Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Character introduction: Sanura

Originally I wanted to do this blogpost on thuesday or wednesday, but there was just too much stuff going on. So I wasn't able to deliver this character introduction earlier, sorry for the delay!

On a side note, we're seriously thinking about getting the webcomic/manga started very soon.

This weeks character introduction is Sanura, the wisest assassin of the desert region.

Name: Sanura
Type: Black Panther – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Guardian
Rival: no rival
Height: 1,73 meters

Keeping pets (cats & dogs, also birds), botanical medicine, growing herbs and plants.
Studying the behaviour and characteristics of animals and plants, as well as humans.
Drawing stuff.

Guarding the royal family of a desert nation.
Assassinating enemies.

Superhuman physical strenght, high mobility and high jump height.
Excellent assassination skills

Low endurance (low HP)

Sanura is about 300 years younger than Ferania and the other demi-gods of the 1st generation.
(Aurora, Chiira, Claire, Catheline, Minori, Esmoda, Grizelda, Shiwa, etc...)

She has been created in order to protect the royal family of a mighty desert nation.
(This happened during a time when the nation faced lots of problems)
In exchange for this, the desert nation is bound to the Hellwolf, and in case he ever asks them to do something, they'll need to fulfill this request as good as possible.
(However, this rarely happens over the course of several hundred years)

As long as the lineage of the royal family continues, Sanura and her partner Zahra (a jackal girl demi-god) protect and support the royal family.
And they also remind each generation of their commitment towards the Hellwolf.
Since they live forever, they'll see a lot of kings and queens grow up and eventually die one day.

But that was thousands of years ago.
Sometime in the future, there might not be any descendants of the royal family lineage anymore.
So basically Sanura ends up being independent more or less.
At least for the time being.

Sanura is very smart, wise and mystical.
There are a lot of mysteries about her, as she usually doesn't open up to other people.
To most people, she's the silent type, she usually also keeps a low profile.
Back in the old days, she usually guarded the royal family or the temple, sometimes even out of the shadows.
Being a bodyguard for members of the royal family, or occasionally assassinating people in powerful positions that are about to cause trouble.

The only person she opens up to is her partner Zahra.
When talking to Zahra, she can talk quite a bit.
Occasionally she also speaks to members of the royal family moderately.
Sometimes she even gives her opinion as consultant of the royal family.
(Sanura and Zahra are kinda also consultants to the royal family)
However Sanura usually doesn't speak much to strangers, only if necessary she does so.

Sanura loves all kind of animals, and she keeps some pets, mainly cats and wolves/dogs.
She's not totally obsessed with animals, but she still loves them a lot.
One of her hobbies is also to grow herbs in order to produce medicine and other helpfull stuff.
(as well as poison)
Sometimes she even draws pictures of animals, humans and nature.

When fighting against enemies, she usually never attacks them head on.
She's always trying to outsmart her enemies, attacking their weak spots and taking them by surprise.

Sanura has a wide range of techniques that make her an exceptional assassin.
Basically she has superhuman strenght like most of the other demi-gods.
With her claws (long nails) she can easily pierce through steel armor, so she doesn't need any weapons.
(she can even pierce through steel more easily than all the other demi-gods)

Other than this, she can become completely invisible.
Sanura is also capable to create one or more doppelgangers of herself, of course they're not as strong as herself, but they're strong enough to deal with most enemies.
She also uses poison to take out larger groups of enemies or tougher enemies.

Sanuras paralysing glare

Her trump card is a special eye technique that paralyses everyone that looks into her eyes.
Once paralysed, her enemies are completely at her mercy.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Sanura!
And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Next week I'll probably write about Minori.
And as things are currently looking, she'll probably get a complete makeover.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Character introduction: Grizelda

This weeks character introduction is about Grizelda, a grizzly bear girl that loves explosions, flames and smoke.

