Thursday, August 18, 2016

Roadmap for Deathblight RPG

On the last live stream some of you were talking to me about the direction we want to go with Deathblight RPG (working title), and I figured it would be a good idea to share some kind of "roadmap" with everyone, so you know what to expect.

First of all, the poll results of which enemies get first into the game said that the Shapeshifting Creature (or more accurately "Failed Clones") as well as Giant Wasps will get into the game first, followed by Minor Demons and Female Plant Monsters.

After thinking about this for a while, I realized that I made this poll a bit too early, as it would be better to add "basic" enemies first, and then add these enemies to the game next.
Don't worry, we'll still include these enemies as fast as possible (not as first enemies, but directly after that!), and eventually (almost?) all enemies from that list make it into the game, sooner or later.
(and yes, the list might also expand, depending on suggestions from our supporters on Patreon)
Adding the Shapeshifters/Failed Clones not right away also makes sense, as we would like to include the bossmonster named "Failure" alongside them, and she would make a fine enemy once Catheline is being added to the game (which will happen at the same time when we implement the Failed Clones and Failure, so it's perfect).

That being said, lets get to the actual roadmap!

The first release of Deathblight RPG will be as soon as possible.
August is pretty much impossible at this point, as we've lost too many working hours to the summer heat (can't work efficiently with too much heat, and we don't have an AC unit).
The upcoming days will also be very hot, and this will limit our productivity.
But depending on the rest of august, we should be able to get at least some work done, and hopefully release it sometime in september.
We're not slacking off, but with some days only having about 50% productivity due to the summer heat, it's really tough to meet our own deadlines.
(of course we're still trying as hard as possible)

Now, what is planned for the individual releases?

preview of some graphics that are being used in the combat system

First release content:

- Ferania and Minori will be playable.
- They will have their basic graphics done.
- Minor demons will be included as "grunts".
- The game will be playable up to the first mid-boss.
- Capture mechanic will be in place.
- There will be one game over CG scene when both heroines get captured.

Basically this is half of the first level.

Second release content:

- The first level will be finished.
- Ferania and Minori will get a couple more graphics.
- There will be a bossfight and another game over CG scene.
(no escape mechanics implemented yet, but the capture and rescue mechanic is already in place since the first release)

The second release will happen shortly after the first release.

Third release content:

- Catheline will be added to the game.
- The second level will be about the Shapeshifters/Failed Clones, the Giant Wasps will also make an apperance here.
- Failed Clones and Giant Wasps will both get a CG scene of their own.
- Basically the second level will be the first "real" level, where you need to look for ways to advance in the level, and with Failure being a proper boss that will be (a bit) challenging to beat.
- "Failure" (the boss) will get a CG scene as well.
(which means, a total of 3 CG scenes for the second level)

The third release will take longer to make, as we'll release the whole second level at once.
Also implementing Catheline will be a lot of work.

Fourth release content:

- Corruption system will be added.
- Hentai adds corruption points, but they can be cured with potions.
(there will also be potions to raise corruption levels)
- We'll add jobs for the characters, so they can earn money and do lewd things outside of combat.
- There will be some new outfits for certain jobs, as well as CG scenes for jobs.
(or rather, CG scenes for the lewd stuff and hentai that comes along with the jobs)

Fifth release content:

- The third level will be added.
- Possibly a new playable character will be added as well.

I'm being vague here, as we're most likely going to let the Patrons vote on what's up next.
So I don't want to set things in stone, but the rough idea is there, and of course I'll be working it out as we move along.

These plans work out quite well, as we're episodically adding content to the game.

You can view it like this:

As we add another level/stage to the game, a new character might make her appearance and she becomes playable.
(she won't be playable in earlier levels, as she joins the party at "that" point in the story, and she's available from that point onwards)
Also, as the story progresses, new areas are being unlocked.
With new areas, there will be new jobs, new enemies, new characters, you name it.

This methode of adding content to the game makes it very easy to add stuff without having to worry about the previous levels.

And I guess that's the most important news for now.
If there are any questions regarding Deathblight RPG, please feel free to ask in the comments!

See ya next time!


  1. Is this going to have any animated H content?

    1. The game is made in RPG Maker this time, so there is no focus on hentai animations, instead the usual RPG Maker focus on regular hentai graphics and text.

      If you played "The moral sword of Asagi" you pretty much get a good idea of what the game will be like.
      (as we're using the exact same scripts and code, but we use our own characters and story of course)

  2. In Asagi, being captured gave you the slave status, which meant collars/piercings/bondage gear/all that good stuff that the girls couldn't remove on their own. Do yo intend to have that (and if yes, maybe build on that and have like special gear that also causes mind control or something)

    1. Yes, we'll include that stuff as well.

      (but I can't promise that we will expand on it in this way, it might happen in the future, but it might as well not happen at all, currently we're focusing on releasing a "first" version of the game with barebones content so people can get a first impression on what the game is about, we'll build and expand from there, but the contents are not set in stone yet)

    2. Sure, sure, that was just a wild idea I got while reading the blog and I wrote it down in case it might somehow help you.

