Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rethinking stuff

Hey guys and girls!
Lately I got the impression that LDH is not being received that well and... yeah.
Obviously I couldn't get all those things off my mind, so I thought about doing a vote in order to gather some information and then think about that. LDH was intended to be just a testgame, and if people are not that interested in it, I think we should move on.

In the vote I'll give you the options to:
  1. Vote for Last Demon Hunter
  2. Vote for Deathblight Apocalypse
  3. Vote for Paperheads 2
  4. Vote for a not existing RPG Maker game that we could start if demand is high.
  5. Vote for us doing an entirely new game, and tell us what you like in the comments.

The RPG Maker game idea came to mind when we thought about Crescentias artistic abilities and the fact that CGs are super important in RPG Maker games.
And Paperheads 2 was an idea that I had on my mind since Paperheads 1...
As the name suggests, it's basically Paperheads just VASTLY improved on all fronts.
(better graphics, better CGs, better gameplay etc.)
But we're obviously not limited to that.

I'll be blunt here:
No matter what game you guys and girls (the community and fanbase) want us to work on, we're okay with working on nearly everything!
So we'll gladly work on the game that YOU want to see.
But we can't do that without money to buy food and pay bills.
This is actually the only thing that keeps us from going "all out" on game developement.
Despite the fact that with only about 1500 $ per month we could already go "all out".
Yeah, 1500 $ won't make us rich, we won't be able to buy everything we want to, but that's fine.
It's enough to cover the basic needs, and we lived from that amount the past months, so we're used to it.

So yeah, why should you support us on Patreon?

Let me give you a couple good reasons:

We've got a reputation and skills:

We've been working on hentai games for more than 3 years now.
Yeah, there had been a break, but the point is we're no strangers, you know who we are, what we did in the past and if you look at our old games and compare them to our new games you can see a lot of progress. During those 3 years we improved CONSIDERABLY on all fronts!
Programming, Artworks, efficiency overall.

Since art is an easy language everyone understands, let me show you a comparison of Crescentias progress over all these years:

old version of Verdani 2012/2013
new version of Verdani 2015

Fun fact:
The new artwork took the same time to be created as the old one.
(no kidding!)

We've build up quite the team of skilled people:

A professional game designer, a very skilled music composer, and several writers, just to name a few.
Since we've been working on a lot of projects together over all these years, we managed to get the team work very efficiently. We know each other, we get along really well, we trust each other and we love creating hentai games!

We're quite the fast workers:

Over time we improved on our quality, as well as our working speed.
I'm confident that we're able to produce a lot of content in a short time spawn.
Of course, given that we are able to focus on our work, and are not distracted with doing commissions and hired work in order to earn money for our daily needs.

We can produce good results with low funding:

This is actually somewhat tied to the "we're quite fast workers" point.
Since we're fast, we can be cheap.
Currently we're living of around 1500 $ per month, it's not much (since we're more than 1 person!), but it's enough for our basic needs (food, paying bills etc.).
Reaching that amount would allow us to drop commissions and hired work on a large scale.
It would enable us to add another ~10 work days to working on hentai games per month, that's quite a lot! At the moment we're ONLY working on 1-2 days per month on hentai games, no kidding.
Imagine that big difference in work time, we could do so much more!
(the other days of the month we're working on our webcomic, which is already fully funded)

Of course it would be nice to have even more funds.
It would boost our productivity in several ways:
An appartment and working place of our own would be neat. (no distractions by parents/housemates)
We could hire additional artists and programmers, or have existing teammembers join us full time.
Possibly an office for our team to work in, it would boost working speed even more!

We're honest and talking openly about our stuff:

In the past years, we've been always talking openly about what's going on.
Be it progress reports of our games, or issues we've ran into.
Game developement is a very complex process with lots of troubles, but also lots of joy!
We want to stay true to our honest ways and we're also continuing to do our best when creating hentai games, even if the trouble we run into is of major magnitude.
In the end, we always get stuff done!

In the past the only thing that kept us from going all out were little to no funds.
But this can change today!

With only as little as 1500 $ per month, we can already get VERY far!
So if you want to support us, spread the word!
The more people hear about us, the better!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Last Demon Hunter v0.46

I just wanted to inform you of the new version of Last Demon Hunter on our Patreon (v0.46) which has the new ghost-demon as well as custom controls.
(it will be released to the public on this blog in about 4 weeks)

The newest public version of LDH can be found here:
[Click Here]

It contains the ape-demon as well as several fixes.

The changelog for the v0.46 version is pretty simple:

- added ghost-demon to the game
- added custom controls
- added fonts for translation purposes (french, italian, russian etc.)

Known issues:

Custom controls menu:
Custom controls might show some "weird" key inputs, but this is only for special characters.
Letters, numbers etc. work fine.
I have no idea why that is, I also have no idea if I can fix this.
Good thing is, everything else related to custom controls works as intended.
The buttons you assign are working as they should, even if you assign special character keys!
This means, it's actually just a visual bug, but it doesn't affect changing controls or gameplay.
(it's a pure "visual" thing only)

There are some keys like ESC and ENTER that can't be assigned.
This is intentional!
(ENTER is for pause)

Japanese characters:
There are issues with GMS when it comes to loading unicode characters out of TXT-files.
As far as my research into this matter goes, I can't fix it as it's tied to the GMS engine.
I'm very sorry about this, but there really isn't anything I can do at this point.
The only thing that I could do is "hardcode" the CG text in japanese into the game, making it not-edit-able in the process.
This sadly means, fan translations into japanese are not possible.
I apologize for the inconvenience, and I hope I can find a solution for this sometime in the future.

Other languages:
If you want to translate the CG scenes into your language, please make sure to save the file as UTF-8 format TXT-file.
Otherwise there might be errors in the loading of the CG scenes.

In case you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

We're going to add music and sound in one of the upcoming updates.
Probably not next month, but sometime in the future.
We're currently working on it!

Also several other additions are planned, by that I mean new game mechanics and stuff.
But I'll cover all that in the next blogpost I guess.

Monday, June 15, 2015

New public patch of Last Demon Hunter

Here is the next public version of LDH:
[Last Demon Hunter ver0.40D]

You can find the changelog here:
[Changelog ver0.40D]

We're currently working on finishing the new patch, which should be done "soon".
The new patch will include customisable controls, some fixes, as well as a new enemy (the Ghost-Demon).
I'll write about the details in the changelog of the next release.

Other than that:
Have fun playing the game and in case you haven't done yet, check the readme for the current controls!
Ferania can teleport (like in the webcomic) and she can charge her attacks up as well.
Making a lot of the confrontations easier.

Since some people have trouble downloading from Mega, the usual thing I say applies:
Feel free to upload the game anywhere else, in order to help distribute it!
But please link to this blog so people can keep track of the games developement.
Thank you very much for your support! ^^

Also the link was not working before, but it should work now, please try again!