Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hentai webcomic starts!

Please support our Patreon campaign to ensure we can continue to make the webcomic:

If you can't support us financially, please consider spreading the word about the webcomic and the Patreon campaign! The more people hear about it the better!
Thank you very much for your support.

You'll find the webcomic here:


This week there will be no character introduction, as we've been busy setting the Patreon page up, as well as preparing the first few pages of the webcomic.
(Hopefully we'll be able to continue character introductions as usual starting next week)

Originally we planned to stop the "promotion chapter" of the webcomic after releasing page 4.
And continue on with the original story once the Patreon goal is being reached.
But good news is, BazookaDre (from Hentai Foundry) is sponsoring the remaining "promotion chapter" pages!

You can thank him here:

The "promotion chapter" is focused on Claire Schwarzfels.
Once all the pages of the promotion chapter are released, we will continue with the regular storyline of the webcomic "if" the first milestone goal of our Patreon campaign is reached!

We'll be releasing more pages of the webcomic promotion chapter in the upcoming days, so stay tuned!

Yes, we decided on naming the webcomic "Deathblight", as well as the whole universe.
("Wolfenstahl" is simply to confusing as it's my nickname, the teams name, as well as Feranias last name)

P.S Nr. 2:
I've also got Twitter now. I'll use it to write about updates and random thoughts about our game projects and the webcomic, also about the characters and other stuff.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Character introduction: Shiwa

I bet some of you waited for this a loooong time?
Well, here she finally is: Shiwa, the demonic wolfgirl!

Name: Shiwa
Type: Wolfgirl – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Renegade (no Team)
Rival: Ferania, Claire, Aurora
Height: 1,65 meters

Annoying other people, loving pets, watching anime, reading manga, getting really obsessed with anime characters.
Hand puppets and voodoo dolls.
Collecting jewelry and other valuable stuff.
Stalking other people.

Bringing destruction and madness to the world.

Superhuman strength.
Cursed flames.

Her abilities drain her MP very fast.

Shiwa can be pretty much described as "yandere", which basically means that she has a nice and sweet personality, but she can be super-obsessed with someone, and depending on the situation she can be super creepy and super violent.
(btw. Ferania is more like a "tsundere")

Other explanaitions for the term "yandere":

She's very obsessed with Ferania and Grizelda, who are both strong, independent, and a bit violent.
If she could, she would like to make them all hers, but obviously they don't like that idea.
So the least thing she does is stalking them all the time.
Usually Shiwa tries to get Grizeldas attention, but Grizelda is often annoyed by her, chasing her away. Ferania on the other hand, usually attacks Shiwa right away, so it ends up in a fight between the two of them most of the time.

This is because Ferania is way more aggressive compared to Grizelda, as well as the fact that she's viewing Shiwa partly as an evil demon.
That's because of the things Shiwa usually does.

Shiwa: "This is my playground..."

Shiwa views the world as her "playground".
She does her job, by destroying things, and by bringing madness to the world.
In order to achieve this, she usually offers very ambitious humans to make them more powerful.
Seducing them by giving them more power, if they'll have sex with her.
(well, she seduces people not only by offering them more power lol)
Some time after they had sex, the humans get automatically cursed by Shiwa.
War paint appears on their bodies, they become way more powerful, but at the same time they gradually grow more and more insane.
Consumed by power and madness, they'd slaughter other beings, until they are either killed by someone or until they die from exhaustion, as the curse slowly eats their life force away.
Depending on their mental strength, they would either only kill their enemies, or maybe even turn against their former allies, in case they turn totally insane.

Shiwa on the other hand, gains more and more power through those cursed humans, as she gets their energy after they died. This whole curse thingy only works with non-demonic beings, as she practically turns those humans into demons.
(or rather like, she grants them demonic powers... in exchange for their energy...)
So, this whole curse thing doesn't work on demonic enemies.

Also, Shiwa likes to seduce a lot of men.
She usually isn't doing it with everyone, but at times she's not that picky.

