Monday, June 30, 2014

Plans for character voices

First a short update on Cres condition.
While she's able to slightly work a bit again (about 1-3 hours per day), it's not fully recovered yet.
So I guess this might go on like this for another 4 weeks probably, hopefully not longer...
Which means, really really slow progress until she's fully recovered, yes.
(there are also lots of commissions that need to be done, so yeah... slow progress indeed)

Other than that:
The zombie is already ingame and working as intended, and the next thing that needs to be added is the hentai stuff for it.
After we've done that, we'll move on to the next enemy, etc. etc. etc.
(everything step by step)

old comedy sketch of Ferania surrounded by dick-trees

Lets talk about what I had in mind for the voice acting:

First of all, as there's no text and no dialogue in the game, there's nothing to "read".
But we planned to include attack-shouts for the special attacks, moans for the hentai stuff, as well as maybe some random talking a character could do in certain situations.

So far we have 4-5 voice actresses that would give their voice for one or two characters.
That means we hopefully have enough variation, but in case we need more VA's that won't be a problem at all.

Other than the female characters, there's also male boss-monsters in the game.
(and female boss-monsters too, who also are being voiced by female VA's)
They'll also get an VA assigned to them, and they'll mainly say provocative stuff, and yes, the voices get distorted so that they sound more like huge, demonic monsters.

I hope that these variation in VA's as well as using sound-editing tools to make monsters sound like monsters will help in improving the atmosphere of the game.
And yes, all female characters are being voiced by female VA's.
Just thought I should point that out.

On wednessday I'll write the next character introduction post.
I'm still wondering if I should introduce the polar bear girl or another wolfgirl.
(well, they all get their turn sooner or later, so it doesn't really matter)


  1. Seeing the dick trees in that image reminds me of the Cocktus from Geisterhand. I thought it was a really cool idea for a hazard, and wanted to know if we'd see anything like that in this game.

    1. Probably it will appear as some kind of hazard/obstacle in the levels, yes.
      But there won't be any hentai with it, I think.
      (at least there's nothing planned with it yet)
      Because if you go game over, there's just stage-related hentai as well as boss hentai.
      (I hope that this short explanation isn't confusing, in case it is, please feel free to ask further questions)

  2. More and more I see this project unravel, more and more I feel like investing in it when possible of course. Well I have a few questions:

    -Have you decided yet on how are you going to implement the grapple system?

    -Will the bosses have multiple grapple scenes?

    -Will this be an all female voice cast?

    Anyhow, hope Cres gets better, I know how arm injuries are a bitch(Especially when they involve ligaments and tendons). Cheers! And definitvely looking forward for the end result! ^^

    PS: I'd go with the polar bear girl since we've already seen two wolf girls ^^

    1. Grapple system:
      There will be 2 modes for this, "easy-mode" were you simply button mash to get out, and "normal-mode" were you need to input the displayed directional keys in order to get out.
      So it's similar to Paperheads, but not that confusing.

      Since the bosses will all have their own animated hentai game over CGs, we didn't plan on including "combat hentai" with the bosses yet.
      The problem is, that "if" we would include that, the workload could easily explode, especially when we add several characters to the game.
      So we're trying on maximising the content while avoiding huge increases in the workload.

      Voice cast:
      Well, the female characters will all be voiced by female voice actresses.
      (if possible, every character will get her own VA, but if we reach a certain number of characters, each VA might need to voice up to 2 characters)
      The male bosses in the game will be voiced by male voice actors and their voices get distorted so that they sound more like monsters, less like humans.

      I hope that answers your questions ^^

      Thank you very much, she's on her way to recoverey already ^^
      And yes, I thought about doing a blogpost about the polar bear girl.

    2. Thank you very much for replying, got it loud and clear ^^

  3. The dicktree sketch makes me laugh. Something about Ferania's expression just sells it.

    Though my friend says she seems less "unamused" and more like she's unimpressed. Like she's appraising the dicktrees, and they are not up to snuff.