Friday, November 22, 2019

Progress Report for DBGR (November 2019)

Hello everyone!
Here's a new progress update for Deathblight Guilty Raid.

We're currently in the playtesting phase for the demo and it works nicely for the most part.
Unfortunately we encountered a good couple bugs and there also were some balancing issues, so we are currently working on bug fixing and rebalancing the game to make it enjoyable to play.
A buggy demo just wouldn't leave a good impression and also wouldn't be fun to play. So it's better to sit down again and fix the issues before the release.

Well, good thing is that the demo will be available for everyone simultaneously, not just Patrons. So it's not required to be a Patron in order to play it once the demo get's released (like we often said in the past, it's not Patreon funded anyways.)

And that's all for now.

Here are a couple more screenshots:

A bunch of goat demons
A tentacle monster spawner
Some goat demons also have bazookas.
And then there are those pesky starfish-ghost things that will swarm you.
Good thing there is a skill to push all enemies off you.
Another neat skill. Trap cards! Will explode if enemies walk on them. 

Or a big spinning card. Nice thing to throw into a bunch of enemies.
(There will be even more skills to unlock)