      (Didn't even manage to explain myself correctly by giving the mind control example. Shows my own personal preferences mwahaha. Better example would be if the giant wasps upon capture restrained/covered the girls with some sticky honey-like substance, etc.)

  3. Hey guys, do you plan on adding voices? And escape mechanics? You mean the escape skills that girls will be able to use when they are grabbed? Or is it something else?

    1. Sorry for the late response, I thought I already responded but realized just now that I haven't >_>"

      No voices are planned so far.
      Though we might add voices later on. (no promises though)

      As for the escape mechanics:
      I meant something else.
      (the escape skills when being grabbed are there from the first release onwards)
      What I meant with "escape mechanics" is that when the whole party gets captured, Ferania will have a chance to escape and rescue all of the others, so it doesn't result in a game over when the whole party gets captured.
      However, we'll add this later on and not right from the start.

    2. Awww... But hope is still within me.

      Oh, got it. But will escape mechanics be just like in Asagi or you plan on adding something new?

    3. Sorry for the late reply, I was away for slightly longer than a week and kept my usual work to an absolute minimum.

      Actually it will be quite similar to Asagi.
      I'm still thinking about things, but please don't expect something super special.
      (it's still further down the road, so I might add something or might not...)

    4. Have you played Didnapper?
      They have nice escape minigame (something like upgraded version of what you had in Paperheads) And i think it is possible to upgrade it into something even more interesting

    5. I never heard of it before.
      What is it about?

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. RPG maker game about girl who works in Kidnappers Guild and have to kidnap girls. (not hentai game)
      v1.6.4 is old but it got few missions. After that version there's uptadet art but only 1 or 2 missions because it's in beta yet

    8. Ah thank you very much!
      I'll look into it if I find some time to do so.
      Though no promises haha...
      (there's still so many games I need to "look into"...)

  4. is minori best girl? yes or hell yes? lol

    all joking aside (but it's true tho, minori is best girl) I am wondering if a demo will be for everyone or for patreon only (I don't remember if this was said before)

    and my other question is this is this game canon to the deathblight story or is this filler? lol

    1. We planned on making this game available for everyone for free.

      Though the Patrons get it first, and we'll release that first release to the public when the second release goes online on Patreon etc.
      So the Patrons do have an advantage with getting the newest version all the time, but ultimately, everyone gets the game sooner or later.
      (though the public release will always be one version older than the Patreon release)

      The game will be canon to the Deathblight story.
      Though it's set in the far future, so it's way ahead in the story compared to the webcomic.
      (webcomic is like in medieval times, while the RPG game is in modern times where they have mobile phones and cars and stuff)

    2. oh ok I was wondering the timing of them all too XD (i'm a sucker for lore) so story wise it goes, comic, RPG, main game? (so far anyways lol)

    3. Yes ^^
      The comic is about their past, and the RPG is about the future.
      Potential other games might be all over the place though.
      (some before the RPG, others alongside it or after the RPG)

      So far it's only set that the comic is their past and the RPG is in the future.

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    5. Hi fellow Minori appreciator :D One question I have for Wolf: Isn't she a bit too OP for the grunts in the game to represent a threat for her? :D Especially if she could get even more training between the comic and the RPG. Is it a "I can't use my power in front of my friends" thing, there being some limit for how much she can use that power, or just the grunts using unfair tactics (unlike the Hyena fight which seems to be purely about power)?

    6. Yes she's quite powerful, however the enemies come in large numbers (like in Asagi) so they might overpower her, and of course they don't fight fair.

      As for getting more training:
      I think there is more or less a cap (a limit I mean) to getting stronger, so I like to think that most characters get stronger by getting more experience and learning new tricks, instead of maximizing their raw power.

      Other than that, I'm currently thinking about some possibilities to maybe make the miasma in the city lower their overall power, so they need to regain strength by defeating enemies (aka "leveling up").

      Minori is still hesitant to use her full power in front of her friends.
      But it's not as bad as it is in the past (webcomic times).

    7. So kind of a combination of the three. Yeah, she should still be beatable, it may just seem hard to believe while reading the current chapter :D At first I thought that maybe you may have created a Superman here and a problem with that is that then you need to have cryptonite everywhere.

      I do also think that training is more about getting skill than "strength". That's probably why in most RPGs you earn experience points, not power points. I like the abs but they don't need to look like Sakura from Danganronpa :D

      The miasma is a cool idea. Especially since it could have "other" effects, which could be even stronger on humans or something, IYKWIM

      Also, frickin black holes, son XD

    8. Yes black holes! haha
      Void of Sagittarius is Minori's most powerful special attack, but it will need 100 TP to use it so it's not easy to spam it.

      And don't worry, she will be beatable!
      Stat wise, Minori can take the most damage, but she's better against single enemies and worse against being overwhelmed by lots of weaker enemies.

  5. Will it cost money when it's finished?

    1. The game is "planned" to be made available for free.
      By that I mean, we're doing small releases whenever there is an update, so the game gets longer and longer, and there will be more content, with each update we release.

