[Last Demon Hunter]

Last Demon Hunter is a "test game" we did to get back into game development after a long break.
The game is finished as it is (it's just a "test game" after all) and there are no further expansions planned.

Ferania Wolfenstahl is the main heroine of this game.
There's a readme file within the game folder with default controls etc.
You can also customize the controls, but you need to use the mouse.
The goal of the game is to rescue as many girls as possible and then exit the underground facility via the "Exit".

Download the final version of Last Demon Hunter here:
[LDH ver 0.48C]


  1. Agh I play on laptop and that makes this game practically impossible. I need a proper mouse lmao

    1. actually just buy 1 of the computer mouses (with a chip) so you can then use that by plugging that in to the laptop

  2. This game is really fucking good, like the way grabs/enemy sex attacks are handled is phenomenal and the H scenes starting out with the character getting captured in full detail(not just instant transition to getting raped) makes game over CG on par with, for say, a fully animated game over CG like Shinobi girl. The exploration is made interesting by the rather well made levels even if they lack graphical diversity it's make things very interesting with the randomness of encounters in rooms, going from empty to filled with enemies. This game was a blast and I hope it goes somewhere.

  3. i hope there is more shit for this game because honestly i love this shit man like you wont believe me if i told how much i love this shit. jokes aside the game is really good

  4. What'd you write this in? Was wondering cuz I was hoping I could edit the CG_Scene files, but doing so breaks them.