Aside from all this, she likes to fight the other demi-gods, especially the Hellwolfs followers.
This is mainly because she wants them to be captured by demons, so she can have all of the Hellwolfs attention for herself, and prove that she's the very best of all of them!
(yeah she's wicked at times)

However, she can get along with the others, if it's really necessary.
It's just that she's sometimes mentally unstable, turning on her allies, or doing some other wicked stuff.

Shiwa: "You're not going to leave me behind... are you?"

Shiwa is usually arguing with Claire about anime stuff and anime characters.
And Aurora doesn't like her, because she despises Shiwa for turning humans into demons.
Especially all those poor, good looking guys, that she (Aurora) might need to kill because they're demons now...

To say a few words about her hobbies:
Yes, she likes to annoy Grizelda and Ferania quite a lot.
(mainly by trying to get their attention)
But she also annoys other people, and she likes doing that.
She kinda loves to have all the attention, either because people think she's awesome, or because they think she's annoying... whatever works best.

She loves ALL kind of animals, even the creepy ones.

And her obsession for anime characters is... well... she wants to keep them all in her basement... tied up of course. But she knows that they're not real... but if they would be real, she would keep them tied up in her basement...
(that's how she would like it)

And yup, she loves to collect valuable stuff.

Shiwa also likes to create hand puppets that look alike her demi-god sisters, and she also loves to "play" with them. If everyone else ignores her, she also likes to talk to her hand puppets. 
She sometimes even does some voodoo stuff with them, but it doesn't work at all.
(it's just creepy, that's all)

Shiwa: "Aurora, you can't be serious! Shiwas boobs are the best!" Oh why, thank you Ferania!
Yeah... Shiwa and her handpuppets... roleplaying Ferania totally out of character.
(drawing requested by Merikle)

Aside from her supernatural strength (comparable to the other wolfgirls strength), Shiwa has the ability to control cursed flames.
The cursed flames are not as hot as regular flames, but they gradually suck the life out of other beings.
She can also control the trajectory of her cursed flames, enabling her to attack her enemies from unexpected directions.

Her special ability is called "Asura".
When using this ability, her body is being covered in war paint markings, and she becomes nearly invincible. (she can use this because she takes all the energy from the cursed humans, in the game she simply uses MP for this ability)
Most attacks that hit her, only deal greatly reduced damage.
And her body cannot be cut by anything.
Her cursed flames and regular attacks also gain a slight boost.
However, her strength can't keep up with Grizeldas or Esmodas strength.
So this is basically the ultimate defensive ability, making her nearly invincible for a short time, while also boosting her offensive abilities slightly.

Shiwa using her Asura ability

This special ability (combined with the "curse" stuff) is what makes most other demi-gods consider Shiwa as a demon herself... and she's not denying it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Shiwa.
In the upcoming days we'll present you some sample pages for the webcomic/manga, so stay tuned.

And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

About the webcomic

Currently we're trying to get everything set for the webcomics Patreon page.
That's why talking about various things regarding the webcomic is very important right now.
(thus the frequent talking about it)

Once those things are out of the way, we'll talk more about the game of course.

So, first things first, the poll states that you guys and girls wish for a hentai webcomic, and so be it.
Of course it won't be hentai all the time.
Sometimes there will be a bit ecchi, sometimes a joke, but the webcomic will also contain hentai.

Roughly said, we're aiming for about 20-25% hentai and ecchi "content" (mainly hentai), as we still want the story to move on.
There might be times where 1-2 chapters have no hentai at all (but most likely ecchi and perverted jokes), and then another chapter is full of hentai, while other chapters might contain a few pages of hentai, but the rest is regular storyline.
(just to give you a rough idea of what we have in mind)

Furthermore, we're currently thinking about one thing:

In the webcomic, we want to have the demon hunter demi-gods as main characters.
(in other words, some of the characters of the current game)
This means we can either tell their story from the very beginning, which means: medieval times!
(High Fantasy, with demons, dragons, knights etc.)
Or we could tell the story behind the game, which is an apocalyptic future.
At any rate, we want to tell the story of the medieval times, sooner or later at least.