Name: Grizelda
Type: Grizzly Bear – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Renegade (no Team)
Rival: Esmoda
Height: 1,82 meters

Swimming, gambling, card games, observing, watching stuff.
Destroying things, causing trouble.

Same as Esmoda, she's an observer too.
Bringing destruction and anarchy to the world. (secret purpose)

Superhuman physical strenght, just like Esmoda.
Fire-Elemental abilities.

Slower movement than most other demi-gods.

Grizelda is mainly very rebellious and very destructive, often she's also behaving like an asshole.
She doesn't care about rules or laws, and she thinks if you can't enforce your "rights" with your own power, then you don't deserve them.
Also she isn't that aggressive, just a little bit... mostly when she gets annoyed by "stupid people".
One of her secret purposes is to bring destruction and anarchy to the world, and that's what she's very good at.

Most of the time, she does whatever she wants to do, without listening to anyone.
If she sees something she likes in a shop, she simply takes it without paying.
Usually the shop owner tries to stop her, but this always results in the shop owner getting beat up.

When Grizelda passes by a mansion with a big swimming pool on a hot day, she'll likely use the swimming pool to cool off.
If the owner notices this and calls for the police, she simply blows their police car up and melt their bullets and weapons... sometimes even the police all along.
She would even melt tanks, destroy helicopters and planes etc.

On the other hand, Grizelda doesn't like to cause too much commotion, she's usually causing some destruction, and then she simply disappears.
And as long as others don't get in her way, she's usually not conspicuous in public.
She just don't like it if "authorities" try to force stuff on her, and anyone who tries to do so, gets his ass kicked... or barbecued...

Grizelda isn't setting up any big schemes, she's just a troublemaker.
A very bothersome troublemaker, as only very few very powerful beings are capable of stopping her.

Being an asshole, Grizelda wouldn't even care if a kid or an old person has an accident in the middle of the street. She wouldn't even help if someone else is in trouble and really needs some help.
It isn't that she's selfish... she just thinks that everyone in the world needs to fight for themselves.
And she deeply believes in natural selection.
(and when the world ends... well... she doesn't care, since it all becomes pretty much chaotic)

And yup, Grizelda loves gambling and card games.
Of course you can imagine, that she doesn't like losing at all...
(she enjoys watching stuff like horse races or other sports)

Grizelda is pissed.

Basically, Esmoda is the only other demi-god that's on par with her.
At least if you compare their rough strenght.
That's why Grizelda views Esmoda as her rival, sometimes even as her arch-enemy.
When their paths cross, it usually ends in a brutal battle.
It's no friendly rivalry at all, it's rather a really hard fight with a lot of destruction.

On a side note, Grizelda also likes to smokes cigarettes.
Being a demi-god, she's immune to the negative effects (health issues) that come with smoking.
So she can smoke as much as she wants to, without getting cancer or other health issues.
She mainly smokes because she thinks it looks cool, rebellious and most of all: bad-ass.

Grizelda: ...

And in case you wonder, why she would fight against demons?
Well... she wouldn't accept their rules and laws either.
So she'll continue to cause a lot of trouble and destruction.
Besides, being a "renegade" pretty much means not being on either side.
(she's not a demon-hunter, but she's also not fighting on the demons behalf)

Grizelda is as strong as Esmoda, and thus she's physically stronger than all the others.
(she can lift a bus without any problems, probably even a tank or even something heavier than that)
She can summon fire to burn her surroundings to ashes, and her flames can even melt through steel.
If her fire clashes with Esmodas ice, both abilities usually cancel each other out.

Grizeldas second form with long hair
Grizelda also has a "second form" powerup, in which her hair become longer too.
Her second form also enhances her fire element attacks.
After transforming back into her regular form, her hair become short again.

I hope you enjoyed Grizeldas character introduction.
And as always, if you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments ^^

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Enemy Boss: Gladius

Because of several requests I thought it would be a good idea to write a bit more about the gods, enemies and some other lore related stuff.

