Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Deathblight RPG Alpha 4 released on Patreon

EDIT: Alpha 3.1 is now in a zip file, instead of exe file, as per request.

Old save files may cause bugs.
Please start a new game to prevent this!

The Alpha 4 version for DB RPG is now available on Patreon.
You can find the post with Alpha 4 here if you have Patreon access:

For the public version of Alpha 3.1 click here:!9l1SGaZL!9MzC9qeS0RRXplo0HLPybX-mf8-IVoZocV9u20BU-SQ

Keep in mind that you need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to run this game:
(the RTP includes graphics and other standard assets of RPG Maker that are required)

As usual, Alpha 4 will be made public once the next version is done and released on Patreon.
Have fun playing the game!

Here's the changelog for Alpha 4.

Changelog Alpha4 - 13/01/2018:

- Added the rest of the second dungeon!
  -> Explore the Labs fully and find Chiira as well as fight the boss to finish the mission!
  -> 3 New CG Scenes are ready to be found and collected!
- Added one additional Clone to the enemies in part 2 of the dungeon: The Aurora Clone!

- Added Giant Wasps as enemies in a special, optional area you can access from the new area of the second dungeon.

- Changed Catheline's "Shred" ability to deal damage 3 times instead of only 2. Now it's more in line with the animation.