It's just the question if we do the "future story" first, at least for a few chapters...
Or if we simply do it sometime else.

Currently we're favoring the medieval story, and we thought about designating stuff with date stamps.

Like, the medieval story starts at "year 50" or something.
Then there might be a time-jump at some point to "year 104" etc.
And the future story would be "year 50XX" etc.
So all those eternally living characters don't confuse you too much, because you actually know how much time had passed.

Anyway, all those time and date things are not important right now, since we're focusing on one thing only, and "someday" we'll move forward.
And when that day comes, I'll make sure to properly explain what's going on.
(mainly through the webcomic of course)

So, lets say we'll do the medieval story (as I said, we're in favor of this at the moment).
The webcomic would then focus on the demon hunter demi-gods, Ferania, Claire and their teams.
When they started out doing their demon hunter job, and all the other stuff that happened.
Other demi-gods will also appear from time to time, for example Esmoda, Grizelda or Shiwa.
This way the webcomic will cover their background story and past.

I'm not doing a poll about this one, so please feel free to discuss this matter with me in the comments.

Thursday will be the next character introduction.
We're just missing 4 more characters, then we're done.
And in the upcoming days we'll present you some "sample pages" of how the webcomics quality will be like.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Character introduction: Chrysoula

This weeks character introduction is about Chrysoula, the harpy queen!

Name: Chrysoula
Type: Harpy (eagle bird girl) – Demi-god
God allegiance: Phoenix
Team: Independent (belongs to the Phoenix)
Rival: none
Height: 1,71 meters

Playing violin, singing, dancing, reading books, discussing important topics.
Getting to know about other cultures and people.

Protecting life, and defeating beings that threaten life.
Immortal queen of the harpies.
Carrying out the Phoenixs will.

Superhuman strength (slightly weaker than most other demi-gods)
Wind element
Is able to fly

Her close combat abilities are slightly weaker than the others.

Chrysoula is a very noble and elegant lady.
Though she seems to be haughty and slightly arrogant, she doesn't look down on common people.
It's just that her personality is this way.
In fact she is very interested in the everyday life of the common people and other cultures.
And she's constantly trying to improve other peoples manners and intellect, as she thinks it's in everyones best interest to help them to become more respected and well educated.
One of Chrysoulas personal goals is, to spread her ideals and lifestyle to as many places as possible, in order to improve other peoples lives.

She has been created and raised by the Phoenix god-creature (who's one of the ten god-creatures), with the purpose of being one of her first agents.
The harpies view her as their queen, as she's the oldest and strongest of all of them.
She lives in a castle with lots of harpies serving her, so she's used to a life full of luxury and responsibility as queen of a country.
However, Chrysoula still does a lot of things on her own, and she's also often leaving the castle, travelling around her country and carrying out the Phoenixs will.

Since Chrysoula is one of the oldest beings on the planet, and because she's been the harpy-queen right from the beginning, she kinda set the standards for etiquette and manners of nobles.
Some historians even consider the harpy-kingdom to be the very first kingdom that ever existed.
(some historians... lol)

When the mortals started forming kingdoms themselves, several kings and nobles started adopting the etiquette and manners from the harpy kingdom.

Oh oh... the queen is looking at you!

Her visual appearance isn't like that of a typical queen.
This is because Chrysoula doesn't "really" distinguish between nobles and commoners.
She would like to turn everyone into "nobles", and she doesn't believe in "royal blood", as initially there where no people with "royal blood" in the beginning.
Chrysoula believes that everyone should be able to become a noble, regardless of their heritage.

When speaking to commoners, Chrysoula sometimes gets frustrated about the way they talk or act, and tries her best to teach them to act and talk more like nobles, despite them being commoners.
She thinks, that not just nobles should talk and act politely, but also common people.
This leads to a lot of weird situations, where the harpy-queen tries to force commoners to act more like gentlemen or ladies.

