Thursday, November 29, 2012

nearly there!

I've got good news for you guys!
the newest version is currently undergoing tests, and if everything goes well it will be uploaded this weekend.
(maybe already friday, but this weekend for certain)

the game contains a lot of changes and upgrades.
mainly the stuff listed on my last blogpost.

it should be easier to play now, so everyone can enjoy it.
(in case you like the previous difficulty, just switch it in the options menu)
even the Grab-System is easier to use now.
I somehow feel like the grabing plays a smaller role now, but it's still there as it was before.

so in case you found the previous versions too difficult or you were not satisfied with something, please try the new version once it's uploaded.

we still need a couple of days for testing, but the weekend isn't too far away.
spread the word and stay tuned!


Friday, November 2, 2012

patches and rebalance

it will still take some time until the final demo-version will be out.

but to inform you about the future changes:
(we are currently working on these)

- short tutorial implemented
- arrows show the direction you should go to
- indicator that shows "Fight!" when you need to kill all enemies
- GRAB-System now has an "easy mode" which makes it easy enough for everyone to escape
- enemies have less HP now
- Boss implemented
- all CG's have been improved + some new CG's

this should make the game overall more enjoyable.
since the difficulty decreases quite a lot.
(you can still change it into the harder modes on the options menu if you like)
soon the new demo will be out, so stay tuned!