Before I get to Gladius, I'll talk a bit about the god-creatures and what they actually do, or rather... not do. To be honest, I'm not sure if I already wrote about parts of this, so please forgive me if I repeat myself on some things.

Hellwolf and Phoenix:

Actually, there are 10 god-creatures in the wolfenstahl-universe.
A long time ago, they all agreed to not interfere with the things that happen in the world.
Well, it's not that they can't interact with the other living beings that they created, but at least there are some restrictions. (I think I'll spare the details for the webcomic and stuff)

They won't interfere themselves, but they'll let their "champions" (kinda) as well as their demi-gods fight for them.

For the time being, the 2 most interesting god-creatures would be, the 3 headed Hellwolf, and the Phoenix. The Hellwolf being considered as the "god of death", and the Phoenix the "god of life".
They're not enemies, but their followers keep fighting against each other once in a while.
Basically the Hellwolf has all the wolves, cats, bears etc. (predators), as well as demons as his followers. While the Phoenix has different kinds of birds, as well as selphiel (angel-like beings) as followers. And yes, of course they also have regular humans as followers.
(but that applies to all the god-creatures)

Basically, their followers fight against each other over several thousand years, up until our modern age. In the game we're currently working on, the demons have gotten the upper hand.
(I'll explain later why that is)

And yes, those who payed attention might have read/noticed that Ferania and most of the other demon-hunters, also belong to the Hellwolf.
They try their best to keep a healthy balance between the demons and the other beings.
That's their job that they've been assigned by the Hellwolf.

Maybe some of you might wonder, why a god-creature would assign some of his followers, to stop some of his other followers?
Well, the thing is, balance is something very important, and each god-creature tries his/her best to keep a balance between all the living beings, of course without interfering themselves.
(so their champions and demi-gods do the balancing)

In the game, Chrysoula (the harpy) is so far the only playable follower of the Phoenix.
(that is, if she gets funded via Offbeatr)
All the other characters are followers of the Hellwolf, all the wolfgirls, catgirls and beargirls, as well as the demons and boss monsters. (if a dragon girls makes it into the game, she's a follower of one of the 2 dragon god-creatures, but I'll spare the details about them for now)

Ranks and hierarchy:

I figured it would be a good idea to explain the hierarchy a bit, so the whole thing makes more sense.
On top of everything, there's of course the god-creature himself/herself.
For the time being, I'll focus on the Hellwolf and his followers, so in this case, the Hellwolf is the god of all the upcoming creatures and characters.

He is followed by all the demi-gods that serve under him.

Team Wolfenstahl with Ferania as team leader.
Team Schwarzfels with Claire as team leader.
Esmoda, Grizelda, Sanura, Shiwa and several other individuals.

His "champions" are kinda on the same rank as the demi-gods.
(champions like the black knight, and some others)
I'll skip the whole champion part for now, since it's not important at the moment.

Also on the same rank, there's the demon-kings and demon-queens.
Gladius, Lucius, Succubus (I still need to decide on a name for her) and several others have this rank.
Basically, yes, the demon-kings/queens are on the same rank, as the demi-gods and champions, because they're unrelated to each other, not having the others as supperiors or followers.
(well, there are some exception with champions & demon-kings/queens... but... I'll skip this entire exception thing because it's not important right now)

Each demon-king/queen is the king/queen of a demon-species, and they also might have some control over some lower demon-species.
And yeah... I think this sums it up pretty much.

So, lets finally get to Gladius!

Gladius – the dragon-scorpion-demon-king

colored sketch of Gladius

The demon-species Gladius belongs to is a mix of dragon-scorpion-demons.
They have 4 arms, 3 eyes, a very strong armored body, and a scorpion tail, as well as demon horns.
(on a side note, dragons horns grow towards the back, and demons horns towards the front, there might be exceptions, but this is one of the things we've decided to settle for)
Gladius is larger and stronger than other demons of his kind.