When traveling alone, she often has troubles to adopt to the life of common people.
Leading to a lot of confusing and funny situations, since she doesn't know how to use certain things, or how to respond to certain situations accordingly.
(at least, if those are everyday situations for common people, that she usually doesn't experience herself)

Chrysoula feeling embarrassed

Because she is a nice and mercyful queen, Chrysoula is a little bit naive when dealing with bad people.
If they plead and promise to not continue their evil ways, she's letting them off the hook.
However, as she's not stupid, she won't fall for the same trick twice (usually...).

In the future there are no kingdoms anymore.
But Chrysoula owns a large company by that time, and she continues to live a wealthy life.
While continuing her job as one of the Phoenixs agents.
Because of the apocalypse that happens in the game, Chrysoula is joining the fight against the demons and monsters.

Physically she's way stronger than regular mortal harpies, but she's still a little bit weaker than the other demi-gods.

Her power to control wind however, makes her a fearsome opponent, as she can summon a devastating tornado.
She has also the ability to summon small spirits.
Chrysoula is very agile and with her ability to fly, she can dodge most attacks.

I've got the feeling that something in her personality is missing.
So probably I'll slightly rework her at some point.

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Webcomic with hentai?

While the progress on the game is slow, and we're currently mostly occupied with doing commissions in order to earn money for our everyday needs (food and stuff), we came up with the idea of doing a webcomic/manga instead of doing commissions.
We would also fund the webcomic via Patreon, so there would be no need to do commissions.
(This doesn't mean that Cres never does commissions again, however, the "need" to do commissions would be a lot less)
This would allow us to continously work on something that we can present to you, while still earning money with it.

Anyway, that's the short version.
I'll spare the details for the Patreon stuff.
(if there's something you want to know, feel free to ask anyway, I'll answer it in the comments, I just wanted to avoid a long wall of text this time)

Webcomic with hentai?

So the big question is, do you guys want a regular webcomic without hentai? [all ages]
(like, no hentai at all)

Do you want hentai "jokes", but NO hints at that it actually happened? [jokes]

Maybe you want "hints" at hentai, but no actual depiction? [hints]
(like a character walking out of a cave after a fierce battle with demons, covered in some weird fluids, while her clothes are damaged, which "hints" at what might have happened, but you don't get to see the actual thing)

Perhaps you prefer ecchi (depicted hints and nudity, but not actual hentai)? [ecchi]
(like, not the full depiction of what's going on, but it gets partly displayed what's actually happening, and yeah, mostly naked bodies without much interaction)

Or you want the real thing? [hentai]
(hentai scenes with full depiction that occassionally happen during the story)

The overall hentai content would not exceed ~25% of the webcomic/manga content.
(which means, basically every 4th page or so, has some hentai or ecchi in it, sometimes more, sometimes less)

I know that there are several adult-webcomics out there, and honestly we planned on doing one ourselves.
But still we're interested in your opinion, because you guys and girls are our fanbase (kinda) and we want to make this webcomic/manga for you!
I'm well aware that there's no way that we'll make everyone happy.
But we're trying our best to go with what the majority of our fans like best!

The next character introduction will be delayed.
I'll post it on thursday instead of wednesday this time.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Minori old vs new

As some of you noticed, we did some major changes on Minori.
So, as part of the explanation I'll tell you a little bit about how I'm working on characters, personalities and background story.

First of all, this was the old Minori:

old version of Minori

And this is the new Minori:

new version of Minori

There are major differences between those two versions.

The reason behind this is as follows:
When we did the initial version of Minori, she already had a lot of her characteristics and personality.
But the problem was, that something important seemed to be missing.
She appeared to be way too perfect, strict, and "boring".
So we needed something to fix this.

After I put some thought into the matter, I decided to make Minori a little bit clumsy.
Also, I figured that despite her being almost perfect, she could easily panic when things don't work out as intended.
And as consequence, she could make everything even more worse.

