Thursday, April 2, 2020

Deathblight Guilty Raid DEMO V1 release!

Hello everyone!

This is the public release of Deathblight Guilty Raid DEMO V1!

This Demo includes the following:
-1 Playable character: Safiya
-First level out of 3
-5 CG scenes

It's first and foremost a gameplay demo, so no dialouge scenes are included yet.
Also some other content like power ups and the like are yet to be included.
That is to come with the demo v2.

If you encounter any bugs, please let us know through commenting here or on our Discord server:

Also once again, this project is self funded. It's not funded via Patreon. So you don't need to join Patreon in order to get access to this game.

If you would like to join Patreon anyways though, you can find us here:


Download here:!29UViIAb!In1O4GC886CMCGubZDW1d0QiEtQxXBW5AIcbXAsnZIw