Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Character introduction: Ferania

I'm a bit late with writing this blogpost, but here it is.

FYI, I figured it would be a nice idea to introduce a character each week.
In those articles, I'll write about the character itself based on the stuff that's depicted ingame.
Mainly the characters "possible" abilities, the attacks and skills and maybe some other stuff.

I'll also tell you something about the background and personality of the character.

Anyway, lets get started.

Ferania Wolfenstahl is the main heroine of this game, and the first playable character in the game.
(if the others get added to the game via stretch goals on Offbeatr later on, they still need to be unlocked in the game through achievements or events, but I'll cover that in a different blogpost)

Abilities in the game:

She's a good close combat fighting character, though there are stronger ones.
Feranias 3 special unlockable close combat (CC for "close combat") abilities are:

- Smash attack: drops from the air to the ground, and damages foes underneath her
- Dragon punch: like the dragon punch from the PC game "Worms", jump in the air and punch
- Charged up Lightning Fist: does a lot of damage, but consumes a lot of energy, the more energy is being charged up, the more damage does the attack.
This attack can use up all energy in one single attack, and it's probably her strongest attack.
Yet it needs time to charge up, and yeah... it can consume ALL energy.
So you better not miss!

Each character also has a special-attack button, Feranias special attacks are partly ranged.
Feranias regular special attacks are "bullets".
Her 3 unlockable special-attacks (SA for "special attack") abilities are:

- Thunder storm: lightning strikes from above, does AoE damage around her
- Lightning dash: she dashes forward past enemies, and damages everything in her path
- Charged up (lightning?) shot: she shoots a strong charged up "bullet"

She also has another special ability, her "dash" (double tab a direction) is actually an instant teleportation.
(other characters only have a regular dash)

Background and personality:

In the wolfenstahl-universe, Ferania is the first wolf-human that has been created by one of the ten god-creatures (by the Hellwolf).
She was created in order to fight demons and other followers of the Hellwolf, if they go on a rampage.
(the god-creatures don't interfere with the stuff that's happening in the world, so they have substitutes or agents that act on their behalf)
So yeah, she basically fights her own "allies", in order to protect humanity.
And yes, she's actually several thousand years old, as she doesn't age being a demi-god.

She's also the leader of "Team Wolfenstahl".
The other members of that demon-hunter team are Aurora and Chiira.

Personality wise, she's very aggressive and impulsive.
It's also very easy to provoke her, as her pride can easily get into her way.
Ferania is smart, but her impulsive nature can lead her into troubles sometimes.
She's also very righteous, and cares a lot for others.

Since she has a very strong personality, she won't give up easily.
Also she won't submit to anyone willingly.
Ferania takes her job as a demon-hunter serious, and she's doing her job very reliable.

Ferania colored

I hope you liked this article.
If you have some questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment.

Cres's arm injury got a bit worse again, so we didn't make much progress in the past days.
That means the CG animation is only halfway done, and we will still need some time to finish it.
And nope, it's nothing dangerous or so, I don't know the apropriate english term for the injury, but she visited a doctor and hopefully she gets well soon.


  1. Wie cool ^^ ähm mal sehn . . . Sie ist ein Hund?? ;P (Wolf) Chiira ist ein Geepart? Und was ist Aurora? Dem namen nach fällt mir als erstes der begriff Nobles Eis ein -^.^-

  2. Wie süüss ^^ der Wolfsschwanz und die Öhrchen XD

  3. kann es sein dass der Name dir vom Game Wolfenstein eingefallen ist?? ^_^

  4. (I'll answer in english, so everyone gets the answers)

    Regarding Chiira and Aurora:
    I'll write a seperate post about each one them in the future, Chiira is a cat-human (Cheetah) and Aurora is a wolf-human.

    Regarding the name "Wolfenstahl":
    Nope, I don't have it from the game "Wolfenstein".

    Wolfenstahl is actually the result of combining "Wolf" with "Steel".
    Many many years ago, when playing an MMO with ships, I wanted to have a nickname like "Steelwolf" or "Stahlwolf" (german), but all those nickname variations where already taken by other players.

    So I was really desperate to have a playername with "Steel" and "Wolf", and I started flipping it around.
    Instead of "Stahlwolf" it would be "Wolfstahl". (Wolfsteel)
    But that kinda sounds weird, so I thought about what to do... and there actually is an old lineage/bloodline/house of "Welf", or in german "Welfen", and there was some old monument about the "Welfen" where I used to live.
    So that inspired me to make "Wolfen" out of "Wolf".
    And when kombining "Wolfen" with "Stahl", it becomes "Wolfenstahl".