His main goal is to become more powerful, and he loves to wage war.
Among all the demon-kings/queens, he's one of the most powerful and most fearsome.
Gladius can even paralyze his prey with his scorpion poison sting.

In the game the demons finally succeeded in conquering several human cities.
This was only possible, because he allied himself with several other demon-kings/queens, and because they managed to defeat and capture some of the demon-hunters.
After this, it was considerably easier for the demon-armies to invade the human world.
(originally they emerged from the underworld/afterworld)

Since then, Ferania and some of the remaining demon-hunters are trying their best to push the demons back, as well as finding and freeing the demon-hunters that have been captured.
Unfortunately, defeating the demons is almost impossible as long as the artificial gates that connect the living world with the underworld are still intact.
(the demon-kings/queens build them)
That's why Ferania has to free the captured demon-hunters, fight the demon army and search for the gates, in order to destroy them.

Power-wise Ferania is about as powerful as a demon-king/queen.
Which means, she can only be defeated by a demon-king/queen, or by an army of weaker demons.
(in the game, you usually take only a little bit damage whenever you mess up, the big problem will be that you can't heal your HP that easily... you can only heal at certain places or events, which makes it difficult to survive in the long run)

Next up is Grizeldas character introduction.
(as usual around wednesday)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Character introduction: Catheline

I know, I pretty much pulled this off at the very last moment.
(it's still thursday where I live, so I managed to get this done within my self-set time-limit)

There was lots of stuff going on the past days, but nothing bad I think.
So, lets get this weeks character introduction going!

Name: Catheline
Type: Catgirl (Liger = Lion + Tiger) – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Team Schwarzfels
Rival: Aurora (a little bit)
Height: 1,80 meters

Being a curious cat, talking a lot, asking a lot of questions, flirting with guys.
Cooking, and experimenting with cooking.


Superhuman strenght (less than Esmoda, but above most other demi-gods)
Shadow powers (becoming a shadow to avoid attacks)

Her abilities consume a lot of MP, so she needs to use them wisely.
Also, her curiosity can lead her often into trouble.

Catheline has mostly a very curious and cute personality.
When she meets an interesting person for the first time, she usually asks a lot of questions.
Even a lot of personal stuff, without being embarassed to ask every kind of things.
Sometimes this scares some people away.

Overall, she's friendly towards others and she appears to be cute (at first?).
But actually, Catheline is a refined, self-confident, young woman.
She knows what she wants and she's usually getting what she wants.
Catheline doesn't show her self-confidence in public, but she's not afraid to do what she thinks she must do.

She loves to chit-chat a lot, so she often talks with her team mates or joins them in their activities.
Other than that, she also has a habit to take Claires potato chips (crisps) while she's sleeping or not paying attention, which occasionally pisses off Claire.
(but only if Claire notices...)

Catheline cooks a lot of delicious stuff for her teammates, but sometimes she's trying a new recipe or she's trying new stuff out of her own curiosity.
When cooking something new, there's chances that the food doesn't taste that great, so she sometimes needs to force her teammates to eat up.
Mostly Catheline improves her new dishes until they taste really good.

At times, Catheline feels the urge to have sex with someone.
She's usually very picky about who to have sex with, but in rare occasions she's willing to take almost anyone.
One of her specialities is to seduce men, and if this fails, she's sometimes forcing it on her "target person".
While doing this, she usually tries to act as innocent and cute as possible, while still forcing it on that person.
(imagine this 1,80 meter tall girl holding you down, trying to have sex with you, while she's acting very cute and innocent lol)
Of course this can be a bit creepy for some people, but Catheline doesn't mean any harm to others, she's just trying to have some fun.

Being one of the very few characters that have (consensual) sex once in a while, she's kinda having a silent competition with Aurora about who had sex with the most guys.
With the main difference being, that Aurora is mostly drunk while having sex, and Catheline having sex with fewer guys because she's being more picky in her choices.

