RPG Alpha 4.
If possible, we try to release Alpha 4 this year and we're pushing for this really hard!
(though as always, no promises, things tend to get into the way when you least expect them)

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.
The next blogpost will most likely be Alpha 4 Patreon release, and Alpha 3.1 public release.
I hope you're looking forward to it.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Polished Alpha 3.1 released on Patreon

We just released a polished version (named Alpha 3.1) of the last version of the game on Patreon.

You can find the post with Alpha 3.1 here if you have Patreon access:

For the public version of Alpha 2.1 click here:

Keep in mind that you need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to run this game:
(the RTP includes graphics and other standard assets of RPG Maker that are required)

Alpha 3.1 will be released to the public once we released Alpha 4 on Patreon.
We are working hard to release Alpha 4 as soon as possible!

Here's the full changelog of Alpha 3.1:
Changelog Alpha3.1 - 27/10/2017:

- Added a lot of live to the town. You can now find many flavor NPC walking around.
  -> At night, most NPCs change, having different dialogue or just being replaced by completely new NPCs.

- Added a fast travel option via taxi-stops.
  -> To fast travel, look for a taxi stop and "talk" to it, you will then get the option to choose your destination.
  -> Every travel costs 50G.
  -> If you leave the first dungeon before completing it, you will get a little tutorial scene on how to use the fast travel system.

- Added lore logs to the second dungeon. If you want to know a bit of backstory to what happened there, just look around and find all of the logs.

- Changed the sprite color of the big groups in the first dungeon, to make them distinguishable from the smaller ones.

- Tweaked a few dialogues.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Deathblight RPG Alpha 3 released

With Alpha 3 being released on Patreon, Alpha 2.1 becomes available to the public.
Please start a new game to avoid bugs from old save games.

If you have access to the Patreon posts you can find Alpha 3 here:

For the public version of Alpha 2.1 click here:

Keep in mind that you need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to run this game:
(the RTP includes graphics and other standard assets of RPG Maker that are required)

The changelog for Alpha 2.1 is in this post:

Now, what's new in Alpha 3?
Lovely Catheline is now a playable character!
We added the shopping district (which needs more NPCs which we will place in Alpha 3.1 and Alpha 4), as well as first half of the second dungeon.

Here's the full changelog of Alpha 3:
Changelog Alpha3 - 26/08/2017:

- Added new city district: The shopping disctrict!
  -> Some buildings are already open to be viewed, although most don't have a function just yet
  -> Added a shop where you can buy a few useful items
- The first half of the second dungeon (Mission 02) has been added! Continue the story and visit the shopping district, to find out how to access it.
  Due to adding and changing many different things, it is highly recommended you start a new game instead of using an old save file!
  This will avoid most of the bugs you might encounter when using old save files.

- Added Catheline as a brand new character. She comes with her own unique set of skills to tear her enemies to shreds and drown them in shadows!
  Continue the story to find out how to add her to your party!

- Added new enemies to the second dungeon: The Failed Clones!
  Beware of these human created monsters! Even though they are considered as failed experiments,
  they still inherited the strengths of the ones they are based on, so don't take them lightly!

- Defeating enemies that grant XP now also rewards you with money

- Added a few new interactions in the hotel room

- Changed how the Evasion buff works: Evasion now lasts for 2 turns (including the one it is being applied) and gives +100% chance to dodge attacks.
  This change was done to make skills that award an evasion buff more useful and attractive to use,
  since before players tended to only spam cheap multi-hit attacks like Brawl and Ryuuseiha.

- Added new equipment, like rope and charms, that are useful in battle. You can find them or buy them at the shop!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Deathblight RPG progress report

It's been a while since the last blogpost, so I figured a short update might be a good idea.
(we regularly post progress reports on Patreon, usually several times a month)

Catheline Combat Graphics

We're currently working on finishing the last CG, originally we planned to have 5 CGs (2 CG scenes) with variations in the upcoming version.
But we decided to add another extra CG last minute (so it's 6 CGs with variations now).
Once it's done it needs to be implemented.
Then there's more testing to do, and if no bugs show up last minute, we'll be ready for the release.

In the meanwhile, enjoy Catheline up there!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Deathblight RPG - Catheline appears!

Here's a small status update on Deathblight RPG:

We've been working hard on implementing Catheline for the upcoming Alpha 3 version.
So far 9 out of 13 combat graphics are mostly done (some still need more facial expressions etc.).
And there's still CG scenes to do as well.
But progress is going smoothly.
As usual, we post most of our updates together with all the graphics over on Patreon.
(though I figured posting a small status update over here as well won't hurt)

Here's one of the 13 combat graphics of Catheline that will be in the game:

In the meantime, we also released a balancing and bugfixing patch for Alpha 2.
(basically called Alpha 2.1)
This 2.1 version will be released to the public once Alpha 3 hits Patreon.

