Saturday, December 31, 2016

Deathblight RPG update + summary of 2016

It's been a while since the last blogpost, yes.
We're doing (mostly) fine and we're working on the game as usual.
We also released the first version of Deathblight RPG on Patreon, but we didn't publicly announce it because of tax-reasons.
With that out of the way, we can finally announce it here on the blog.

Usually we're posting regular updates on Patreon and sometimes on Twitter too.



Crescentia Pixiv:

So todays blogpost will contain the following:

1. About Deathblight RPG's first release
2. Short summary of the year 2016

But before we get to that, a quick shoutout to some awesome and very nice hentai game developers.
If you haven't heard of Ahrimans work "The Moral Sword of Asagi" yet, you should totally check it out!

Here you can find Ahrimans game:

It's a great game with great combat hentai mechanics.
There's also an english fan translation by TNT90 from ULMF forums.

Also check out Sierra Lee's stuff:

Her blog about her game TLS:

So, lets get to Deathblight RPG then!

1. About Deathblight RPG's first release

As I said earlier, we released the first version on Patreon.
It will be made publicly available for everyone once we released the second version on Patreon.

Screen of Deathblight RPG - Operation Thunderfang

As planned the content of the first release is:

- Ferania and Minori are playable.
- They have their basic graphics done.
- Minor demons are included as "grunts".
- The game is playable up to the first mid-boss. (and slightly further)
- Capture mechanic is in place.
- There is one game over CG scene when both heroines get captured.

Basically this is half of the first level.

We'll continue working on the game as soon as possible, namely, early January 2017.
(Currently we're mostly trying to enjoy a few days off)

Also, thank you very much to Ahriman for granting us permission to use scripts from his Asagi game!
And thanks to TNT90 for giving us permission to use some of the translation files and translation graphics.

2. Short summary of the year 2016

2016 was a much better year to us.
The only sad moment was when towards the end of 2016 someone dear to Crescentia passed away.
But other than that we had no troubles and no issues for once.
(so... even if 2016 was a "shitty year" to the world, it was good to us)

We started live streaming in June 2016 on Picarto.TV.
(follow us on twitter to know when we're streaming)

And we managed to strengthen bonds with Picarto.TV and even go on a convention together with them in december in germany.
They are really cool and nice guys, so I'd like to use this opportunity to say:
"Thank you very much Picarto.TV! We hope you're continuing to become even more awesome in 2017!"

Anyways, lets get back to talking about what good things happened to us during 2016.
We managed to work on Deathblight RPG and push out a first release this december.
While the webcomic progressed smoothly and we didn't missed a single page release.
Our Patreon has grown quite a bit, and the hard work definitelly pays off.
Also, 2016 had a flood of commissions and new regular customers (for commissions) coming in, so we've got waaaay more commission requests than we can possibly handle.
(for every commission done, 2-3 new commissions roll in)
So we would like to express our gratitude, while at the same time apologizing that we can't possibly handle that much, which results in commission requests getting turned down or delayed by weeks or even months.
(we don't charge money before we start work, still it feels bad to have people wait too long, sorry about that!)

At any rate, we would like to use this opportunity to thank all our patrons, supporters, commissioners and fans!
Thank you very very much, each and everyone of you had been a great support and great help to us during 2016 and previous years as well.
We wouldn't be standing here and doing what we're doing without every single one of you.
So we can't express our gratitude well enough!
Thank you very much!

As some of you may remember, previous years (especially 2015) were really hard on us.
But thanks to everyone, we were able to push through 2015, and had a VERY GREAT year 2016.
So, once again: Thank you everyone!

With that being said, we're wishing everyone a good and prosperous, happy new year.
Hope you get a good start into 2017, and we hope that the rest of 2017 stays great for all of you too!

See ya next time, and take care!

I almost forgot, if you didn't heard of Lewdgamer yet, you should probably check them out.
They're regularly writing articles about all sorts of hentai games and stuff.

Thank you very much for doing such an awesome job, guys and girls at Lewdgamer!


  1. Ah, so the public release will happen when the next version comes out for Patrons. Gotcha. Was curious about that, since the Patreon page only says ''early access''. Good to know. Hope you guys have a good 2017 as well.

    1. Thank you very much, we're working on it as much as possible, but it's hard to say when the next release will happen.
      Maybe this month, maybe next month.
      (I can't name an exact date yet)

    2. There's no rush. Thank you guys, for all your hard work.

  2. Happy 2017 and lots of luck with everything! Looking forward to the demo!

  3. gotta wonder tho since its been a year since they posted anything here is the project dead?

    1. If you look closely, the last post had been made 2 months ago, not a year ago.
      The project is not dead, we frequently post updates on Patreon only.

      Also we're working on the next release which gets on Patreon, once that one is out we'll be releasing the first "public" release of our current game project.

  4. Hard to tell, Projekt Wolfenstahl isn't the most forthcoming dev team, at least in term of their games.

    My guess is they knew they have short attention span (consider their previous 3 18+ games, only 1 got completely finished before the team dropped their project) so they don't want to talk too much and end up having backlash if they got bored making this one and drop it too.

    1. I'm honestly curious as to how you got that impression of us?

      Geisterhand is the only game that really got "canceled".
      LDH got finished and released as we originally intended.
      (it's just a test game, but it's still a game)
      And Deathblight Apocalypse is just on hold as we don't have enough funding to afford a pixel artist.

      Speaking of funding:
      Our Patrons can testify that we actually deliver a lot more than other hentai game developers who have much much larger Patreon campaigns running, I mean, look at our Patreon, we pretty much have no funding at all.

      Currently we have less than 1500 $ on Patreon.
      600 $ is for the webcomic.
      900 $ goes into game development, which obviously isn't enough to pay the monthly bills of 3 people.

      If you consider this, it's pretty obvious why we have "slow progress", since we're not able to work full time on our games.
      But it's not that we're going to drop Deathblight RPG, as we're working on it as much as possible, and posting updates on Patreon regularly.

      Reason why we don't post updates over here frequently:
      2016 we needed to stay low to avoid higher tax payments, so we avoided getting too much attention.
      And other than that, I don't think it's fair for our supporters on Patreon who pay money, if we go and post all our progress updates over here too.
      I hope you understand.

      We do have good reasons for the decisions we make.
      (like dropping Geisterhand because not enough people were interested in it, and Patreon didn't exist back then, so there was no funding beside my own money I invested in it)
      So rather than speculating what might go on, I'd rather appreciate it if you would ask what's going on instead.

      There is absolutely no reason for us to not talk about things.
      So please go on and ask if you have any questions.

  5. Just wanted to say that I still love playing your Paperheads game every now and then! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much!
      We're glad you enjoy our old Paperheads game!