Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Character introduction: Chiira

As always, please keep in mind that this is a possible character that might be part of the game.
(depending on the outcome of the future Offbeatr campaign etc.)

Chiira has freckles, which look good on her!

Background and personality:

Chiira is one of the first created cat-humans (she's a Cheetah) in the wolfenstahl-universe, she's a demi-god, just as Ferania and Aurora (and everyone else of the characters that "might" appear in this game).
Her speciality is agility and high speed movement, as well as earth-element attacks.

She's also part of Feranias demon-hunter team.

Compared to the others, Chiira is rather quiet.
She's not as self-confident as the others, well she's confident in her skills and abilities, but she's not showing it openly.
She doesn't like to be in the spotlight, so she usually keeps a low profile.

Compared to other cat-humans, she's keeping her curiosity in check pretty well.
She has good self control over herself and her desires, and she's very sensible and makes reasonable decisions.
In general she's a very balanced character, she's not brave, but she's no coward either, and she would always do what seems to be the right thing to do... without risking anything that is.
Chiira is also very intelligent and thinks first, before acting.
In general she's less muscles, more brains.

Ferania sometimes asks her for advice, and Chiira also looks after Aurora when she's drunk again.
In general she's getting along with nearly everyone, and she's having strong bonds of friendship to the others in her team.

Sometimes when she relaxes, she starts daydreaming... well, actually she's daydreaming a lot.
But she's also able to focus on doing something if necessary, without losing concentration.

Chiira is a sweet and gentle character, less provocative than her teammates.

Abilities in the game:

Regular Attacks:

Chiira is very quick, her attacks are fast but weaker than others.
I'm not sure if her abilities stay like this, so maybe they get swapped out completely.

Chiiras 3 unlockable close combat abilities:

- Spinning kick: hits enemies around her
- Dash attack: moves from left to right, right to left, left to right etc. (jumps between 2 enemies and hits them several times)
- Leap attack: jumps through enemies in front of her and damages them

Special Attacks:

Her regular special attacks are ranged attacks, she summons rocks from the ground and shoots them at her enemies.
Some of Chiiras ranged attacks are stronger than those of other characters.

Chiiras 3 unlockable special attack abilities:

- Sandstorm: summons a screen wide sandstorm that damages enemies
- Charged up rock shot: summons several rocks in order to create a larger one
- Earthquake: damages all enemies that stand on the ground

In combat, Chiira has to rely on her fast movement speed as well as hit and run tactics.
Well, she can still smash weaker enemies without having any problems doing so,
but stronger enemies might need some hit and run tactics.
(or strong special attacks)

 As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!


  1. I wish the Offbeater campaign was out now so I can fund all these great characters >:D

    1. We want to have the game done or "almost" done before starting the Offbeatr campaign, so it's going to take a while.
      (especially because Crescentia hasn't fully recovered yet, but it's getting better)

  2. i am really liking these characters, i can't wait to see all of them and see more of them^^

    altho given what type of animal she is (as in overall a cat, but her species of what type of cat fits her element tho) and her fighting style shouldn't her element be wind? (i know there is a wind user btw) at least thats what i think

    i would love to see a comic/manga of this (showing the world and fleshing the characters alot more) maybe as a side project? :3

    1. I agree, a comic/manga would be lovely! For me, a nice light novel-ish sorta deal would be cool. Mostly story, random art.

      Specifically on the character, I love her. Mostly because every word of her personality description describes me as well. Also, her design is quite cute. Would love to see more of her.

    2. The reason I decided Chiiras element to be earth is because she's already fast (being a Cheetah catgirl), and because I think she needs some strong element that makes her more powerful.
      (compared to the others, her body is weaker, but she's more agile and her elemental attacks are really good)

      So, it's some kind of "balancing", more or less.

      Regarding the webcomic/manga:
      We already planned this out for quite some time, but Cres condition is currently forcing us to focus on the most important stuff only.
      (in general: doing commissions to earn money to pay bills and food etc., and the work on this game of course)

      But we thought about the possibility to use Patreon to maybe collect money for a webcomic/manga.
      So, that way it would work out, because it's basically as if people "commission" Cres to draw the comic/manga, kinda.
      Which means, Cres can work on it, while doing less "regular" commissions, and still working the same amount of time on the game.

      The comic/manga is definitely planned, and it's being done eventually.
      Especially once Cres has fully recovered.

      Btw. the main characters will be Ferania, Aurora and Chiira.
      (and as... more or less "further" main characters: Claire, Catheline, Minori and Esmoda, who are all being introduced in the upcoming weeks)