    I liked the sound of it, so that's what I choosed.
    (I guess today there's several people using that nickname, but back then it wasn't like that, well it always happens all the time)
    Later on I gave the name Wolfenstahl as surname for Ferania.
    And that's the whole story behind the nickname.

  5. Delivered as promised! Well as for Cres, I hope she gets well soon, I know how arm injuries are annoying as hell... For both work and art...

    Anyhow for the special attacks, do you unlock them temporarily or definitively?

    Or is it kinda like Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage? where you purchase and pick up then switch whenever you need to.

    Or is it the select befor you start the level kinda plan?

    I can't wait to see the end result, cheers.

    1. Thank you very much!

      I never played Alien Carnage, so I can't say for sure if it's like it or not.

      Once you've unlocked a special ability, you keep it for the rest of the game.
      You don't need to equip it or select it, and there's no limitation in using them.
      (aside from MP, but that regenerates itself over time, during combat)

      If you get a game over, you need to start from the beginning, without the skills you found during the last "round".
      (well, it's a rogue-lite after all)

      But there will be statistics about the progress you made, as well as unlocked characters that will be saved in the save-file.
      (that is... if there is more than 1 character in the game, which isn't guaranteed at this point, but that's the general idea)

      I hope that answers your question?
      If I missed something, feel free to ask ^^

  6. That Ferania sketch looks pretty good! I think I've mentioned before that her and the other girl in the banner are both pretty sexy - I'll be a bit honest, and admit, I'm looking forward to seeing her rape scenes, hahaha...

    Still, she's a pretty cool character!

    If you had to compare Ferania and Verandi, in what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different? It seems they both share the trait of being fairly heroic and unwilling to submit.

    1. I'm glad you like her!

      Comparing Ferania to Verdani... hmmm...
      Well, first of all, the "original" Verdani actually doesn't use makeup and all that other stuff.
      (the Paperheads version of her is just a spin-off version of the original)
      So, I hope I can explain this without writing a wall of text... as well as not causing too great confusion.

      Anyway she ("original Verdani") has the same looks and personality as "Paperheads Verdani".
      (she just has different clothing and no makeup)

      Both Ferania and Verdani, are very headstrong, but Verdani is clearly a very selfish person, while Ferania doesn't act selfish usually.
      (I guess "everyone" can be at least a little bit selfish, that's what I mean by that)

      Verdani is actually a tiny little bit like a... uhm... "dark heroine"?
      (not sure if the term "dark heroine" actually exists)
      She seems to be a good person, but she clearly acts on her own behalf and does stuff she benefits herself from.

      Ferania on the other hand, is acting because she's actually a (super) heroine and a good person, and she's trying to protect people without sacrificing herself.
      That's the main difference between both of them I guess.

      Talking about their personalities... well... there are lots of differences in their personalities.
      Verdani is NOT hot headed at all, she's pretty calm, maybe even a bit emotionless.
      And it's very hard to provoke her.
      She's also the quiet type that doesn't talk much, and she usually has good manners.

      And yeah... Ferania is pretty much the opposite of all of this lol

      I hope this sums it up ^^

    2. I see, very interesting!
      I did like Verdani, even if it wasn't the "official" Verdani, so I imagine I'll like Ferania a lot as well.
      And yes, to be honest, because she's such a "strong" type of character, seeing her rape scenes will be, well, even better, ahahaha... (I'm awful, aren't I?)

    3. lol xD
      Well, we're making the game, I don't think I need to say more than that, do I? lol

  7. hm, I guess "anti-heroine" would fit better instead as "dark heroine". ^^
    (I'm not 100% sure about this but as far as I know an anti hero is a "hero" who does things for himself, in the first place and not for others)

    1. Thinking of Anti-Hero makes me think of Zero from Drakengard 3, who is quite obviously an Anti-Hero given she's killing the Intoners and all... plus her overall attitude and general attitude towards people.

      I'm not actually too sure if that makes one a "anti" hero... I guess a "selfish" hero perhaps. I think anti-hero is more like... someone who is quite villainous, yet still kind of a hero...?

    2. Maybe having the tile "anti hero" really suits her?
      Originally Verdani is being a berserker-warrior from some northern country.
      So she's basically a viking, and they do raids on other countries occassionally.

      I'll better not go into the details now.
      But she's kinda a hero and a villain, looking at it this way I mean.
      At least the "original Verdani".
      (the Paperheads one is not doing any raids lol)

  8. Hmm . . . Now after reading the Web comic I would Prefer the Teams like this: Ferania Chiira and Minori and Claire Aurora And Catheline! -.- Can´t you please Change this = / It would be Team Kawai XD and Team Chaos XXDD