Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Character introduction: Aurora

So here it is, this weeks character introduction.
Please keep in mind, that this is a POSSIBLE character that "could" be part of the game under the right circumstances.

Anyway, lets get this going!

Background and personality:

Aurora is one of the first created wolf-humans shortly after Ferania has been created, she's also a demi-god too.
Her abilities are exceptional martial arts skills, as well as holy-element light-based attacks.
She uses different fighting techniques like "Praying Mantis" or "Drunken Fist".

She's part of Feranias demon-hunter team "Team Wolfenstahl".
Actually, Aurora is second in command, right after Ferania.

While she gets often in a fight with Ferania, both of them actually get along pretty well.
It's just that they sometimes disagree with each other, or that Aurora is trying to provoke Ferania.
(which she is very good at)
Aurora is very self-confident, and despite her strong personality, she is not as strong willed as Ferania.
Also, she's not as stubborn as Ferania.
(if both are arguing, and Aurora has enough of it, she'll just say something along the lines of: "yeah... whatever, do what you want" and leave the place)

She has a tendency to enjoy herself a lot, like drinking lots of alcohol until she's completely drunk.
Or by having sex with some random guys... mostly while she is totally drunk.
Often Chiira is looking after her in order to prevent this to happen, as Aurora has a lack of self control regarding alcohol, and she doesn't know what she's doing when she's completely drunk.
(yeah... alcohol and resulting lack of self control is actually her biggest weakness)

If she's not drunk, she actually has a high sense of dignity.
And she's actually very elegant and proud of herself and her abilities.

yes, Aurora is tanned!

Abilities in the game:

Regular Attacks:

Aurora is the most versatile close-combat centered character there is.
These skills aren't final, so they can be changed any time, but so far they look like this.

Auroras 3 unlockable close combat abilities:

- Upwards kick into the air: fast move to hit air-targets
- Downwards kick to the ground: can be chained with the "upwards kick"
- Special charged attack that varies, depending on the current fighting-style.
(this will be explained later on in this blogpost)

Special Attacks:

Her special attack button has some different function compared to other characters only Aurora has.
She doesn't have ANY special attacks that can be "unlocked" (I get to this in a second).
When pressing the button, instead of shooting bullets (like Ferania does), she does her regular "current" combo depending on her fighting-style, and she adds holy damage to it.
When holding the button down, she can charge a laser-beam up, which is her only ranged attack.
(similar to a kame-hame-ha, just that it's a holy-element-laser-beam)

So, instead of unlocking new special attacks, Aurora unlocks new fighting-styles.
At first she starts out with a regular fighting style, as well as "Praying Mantis".
Later on she can unlock Flying Crane, Eagle Claw and Drunken Fist.
(she learns those fighting-styles instead of new special attack skills)
You can freely switch between these fighting-styles during combat.
Her standing pose changes, as well as her standard attack combo.
The different fighting styles effect range, damage, attack speed, and some other stuff.
(for example, Flying Crane has more range as she uses mainly kicks, but Praying Mantis is a lot faster but has less range, while Eagle Claw does lots of damage, while being rather slow, etc etc.)

Also her charged up "regular attack" changes with each fighting-style.
One could be a head-on attack, another one could shoot short-range shockwaves to the left and to the right, etc.

So there's actually a lot of variation in her different fighting-styles.
And yeah, of course each one has it's strenghts and weaknesses.
But in the end you could very well win the whole game while using the same fighting style (whichone you prefer) over and over again.
Though switching between different styles in order to be able to take down certain enemies easier is the better way to go.

I hope you liked this weeks character introduction.
As always, if you've got questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Cres is on her way to recovery, but it will still take some time.


  1. Seems her fighting style is somewhat inspired by Wuxia? At least the name of the 'style' reminds me of it.

    Still, seems pretty interesting!

    1. I never heard of Wuxia before, but it sounds like an interesting film.

      Actually when designing Aurora, I thought she should be an martial arts specialist.
      While thinking about her personality, I thought she could be drunk once in a while.
      Thus I figured it would be cool to give her "drunken fist" or "drunken master" as fighting style.

      And yeah... when I played the game "One Finger Death Punch" I kinda took a liking to the fighting styles used in that game.
      So I decided to give Aurora those fighting styles.
      (especially drunken fist lol)

      So the inspiration comes from the game "One Finger Death Punch".

  2. Do you already have sprites and CGs planned out for these extra characters, or do you plan on covering that if you reach the appropriate stretch goal?

    1. I already did rough planning (concept) of the characters needed sprites, attacks etc.
      But nothing of those planned things had been sketched or made yet.
      We'll do that once we know for sure that the specific character gets added to the game.
      (so for the time being, we're focusing on Ferania as well as the enemies)

      And yes, that means there's nothing to show yet, except of the characters art or concept art in general.