Friday, August 16, 2019

Deathblight RPG Update: Beta 1 Public Version

Hello everyone!
Today we're releasing Deathblight RPG - Operation Thunderfang Beta 1 for everyone!
This version includes Ferania's bouncer job at a strip club, which consists of a minigame and new CG scenes. Those CG scenes vary depending on Ferania's corruption level, so have fun with that mechanic ;)

As always, please do NOT use old save files, as those will break the game!
Use the ones provided in the zip-file instead.

Save1: Boss fight dungeon 1
Save2: Dungeon 2 entrance
Save3: Catheline upcoming
Save4: Catheline rescues Ferania and Minori
Save5: Boss fight dungeon 2

Deathblight RPG beta1 Public Version:!bs1EXSDY!9rTiVrkrbDZ4ti-rofJat895jtPIKE6HwQBwoXFoLcI

And if you enjoyed Ferania's bouncer job, you can find beta 2 with Minori's job at the maid café over at our Patreon ;3

Also if you have any questions or bugs to report, please leave us a comment here or contact us on our Discord server.

Now with DB RPG beta 1 publicly released, and beta 2 online on Patreon, we can now focus on our work on Deathblight Guilty Raid again so we can release the demo version soon.
The demo version will be available for everyone, so you don't have to be a Patron in order to play it.
Until next time, folks!