Saturday, June 25, 2016

Small Update + Live Streams!

So, time for a short update:

We're still working on the RPG Maker Game and of course this will still need some time before the first release, but we're regularly doing progress updates and showing graphics on Patreon.

Crescentia is also doing live streams now.
Not regularly yet, but from time to time, if we can.
Today (25th june) we'll be doing a live stream at 22:00 GMT +2.
That's in about 2,5 hours from now.
This time the stream will be NSFW.

If you missed the stream, you can watch a recording of it by clicking on "video" in the description of Crescentia's channel on Picarto.TV.

Here's the channel:

We also announce every stream on Twitter, so check them out and follow us if you're interested in those dates:

In other news, there's now a Deathblight Wiki, but it's heavily work in progress.
If you're interested in helping out, feel free to do so!
I'll gladly answer important questions, but I'm not working on the wiki myself since I've got enough work with the game project and webcomic.
(I hope this is understandable)

Here is the link to the wiki:

That's all for now, see ya!

The character section here on the blog is almost completely outdated.
Please don't use it as a reference, I just kept it so people can see how things evolved over time.