Cathelines close combat fighting style is focused on dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
She can't take as much damage as Esmoda, also her individual attacks do lower damage than Esmodas attacks, but Catheline has the ability to completely avoid damage by using her shadow-abilities to let attacks go right through her.

She can also summon shadow-chains that bind her enemies for a brief moment.
Or pull her enemies towards her with the help of shadow-chains.

Catheline also has a "second form", in this form she becomes a shadow herself, making her invulnerable as well as boosting her attack damage for a short time.

old sketch of Catheline

I'm not sure which character to pick next week.
I could either pick Minori, the third member of Team Schwarzfels,
or I could go with Grizelda, who's Esmodas rival.
I think I might pick Grizelda next, but we'll see about that.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Catheline.
And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to choose character order?

With Crescentias arm almost fully recovered, we can soon make new progress on the game.
(I think in about ~2-3 weeks we will be able to show you some new stuff, until then Cres is working on making money via commissions)
Currently I'm just programming and balancing some things on the combat system.
But that's not something that I could "show"...

Anyway, today I thought I should talk about how I choose the order of characters on the list.
By "list" I mean, the list for the Offbeatr campaign.

Please keep in mind, that this list is NOT final!
I'll still make lots of changes to it, but I thought I'd give you some insight into the selection process.
I'm thinking about selecting 12 characters out of our cast as candidates for this list.

Here's a quick glance of 10 of them:

Theres still 2 characters missing, one will be most likely Shiwa (the green haired wolfgirl).
And the other... uh... don't know.
But I'm pretty sure that I'll pick this cast of characters as "possible candidates" for the game.

So... in which order do I choose them?
And what actually effects my decision?
Of course, there's lots of reasons for different placements in a list.
Lets talk about some of them.

1. One big factor would be gameplay:

I think it's important, to have as much variety in playstyle in the game as possible.
This is why I categorized them into different classes.
Two major classes would be close-combat-focused and balanced.

Close-combat-focused characters have (mostly) no ranged attacks (only mid range at max).
But they are usually either stronger or faster, and they usually do more damage.

Balanced characters do have ranged attacks, but they're not necessarily as strong as close-combat-focused characters when it comes to close combat.

There are also other classifications, as Chrysoula (the harpy) can fly, or Sanura (the black panther) can summon (shadow?) clones of herself.

2. Another big factor is the characters looks:

I think it's very important to have characters with different hair-color and skin-color.
So the placing on the list also gets effected by this.
Ferania has white skin, while Aurora, Esmoda and Minori have tanned skin and Sanura is even a bit darker.
And yeah... I guess we want to have as much "balancing" as possible between cats, wolves, bears and the harpy.
Looking at the list, there's more wolves than anything else.

3. Voice actress preferences:

This actually also has a bit of influence on which characters get choosen in which order.
In the end, each VA (currently 5 female VAs) needs to voice 2 characters anyway.
Of course they need to bend their voice a bit, because the characters should sound differently.
But they can choose which character to voice, and I think it's a good idea to try to match personalities.
Because this way, the VA can voice the character more convincing.
(not that there's much voice acting to do... but still)

4. Element attacks:

This is less important, but I think about this anyway.
I figured it would be nice to have as much variety in the elements as possible.

So, how does the current list look like, and why is it like that?

1. Ferania - wolf - silver hair - balanced
2. Catheline - cat - orange hair - close combat
3. Chrysoula - harpy - ??? - balanced/flying
4. Aurora - wolf - blonde hair - close combat
5. Claire - wolf - brown hair - balanced
6. Esmoda - bear - white hair - close combat
7. Chiira - cat - blonde hair - balanced
8. Minori - wolf - black hair - close combat
9. Sanura - cat - dark brown hair - close combat
10. Grizelda - bear - red hair - balanced
11. Shiwa - wolf - green hair - close combat

As you can see, I tried my best to mix the character-traits in this list as best as possible.
I also took into consideration stuff like character stats and individual abilities.
But that's a different story.

