Saturday, March 31, 2012

Introduction of the first game

I've finally did the task of writing everything important down.
I rather had a hard time not writing to much ^^"
Yeah, I have a habit of writing endless text.
If I think about it... it's still way to long...
But it should give all the information that's necessary.

You can find the game concept, some sprites and a CG sample here:
Game Information [Sprites / CG's]
(it's also on the right side of this blog)

I also set up the blog.
There might be some changes in the future.
But I guess I can leave it be, for the time being.

The two characters you see in the header are our mascots.
Shiwa Wolfenstahl (left) and Ferania Wolfenstahl (right).
To be honest, they'll be the main characters for our second game.
I really love both of them a lot.

And just in case someone thinks this is an april fools joke.
I don't like april fools day...
Especially not the jokes.
So you can be sure that all of this is clearly NOT a joke!
(And I'm not the kind of person that works 5-6 hours on writing text, if it's just a joke... I have better things to do with my free time)



  1. thanks for the update, looking forward to your next update from the game ps: germany!

  2. I'm trying my best to keep you guys up to date.
    I might throw in some information once in a while, or lets say, as often as possible ^^