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This category will be used to place links to fan-based stuff.
(Patches, artworks, other things)
Since the things in this category are NOT Projekt Wolfenstahls works, we take no credit or responsibility for the links placed here (external websites), so use at own risk.

Thanks to everyone who sends us fan-based patches (or artworks).
We really appreaciate it!

We also can't guarantee the correctness of translations of language patches, since we are only able to speak a few languages ourselves.



Language patches:

Apply them like the regular language patch by overwriting the existing files in the game folder.



Russian language pack by RUSS:

[Last Demon Hunter]

French translation.
Pack de texte fran├žais V0.46 by Oaken:!Up5CQQSJ!TBjqhsFW12OnIGDHo0xCu01GbtysctbxlyrfAsvsPZg

French translation Pack.
Pack de texte fran├žais V0.48 by Oaken:!I9xH0DSS!owdBF4yH1YoNEHG933lZ_MPffx-2GcajJeaBic0F8i0

Spanish translation V0.46 by Jose Garcia:!5oBXXKyb!qEniRGK2v6MDiUBXg28Jbp0QEQv3mkFGEaohZyakxFc

Spanish translation V0.48 by Jose Garcia:!v8gnALTI!8Lhd838Q0Lc1xjp6EYmz2kaEUAODusLQLLN-Mz6pJ98


  1. Amazing !I'm so excited and can‘s stopping a wish to make a Chinese ver. If you dont mind,send me the text and I will reply the bilingual text

  2. RGhost keep files maximum 90 days, old link not working.
    Link to rusificator(rusian langue for paperheads)

  3. Working on the Spanish patch of LDH

    Spanish patch of LDH done

  5. Pass:


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  7. Here, the new patch of LDH. Final version:!v8gnALTI!8Lhd838Q0Lc1xjp6EYmz2kaEUAODusLQLLN-Mz6pJ98