      It's "planned" that all of this is for free for everyone.
      (Though Patrons get access to all releases earlier, since they support us and make this project possible)

      Now, why I said "planned":
      I doubt this will happen, but if, for example, our Patreon goes really badly sometime in the future, or if Patreon closes down or something (I doubt this will happen), then we will ask our Patrons about their opinion and let them decide if it's still being made available to everyone for free, or if we sell it in order to generate more funds to be able to continue work on the game.

      This might sound a bit confusing.

      The short version is:
      It's free (for everyone), and it stays free.
      Thanks to our supporters on Patreon this is possible at all.
      Unless something really really bad happens which requires us to rethink the whole situation...
      And that's when our Patrons get to decide what will happen with the game.

  6. Hi, I have two questions and a (tip? I dont really know how to say it)
    First question:
    Will this game have some kind of text file where we will be able to translate the game? I think the experience improve if you can understand everything about the story.
    Second question:
    I've seen some of the streams in picarto, and my question is: aren't the bindings of Ferania and Minori too soft?
    I mean, they are both strong women and they could easily break those slimy ropes and belts (maybe I'm wrong and they are only the "slave state" gear).
    And the tip, recommendation, I don't know:
    I think there would be more patrons if this blog stimulated more information about the dev projects and the webcomic(again, maybe this lack of activity in the blog is intentional and strategic).

    Sincerely, me :)

    1. Hello!
      Since we're doing the game in RPG Maker VX Ace, there will sadly be no text file to translate.
      It's more complex and you would need to edit the game files to translate stuff.

      To your second question:
      Yes, those graphics are only the "slave state" gear.
      There will be more bindings when they are captured.
      So don't worry!

      About the tip:
      Thank you very much!
      I didn't think about promoting the webcomic on the blog that much.
      As I figured people mainly look into our games when visiting our blog, but... maybe you're right.
      As for the game information, I figured we'd post most of our progress on Patreon and only the big updates here on the blog.

      Also... yes it's kinda strategic in the sense that I don't want to promote our current project too much in this state.
      Once there is a playable version, I'd be happy to post about it more often.
      But right now I figured it would be better to keep a low profile until there's actually a released first or second version of the game.

      Thank you very much for these suggestions!

    2. Uh, oh... I guess i missed some interesting stream there... I there any way for me to see it?

    3. Unfortunately the last recording seems to be broken.
      Usually you can watch the recording of the stream on our Picarto Channel.

      But this time (for some strange reason) there's only 9 seconds of the last stream...
      (the last 9 seconds)

    4. Oh so i CAN watch previous videos on Picarto!
      And dawn... But atleast there are 2 interesting pictures in this 9 seconds :)

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Hi there again!
    Lately I've been working on some pixel art and a tiny card game. I need to practice (I am not a professional) pixel art and game programming. I would love to gift you the whole game but you'll need to add some cres pictures to end it up.

    If you don't want me to keep on this (maybe you don't like me doing this) I'll just change the pixel art and some other stuff.

    Here! A little demonstration about this.

    PD: If you are interested and you want to know more, tell me!

    1. Oh, that's nice!
      Please continue working on it, we don't mind.
      In fact we're quite happy to see people creating stuff with our characters.

      But we can't possibly take a game you put so much work into for free.
      (and we don't have any funds to pay for it)
      Thank you very much for the offer, but we can't possibly take it.

      We wish you best of luck with the project, and if we can help you in anyway, please feel free to contact us.
      Keep up the good work!

      And yes, we're kinda curious about what you came up with.
      Please feel free to write a mail to Cres!

    2. Nice, which mail can I use for this?

    3. You can find the e-mail here:

  9. Hello, I want to make the game, which were inspired "RE Progeny", it was named "RE Propagation". This is the link to blog about this game
    Please, look this and help me to make this game!)))

  10. I'm A big fan of your guys work since paperheads and I enjoy every single comic page you guys make! I swing by here on occasion to see your game project status and haven't seen an update for a long while. Is everything okay?

    1. We're glad to hear you like what we do, thank you very much ^^

      Yes, everything is okay, no worries!
      We do post updates on Patreon regularly (and sometimes on Twitter too).

      Though I figured I should only post major updates here on the blog.
      There will be a new blogpost in the next couple days!

  11. Replies
    1. No worries, the game is not dead, in fact we released the first version about 2 weeks ago on Patreon.
      (we're also posting updates over there regularly)

      But we didn't post any news about it here because we didn't want our Patreon to increase because of tax-reasons.
      (if our Patreon had increased by just a little bit, we would have needed to pay a lot more taxes, that's why we stayed low)

      However, with the new year around the corner this is of no issue at all, so I'll do a blogpost in the upcoming days!

    2. Oh thats great to hear. Should i wait till january before i pledge for the demo then?

    3. As far as I recall Patreon collects the money at the start of the month and then unlocks posts and stuff once the pledge went through.

      So if you want to get the current game version that's out on Patreon already, you can subscribe and when Patreon collects the money between 1st to 5th january you should be able to get the current version.
      (Cres sends out the links to all Patrons once Patreon is done with the collection process)

      You can also wait for the free release of the current version, but I can't say when that will be exactly.
      (still some work to do until we can release the next version on Patreon, once that release hits Patreon, the current version will be available to everyone)