Saturday, March 31, 2012

Introduction of the first game

I've finally did the task of writing everything important down.
I rather had a hard time not writing to much ^^"
Yeah, I have a habit of writing endless text.
If I think about it... it's still way to long...
But it should give all the information that's necessary.

You can find the game concept, some sprites and a CG sample here:
Game Information [Sprites / CG's]
(it's also on the right side of this blog)

I also set up the blog.
There might be some changes in the future.
But I guess I can leave it be, for the time being.

The two characters you see in the header are our mascots.
Shiwa Wolfenstahl (left) and Ferania Wolfenstahl (right).
To be honest, they'll be the main characters for our second game.
I really love both of them a lot.

And just in case someone thinks this is an april fools joke.
I don't like april fools day...
Especially not the jokes.
So you can be sure that all of this is clearly NOT a joke!
(And I'm not the kind of person that works 5-6 hours on writing text, if it's just a joke... I have better things to do with my free time)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Projekt Wolfenstahl - Begins!

Actually, we're not beginning our work here.
In fact we just decided to finally leave the shadows and show ourselves.
So... since most readers might never heard of us before, I'll type a loooooong explanation for those interested in our work!

First of all the most important point:
What does Projekt Wolfenstahl do?

We are a group that actually plans on creating several hentai platformers.
If you heard of the games made by Kyrieru (Kurovadis), Hatahata (Unholy Sanctuary), META (Incubus Hunter), etc. then you know what kind of game I'm talking about.
It will be one of those platformers containing hentai scenes when the heroine gets a game over.
That's what we are working on.

What goals does Projekt Wolfenstahl have?
Our goal is to do at least 2 different hentai platformer games.
The first one will be a test to get a feeling for creating a platformer.
The second game will take a lot of time, but it will offer a lot of content.
And it will be different in a lot of ways, compared to the first game.

We also plan to implement the following content in our games:
- good / challenging gameplay
- animated H-scenes (sprites)
- CG's and scenes with text to describe or explain certain situations
- voice for the game (the CG scenes won't be voiced)
- music / BGM
- storytelling (the first game will have a plain story, the second one will have a better one)
- original characters

In case our games are succesful, we might make even more games.
But we'll see that in the future, no need to discuss or think about it now.
(fact is, we WILL do 2 games, no matter what... we have the will, and the methodes to do so, so we will do it!)

About ourselves - the people behind Projekt Wolfenstahl:
Projekt Wolfenstahl was founded several years ago by myself.
At the time being, I worked alone on it, but I actually never had the intention of doing a H-game.
I was just creating original characters, giving them a personality and background story.
After some time I started drawing hentai with those characters.
Soon I gathered lots of supporters and fans and I started Projekt Wolfenstahl as it is today, while still hiding in the shadows.

 The idea of doing H-game platformers slowly made it's way.
Especially since my fiancée and my best friends support me by working on this project together with me.
My fiancée basically does most of the art, animations etc.
While everyone else helps out in their own way.
(providing advice, testing, criticism, or by even doing something for the game itself)

We also appreciate every kind of constructive criticism.
So feel free to voice your oppinion as soon as we display our stuff.

In the next days we will present our concept for our first game.
And we will also show some game sprites, as well as a CG.
We are in the middle of our project now, but we decided it's best to show ourselves, since it's not wise to "appear" with a finished game noone heard of before.

I also have to set this blog up properly.
But right now I've got other stuff to do.
So I'll fix it this week.


For people that are too curious on how our art looks like:
You can take a glimpse on my profile picture.
And I'm sure, most people should be able to find some of our older artworks via google.
(but you'll find most likely only pencil colorations and concept art, we never showed our CG colorations before)