It's hard to name a release date for Alpha 3 yet, but we're working hard to push it out as soon as possible.

On a side note, if you recall that blogpost about our roadmap for Deathblight RPG:
We decided to split each of the upcoming updates in half, so basically there will be more but smaller updates in the future.
(First half of a level, then the second half in a seperate update etc.)
That way we'll be able to push out updates faster, which is most likely better for everyone.

That's all for now, see ya next time!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Deathblight RPG - public release

We just released Deathblight RPG second release on Patreon, and with that, here comes the first public release of Deathblight RPG.

It's only the first version which is public, so contrary to the second version it only contains the first half of the first level.
Deathblight RPG is a FREE game, it will not be sold once it's fully completed.
So everyone gets to play the second version sooner or later.

You can download the first public version here:

Also, you need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP which you can get from the official website:

Here is a changelog of what's different in the second version:
Changelog Release02 - 29/03/2017:

- Added second half of first dungeon!
-> You can now finish the first mission and fight the bosses
-> All associated cutscenes, battles and CG-scenes have been implemented

- Added NPC-Girls in cells in first dungeon

- Added secret Ferania cutscene
-> If you want to find and trigger it, you have to be alone with Ferania in a certain location

- Changed intro slightly to allow players to freely move around and explore the hotel room when first entering
-> Can't leave the room, if you want to leave, talk to Minori to advance the intro
-> Important objects "sparkle" (Closet, beds)

- Added Mission Log/Guide/CG-Album at PC in hotel room
-> CGs and CG scenes viewable after finishing dungeon

- Changed dialogue timing in intro, for better flow (some lines now advance automatically)

- Added skip function to CG-scenes (game asks you if you want to watch the scene)
-> Only the capture scenes have it for now, not the overall "Game Over" scene

- Added cloth-changing and character-viewing mechanic to wardrobe in hotel room
-> Go to hotel room, speak to one of the two wardrobe/closets in the bedroom
-> "Change clothes" is for restoring clothes and removing the "Torn", "Naked" and "Slave" states
-> "Look into mirror" is for viewing the chosen characters current outfit/state (full-size picture)

- Added healing to beds in hotel bedroom
-> Speak to one of the upper double-beds to take a rest and heal HP and RST

- NPCs now react differently to the player (party leader, e.g. Ferania), based on their state (Torn, Nude, Slave)

- Inreased Minori's "Ryuuseiha" skill to 30 (was 20)

New CG scenes have been written by Sierra Lee.
If you like them, you should check her games out as well!
Her blog about her game TLS:

The second release will be made public once the third release hits Patreon.
This means, Patrons are always 1 step ahead of the public releases.
Patrons get early access because they support the development of the game and make all of this possible in the first place.

Thank you very much to everyone who's supporting us either on Patreon, by spreading the word about our stuff, or in whichever way you might help.
It really means a lot to us!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Deathblight RPG status report + Character popularity vote #3

First things first:

Let's start with a quick status update on "Deathblight RPG - Operation Thunderfang".
Most likely, if no major bugs appear last minute, we should be able to release the second version of Deathblight RPG to Patreon this month, and this means the first version will be released to the public as well.

In case you're wondering, we're mostly posting status updates (usually several times a month) on Patreon and updating the blog only once in a while with major updates.
(Patreon is small updates all the time, as well as previews, access to new graphics and earlier builds of the game etc.)

What's left to do until we can release it:

- playtesting and bugfixing
- implementing the last few events into the game
- Boss game over CG scene
- 2 more capture graphics for the combat system
- 2 more hentai graphics for the combat
- all enemy graphics fleshed out in full quality
- boss enemy graphics
- secret extra
- pixel graphics for the NPCs
- rebalancing of the combat

(the crossed out things have already been taken care of at the moment this blogpost had been made public)

The 2 remaining graphics for the combat system will be finished in todays live stream.
We would be happy if you'd stopped by to watch!
Also, feel free to ask questions about Deathblight RPG, the webcomic, or Crescentia's artworks in general.

The live stream will be today (saturday) 4th march 21:00 GMT +1.
Obviously it will contain NSFW content.

We're also announcing our live streams on twitter:

After that, we'll only need to finish the remaining CG scene and implement everything into the game as well as do testing and bugfixing.
It's still some work, but we're close to the next release.

Now for the third character popularity vote:

It's been a while since the last one, and we're always eager to see which of our characters are more liked than others. This has no influence on our current game projects, but it might help us to understand which of our characters are more popular than others, and this might help us improve some of our other characters.

As usual, the vote will be running for about 4 weeks, and you can vote on multiple characters at once.

Here's a list of the characters along with pictures of everyone to help you identify who's who.

Demon Hunters:











The vote will be running until 31st march.
Have fun voting and see ya!
(and yes, the next blogpost will most likely include a download of the first public release of Deathblight RPG)