Friday, July 20, 2018

8th progress report

Ealier this week, the team has finished all the work on the game which we decided to name "Dark Alley Elf".
What's now left to do is testing the game, bugfixing, as well as balancing some things out.
For this purpose we also handed a test version of our current build out to higher tier Patrons on monday, and we continue to push out more builds throughout the week until the release is ready.
(please note that some content is still locked due to bugs and balancing adjustments)
(the second build has also been pushed out today)

The screenshots you can see above are ingame screenshots of the current build.

As you can see, we tried out a new hentai system by blending in a screen wide CG and a 3 lanes system for progression of the CG.
Depending on which "obstacle" you hit, the CG will advance in specific directions.
(basically, it's not a linear progression but different things happen on the CG depending on which obstacle was hit)

I think that it's for the best when people see this ingame themselves, so I'll stop here.
One of the upcoming blogposts will be announcing the release date of the game.
There will also be a public demo release alongside the release of the full version of the game.
So you can look forward to that one!