Anyway, I hope I could give you a bit insight into what I'm thinking and planning.
And about the 12th character?
Well... maybe she's a dragongirl, as that's something missing on this list.
But I'm not sure yet.
(other possibilities would be foxgirl or a jackal or something completely different, maybe a cowgirl?)

And please keep in mind, that this list will most likely make several (slight?) changes before the final list is done.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Character introduction: Claire

This week is Claires turn, Team Schwarzfels ninja-pirate wolfgirl leader... with psychokinetic powers!
(no kidding... seriously... lol)

Name: Claire Schwarzfels
Type: Wolfgirl – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Team Schwarzfels
Rival: Ferania
Height: 1,72 meters

Sleeping, watching TV and anime, reading books and manga, listening to music, playing videogames and eroge/hentai games.
Competing with Ferania about anything, doing stuff that is fun (cinema, amusement parks etc.).

Demon-hunter and teamleader of Team Schwarzfels.

Superhuman strenght (not as much as Esmoda, but about the same as the other demi-gods)
Psychokinetic powers (telekinesis, short range telepathy and mind reading)

Her special attacks deal less damage than the other characters special attacks.
(except if she throws a truck or a tank at you via telekinesis...)

sleeping on a couch

Claire is a bit difficult to deal with at times.
She's proud to be the teamleader of Team Schwarzfels, and she loves to compete with Ferania.
(btw. Claire is exactly 1 day younger than Ferania, and they've been rivals ever since)
But other than that, she's pretty lazy.
Usually she sleeps a lot, watches anime or plays games, while leaving the house in a mess.
(empty potato chip (crisp) bags and other stuff everywhere)
So her teammembers need to clean up, or scold her until she cleans up herself.

She's not anti-social, as she has several friends, her teammates and she also likes to go to the cinemas and to amusement parks and game centers.
(well, everywhere were it's fun to go to)

Her lazyness applies to a lot of stuff, but she's NEVER lazy when it comes to a competition with Ferania.
Be it ridiculous stuff like a cooking contest (she can't even cook...), or other competitions.
Claire simply uses every possible occassion to compete with Ferania.
(and so does Ferania... which leads to funny situations once in a while)
Also, no matter how lazy she is, when it comes down to fighting or demon-hunting, she also overcomes her lazyness as demon-hunting is something she loves to do a lot.
Which means, her lazyness causes no problems with her job as a demon-hunter.
It only affects her regular everyday life.

Claire also has a husband, and 2 twin daughters.
Her husband originally was a mortal, but she asked the Hellwolf to grant him and her daughters eternal life, in exchange for their eternal service in his ranks.
Since then, Claires husband works as a scientist for the Hellwolf.
(He also became a werewolf and he prefers to stay in werewolf-form)
When they married, Claires husband got Claires last name, and thus he became known as the scientist Dr. Schwarzfels.

Once Claires daughters were old enough, and Claire didn't needed to take care of them all the time anymore, she left them with her husband and went back to demon-hunting.
(btw. this happened several thousand years in timeline before the "current game" we're working on)
After her daughters have grown up, they started to look for their mother occasionally, but whenever they managed to find Claire, she somehow slips away when they don't pay attention.
She rarely visits her daughters and her husband, as she's mostly busy with demon-hunting.

In general, Claires behaviour seems to be very unresponsible and lazy.
In fact, she doesn't like to carry too much responsibility (yet, she's the leader of Team Schwarzfels), but at the same time, her daughters would get into the way of her work (demon-hunting).
Also staying with her can be very dangerous, as she's often fighting demons.
While it's a lot safer for her daughters to stay at their fathers place.

