Thursday, December 31, 2015

Summary of 2015 & happy new year to all of you

Looking back at what happened this year, it truly was the worst year of our lives.
It's not like one or two catastrophes, all of this year was pretty dark and depressing.
But we're not depressed, we managed to overcome all obstacles, and we're alive and well, yet all these things caused us to go through a lot of sad moments, and also some events cost us a lot of money.

This year, nearly all our equipment and property broke.
At the beginning of january my notebook broke down, as well as my car.
Fixing all of it (well, fixing the car and buying a new notebook) was very expensive, but we managed to pay bills.

During the course of the year, nearly all our team members had to buy new computers, since for whatever strange reason this bad-luck-streak decided that all our computers had to break this year...
Cres didn't buy a new computer yet, but the past 3 months her machine is acting up and it's very likely that she needs to buy a new computer at the beginning of 2016.

But what was really depressing this year, was losing valuable family members, and attending their funerals...
My mum died in january 2015, my grandma in july 2015.
Attenting those funerals also cost us a lot of money (since we had to travel quite some distance), and of course it caused us to lay down our work for a couple of days...

At the end of the year, Cres got into a fight with her family.
It really went out of hand, the summary of what happened is:
Her family wanted to force her to stop being an artist.
They also tried to force a lot of other things upon her, and tried to destroy what she build up in the last couple years.
And no, it was not the usual "we only want the best for you" situation.
In fact they wanted to force her to stop working on stuff, and rather take care of household work and foster her grandparents and mother.
It was a very selfish act of her family, and they refused to listen to her, they ignored her opinion, her thoughts and her plans for the future, and simply wanted to force their own values on Cres.
Furthermore Cres discovered, that her family had been manipulating and sabotaging friendships and other relationships of her all these years, simply to force her to stay at home.
And that's when Cres decided it's best to leave it all behind and break contact with them forever.

Discovering this was really shocking and depressing but as always it's better to know the truth.
Furthermore, moving places required Cres to give up on her dog as well.
2015 certainly wasn't easy on us...
But as I said before, we're doing fine, we've overcome things, and we managed to hold our ground.

There were also a couple good things in 2015, but they were small in number, but still there was something good.
After my mum passed away, I was able to get on good terms with my dad.
He completely changed during the past year, and I'm happy this happened, though I wish my mum would have lived to see this as well.

Also our webcomic became quite successful, and the story went along nicely.
Furthermore we gained a lot more fans and supporters.

Thank you very much to everyone who's supporting us!
Thanks to your help and support, we're able to continue doing what we're doing.
Thank you!

Let's hope that 2016 will be a lot better!
We all wish you a happy new year, and we wish you all the best for the new year.
See ya in 2016!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry christmas 2015

All the stressful events made me totally forget to mention that we've been interviewed:
[click here to read the interview]

Merry christmas everyone!
We hope you're enjoying the holidays and have a good time.

Faye baked some christmas cookies!

This year had been quite eventful, and a LOT of bad stuff happened, but also a couple good things.
Probably I'll do a blogpost about this at the end of the year, to sum everything up.
However, for the time being, lets focus on the last couple weeks.

First of all, shortly after the last blogpost our composer disappeared.
We tried contacting him several times, but we haven't heard back from him yet.

And after that, things got even worse.
Cres had some trouble with her family, and got kicked out in the process.
She also decided it's best to break contact with her family, since things really went out of hand.
But don't worry, everything is fine, we managed to sort things out, and have a place to stay at.
Hopefully in a couple days when the dust settles, we're able to get back to being productive again.

Ah yes, and of course we've been able to continue with the webcomic and other stuff.
I mean, despite all of this chaos, we've managed to get the important (or rather "paid") things done.
But I hope I've been able to explain why progress on our games had been so slow lately.

On a side note:
We currently get an "excess" of around 100 $ to 150 $ via Patreon per month.
100 $ equals about 1 work day (Artworks only, and yes, we're quite... I'd say "efficient" with money) and a new enemy for LDH requires around 3 work days (Artworks only).
So... all I wanted to say is... even if we're slower than we've been before, I hope it's understandable.

Also DA had been released on Patreon, but it's Pre-Alpha, kinda like a prototype with barely any content. And we're thinking about remaking it from scratch as the graphics are more than a year old.
I would NOT suggest you support us on Patreon because of DA at this point, unless you really want to. Currently there isn't enough content yet.
And it will most likely take a lot more time to get there.

This explains the silence on the blog the last couple weeks.
At any rate, I'll write more about the events of 2015 in an upcoming blogpost.