Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Character introduction: Esmoda

Originally I wanted to restructure the character introduction after Feranias post, but...
I didn't do it back then... well...
I'll simply do that now lol

So, lets get started with one of my most favorite and most loved characters:
Esmoda, the polar bear girl!

Name: Esmoda
Type: Polar Bear – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Independent (no Team)
Rival: Grizelda (I didn't introduced her yet)
Height: 1,80 meters

Singing, playing games, observing, watching stuff, listening and talking to others.
Teaching stuff, giving advice, and looking for new challenges.

Observing the world for the god-creatures (especially for the Hellwolf who created her).
So yes, she's not a demon-hunter like the others.

Superhuman physical strenght that noone of the other characters (except Grizelda) can catch up with.
Snow & Ice-Elemental abilities.

Slower movement

Esmoda being concerned

Esmoda is a pretty balanced character personality wise.
She's got great confidence in her skills and abilities, as she's very self-confident.
But she's also very humble and rarely brags about her strenght.
Even if she kinda brags about it, she still remains as humble as possible.

Esmoda is really talk active, and sometimes does hilarious stuff.
She's not ashamed to talk about embarassing stuff to her friends (as she simply doesn't feel embarassed to talk about most things, as those things are normal to her, and she's not denying what she's doing, but... yeah... others would be embarassed to talk about those topics).
Also, she's always doing and saying what's on her mind, no matter what others might think of that.
Of course she's trying not to offend anyone (she's very empathic, I mean, sensitive towards others, and she can feel for them and understand their feelings etc.), but if she needs to say something, she will do it.

This makes Esmoda a very straightforward and warm person.
While she isn't that cheerful and happy, she's still warm in a normal way.
Esmoda is basically like a big sister, who takes care of some of the other characters.
Also being a mentor for some characters.
(yes, she's very wise)
If someone is discouraged or even depressed, she'll find the right words to cheer that person up.

All these personality traits make her a well respected being by the others, despite her not being a member of any of the two demon-hunter teams.

Being that strong and all, Esmoda is constantly looking for a new challenge.
Not only challenges that test her physical strenght, but also challenges that test her wit, skill and other things.
So yes, she likes to play games.

Esmoda: "Wanna play a game?"

Esmoda is physically the strongest of all the characters (that might be) in the game.
(I'm even thinking about making her able to demolish "some" stuff, like cracked walls and things)
Aside from her sheer destructive power, she also has snow and ice-elemental powers.
Being able to summon a snowstorm, as well as freezing enemies into ice blocks.
Esmoda also has a temporary "second form", in her second form her hair become longer and her ice attacks become more powerful.
(yeah, that "second form" is actually a bit similar to the stuff that happens in DBZ, when their hair change color or lenght as an indicator of becoming more powerful temporarely)

Esmodas second form with long hair

Esmodas hair get shorter again right after her second form powerup ends.
(so yes, it's only temporarely, indicating her "second form" transformation, kinda)

I hope you like the new structure of the character introduction, as I think it looks cleaner now.
Other than that, yeah, I decided on not listing the abilities as before for several reasons.
One being that it's too much details, the other reason being that while the element and roughly the abilities a character has might be clear, the "exact" conversion of those abilities into the game might be difficult and are bound to change depending on a lot of circumstances.

Anyway, I hope you like the new structure, and of course, I hope you like Esmoda ^^

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments below!


  1. A polar bear girl now! Can't say I've seen many of those, but she looks pretty good. I'd play some games with her!
    She'd probably win but you know, whatever.

    1. Yeah, bear girls in general are rare.
      At least I know of none so far.
      I'm glad you like her ^^

  2. Have you decided what order each character is going have a stretch goal? Say after the goal another $100 would give us Esmodas, then Chiira, then etc.

    1. The list isn't final yet, I'm still thinking about which characters to place in which order.
      I'm even considering where to put Shiwa on that list.
      Probably the list will be final shortly before we get to Offbeatr.

      And I can't say anything about the "cost" of each stretchgoal either.
      Once we're done with Ferania, we know how long we need for each character.
      (yes, we're documenting the time needed, and by that I mean the exact minutes and hours for everything)

  3. Like the character, I prefer her with short hair ^^

  4. I say she should be the second character to be unlocked in the stretch goal ^^

    1. I'm happy that you like her this much ^^

    2. You're welcome, and good to read that you're organising everything from A to Z, a good structure tends to do good results ^^ And hope Cres is getting better cheers mate. I'm sure the end result is going to be great. And you got yourself a sure investor in Offbeat ^^

    3. Thank you very much ^^
      And yes, she's getting better every day.