Claires original outfit with eye-patch

Claire loves ninjas and pirates from anime and games, and her "original" outfit is inpired by this.
Usually she wears an eye-patch despite both her eyes being in good condition.
She just does this because she thinks it looks cool.
(we removed the eye-patch from her design for the "current game")

Compared to other demi-gods, Claires physical strenght is pretty much average.
(just like Ferania or Aurora)

Claire being pissed... better hope there's no large or sharp objects nearby

 Using her psychic powers, she can stop projectiles and objects and throw them back at enemies.
(she can't stop laser beams, but she can stop bullets, missiles and other physical stuff)
Claire can also use large objects as shields or throw them at enemies, thanks to her psychic powers.

Other than this, Claire also brings a set of special kunai with her at all times.
These kunai can easily pierce through magic barriers (shields), though they do only a little bit of damage.

I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks character introduction ^^

And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Character introduction: Esmoda

Originally I wanted to restructure the character introduction after Feranias post, but...
I didn't do it back then... well...
I'll simply do that now lol

So, lets get started with one of my most favorite and most loved characters:
Esmoda, the polar bear girl!

Name: Esmoda
Type: Polar Bear – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Independent (no Team)
Rival: Grizelda (I didn't introduced her yet)
Height: 1,80 meters

Singing, playing games, observing, watching stuff, listening and talking to others.
Teaching stuff, giving advice, and looking for new challenges.

Observing the world for the god-creatures (especially for the Hellwolf who created her).
So yes, she's not a demon-hunter like the others.

Superhuman physical strenght that noone of the other characters (except Grizelda) can catch up with.
Snow & Ice-Elemental abilities.

Slower movement

Esmoda being concerned

Esmoda is a pretty balanced character personality wise.
She's got great confidence in her skills and abilities, as she's very self-confident.
But she's also very humble and rarely brags about her strenght.
Even if she kinda brags about it, she still remains as humble as possible.

Esmoda is really talk active, and sometimes does hilarious stuff.
She's not ashamed to talk about embarassing stuff to her friends (as she simply doesn't feel embarassed to talk about most things, as those things are normal to her, and she's not denying what she's doing, but... yeah... others would be embarassed to talk about those topics).
Also, she's always doing and saying what's on her mind, no matter what others might think of that.
Of course she's trying not to offend anyone (she's very empathic, I mean, sensitive towards others, and she can feel for them and understand their feelings etc.), but if she needs to say something, she will do it.

This makes Esmoda a very straightforward and warm person.
While she isn't that cheerful and happy, she's still warm in a normal way.
Esmoda is basically like a big sister, who takes care of some of the other characters.
Also being a mentor for some characters.
(yes, she's very wise)
If someone is discouraged or even depressed, she'll find the right words to cheer that person up.

All these personality traits make her a well respected being by the others, despite her not being a member of any of the two demon-hunter teams.

Being that strong and all, Esmoda is constantly looking for a new challenge.
Not only challenges that test her physical strenght, but also challenges that test her wit, skill and other things.
So yes, she likes to play games.

Esmoda: "Wanna play a game?"

Esmoda is physically the strongest of all the characters (that might be) in the game.
(I'm even thinking about making her able to demolish "some" stuff, like cracked walls and things)
Aside from her sheer destructive power, she also has snow and ice-elemental powers.
Being able to summon a snowstorm, as well as freezing enemies into ice blocks.
Esmoda also has a temporary "second form", in her second form her hair become longer and her ice attacks become more powerful.
(yeah, that "second form" is actually a bit similar to the stuff that happens in DBZ, when their hair change color or lenght as an indicator of becoming more powerful temporarely)

Esmodas second form with long hair

Esmodas hair get shorter again right after her second form powerup ends.
(so yes, it's only temporarely, indicating her "second form" transformation, kinda)

I hope you like the new structure of the character introduction, as I think it looks cleaner now.
Other than that, yeah, I decided on not listing the abilities as before for several reasons.
One being that it's too much details, the other reason being that while the element and roughly the abilities a character has might be clear, the "exact" conversion of those abilities into the game might be difficult and are bound to change depending on a lot of circumstances.

Anyway, I hope you like the new structure, and of course, I hope you like Esmoda ^^

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments below!