Monday, June 15, 2015

New public patch of Last Demon Hunter

Here is the next public version of LDH:
[Last Demon Hunter ver0.40D]

You can find the changelog here:
[Changelog ver0.40D]

We're currently working on finishing the new patch, which should be done "soon".
The new patch will include customisable controls, some fixes, as well as a new enemy (the Ghost-Demon).
I'll write about the details in the changelog of the next release.

Other than that:
Have fun playing the game and in case you haven't done yet, check the readme for the current controls!
Ferania can teleport (like in the webcomic) and she can charge her attacks up as well.
Making a lot of the confrontations easier.

Since some people have trouble downloading from Mega, the usual thing I say applies:
Feel free to upload the game anywhere else, in order to help distribute it!
But please link to this blog so people can keep track of the games developement.
Thank you very much for your support! ^^

Also the link was not working before, but it should work now, please try again!


  1. Thank for patch ^^
    it is possible to add the special character in game
    for the french translation? (ex : é , è , à , ï ect ... )
    it is impossible for the moment

    1. I'll include it into the next version! ^^
      Thank you very much for reporting it.

  2. I'm sorry if this is not the right place, but are you aware that there is another erotic game called The Last Demon Hunter (the creator is a compatriot of you , I think).

    As both of you has Patreon pages for your games, maybe you should consider if this situation could be detrimental for one or both of you.

    PS: there a third game called Last Demon Hunter, but that is a normal RPG gmae without any kind of erotic content: