Thursday, August 18, 2016

Roadmap for Deathblight RPG

On the last live stream some of you were talking to me about the direction we want to go with Deathblight RPG (working title), and I figured it would be a good idea to share some kind of "roadmap" with everyone, so you know what to expect.

First of all, the poll results of which enemies get first into the game said that the Shapeshifting Creature (or more accurately "Failed Clones") as well as Giant Wasps will get into the game first, followed by Minor Demons and Female Plant Monsters.

After thinking about this for a while, I realized that I made this poll a bit too early, as it would be better to add "basic" enemies first, and then add these enemies to the game next.
Don't worry, we'll still include these enemies as fast as possible (not as first enemies, but directly after that!), and eventually (almost?) all enemies from that list make it into the game, sooner or later.
(and yes, the list might also expand, depending on suggestions from our supporters on Patreon)
Adding the Shapeshifters/Failed Clones not right away also makes sense, as we would like to include the bossmonster named "Failure" alongside them, and she would make a fine enemy once Catheline is being added to the game (which will happen at the same time when we implement the Failed Clones and Failure, so it's perfect).

That being said, lets get to the actual roadmap!

The first release of Deathblight RPG will be as soon as possible.
August is pretty much impossible at this point, as we've lost too many working hours to the summer heat (can't work efficiently with too much heat, and we don't have an AC unit).
The upcoming days will also be very hot, and this will limit our productivity.
But depending on the rest of august, we should be able to get at least some work done, and hopefully release it sometime in september.
We're not slacking off, but with some days only having about 50% productivity due to the summer heat, it's really tough to meet our own deadlines.
(of course we're still trying as hard as possible)

Now, what is planned for the individual releases?

preview of some graphics that are being used in the combat system

First release content:

- Ferania and Minori will be playable.
- They will have their basic graphics done.
- Minor demons will be included as "grunts".
- The game will be playable up to the first mid-boss.
- Capture mechanic will be in place.
- There will be one game over CG scene when both heroines get captured.

Basically this is half of the first level.

Second release content:

- The first level will be finished.
- Ferania and Minori will get a couple more graphics.
- There will be a bossfight and another game over CG scene.
(no escape mechanics implemented yet, but the capture and rescue mechanic is already in place since the first release)

The second release will happen shortly after the first release.

Third release content:

- Catheline will be added to the game.
- The second level will be about the Shapeshifters/Failed Clones, the Giant Wasps will also make an apperance here.
- Failed Clones and Giant Wasps will both get a CG scene of their own.
- Basically the second level will be the first "real" level, where you need to look for ways to advance in the level, and with Failure being a proper boss that will be (a bit) challenging to beat.
- "Failure" (the boss) will get a CG scene as well.
(which means, a total of 3 CG scenes for the second level)

The third release will take longer to make, as we'll release the whole second level at once.
Also implementing Catheline will be a lot of work.

Fourth release content:

- Corruption system will be added.
- Hentai adds corruption points, but they can be cured with potions.
(there will also be potions to raise corruption levels)
- We'll add jobs for the characters, so they can earn money and do lewd things outside of combat.
- There will be some new outfits for certain jobs, as well as CG scenes for jobs.
(or rather, CG scenes for the lewd stuff and hentai that comes along with the jobs)

Fifth release content:

- The third level will be added.
- Possibly a new playable character will be added as well.

I'm being vague here, as we're most likely going to let the Patrons vote on what's up next.
So I don't want to set things in stone, but the rough idea is there, and of course I'll be working it out as we move along.

These plans work out quite well, as we're episodically adding content to the game.

You can view it like this:

As we add another level/stage to the game, a new character might make her appearance and she becomes playable.
(she won't be playable in earlier levels, as she joins the party at "that" point in the story, and she's available from that point onwards)
Also, as the story progresses, new areas are being unlocked.
With new areas, there will be new jobs, new enemies, new characters, you name it.

This methode of adding content to the game makes it very easy to add stuff without having to worry about the previous levels.

And I guess that's the most important news for now.
If there are any questions regarding Deathblight RPG, please feel free to ask in the comments!

See ya next time!