With these changes to her personality, we figured that her old appearance doesn't fit any longer.
That's why we changed her.
(This, plus the thought that we would need a couple cute characters anyway)

So simply put:
1. There was the rough idea about her personality.
2. The sketch had been made according to this.
3. We changed parts of her personality.
4. Her appearance has been adjusted.

And yes, this is a common procedure when creating a character.

Speaking about reworking and evolving characters:
Shiwa gets a remake too!
But her introduction will most likely be in a couple weeks.
(next up is Chrysoula the harpy)

Progress on the game is really really slow.
"Probably" we'll be able to show some animated CG soon.
Though we're thinking about buying Emote if this makes animating CGs easier.
(Emote should help especially with the faces and stuff, but we still need to look into it, it's just an idea right now, nothing decided yet)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Character introduction: Minori

So todays character introduction will be Minori, the demon-huntress wolfgirl from japan.
(well, technically the countries from "our world" don't exist in the wolfenstahl-universe, but she would be from japan if it was our world, in the wolf-universe it's simply a country that resembles japan, kinda)

If Cres arm doesn't act up again, we're hopefully able to present you some preview stuff about the webcomic/manga soon.
(still mainly focusing on commissions)

And yes, for those who payed attention:
Minori looks a lot different than before.
I'll do a blogpost about character developement and changes in the upcoming days, showing what happened to Minori and why it happened!

Name: Minori
Type: Wolfgirl – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Team Schwarzfels
Rival: Aurora (not really, but they compete in martial arts occasionally, kinda)
Height: 1,63 meters

Training her martial arts abilities, doing sports, drawing manga characters etc.
Reading books, learning about new stuff, meditation.


Superhuman strenght (like most of the other demi-gods)
Gravitation control

Her gravitation control abilities are only very useful against certain enemies.
Against other enemies they have only limited usefulness.

Minori has a very high degree of self-discipline, and she's constantly training very hard.
She has a clear mind and conscience without any unnecessary selfish or evil thoughts, and she's very humble and gentle towards other people.
Her honest and straightforward personality earn her the respect of other people.
And she's trying her best to act as honorable and respectful as possible.

She would never step on an opponent that has already been defeated.
And she would do her best to protect those who are too weak to fend for themselves.

Minori is very brave and would prefer death instead of retreating in dishonor.
Though she understands the concept of retreating in order to be able to fight another day.
But she's not afraid of fighting a battle that's already been lost, as long as she can achieve something.

Because of all this, she's the most respected of all the demon-hunters.
Some people even view Minori as their idol, though she's humbly stating that she's only doing her job.
Aside from all this, she has a very sweet and cute personality.

Since she's constantly hard working, she often also tries to encourage her team members, especially her team leader (Claire), to be more productive.
Sometimes Minori even scolds Claire for being lazy, and to some degree Claire even does as Minori says.

Minoris biggest weak point is that she's a little bit clumsy and easily panics when things aren't going as planned.
For example: If she's frying something with oil in a frying pan, and the oil starts burning because she didn't pay attention, it's most likely that she panics and tries to pour water into the frying pan.
Which obviously makes things worse... so the next thing she would do in her panic attack would be to throw the burning pan out of the window... and to make things even more worse... it lands in a container full of cardboard and paper.
So it all starts burning uncontrolably, and Minori is facepalming herself for doing what she did.
(she knows that it's not a good idea to pour water into burning oil... but when she panics she doesn't think, she just acts... mostly doing something stupid)

It's not that she's dumb, she's very smart, but whenever something doesn't go according to plan, she easily panics and reacts in a dumb way.
Which leads to the situation getting even worse.

Minori spotting something disturbing

In her free time, Minori likes to draw manga-style characters and stories.
She's a very skilled doujin-manga artist, though she doesn't have enough time to draw full time, because of her demon-hunter job.

Minori is a skilled martial artist, her fighting style is karate.
Contrary to Aurora who uses different chinese fighting styles, Minori focuses only on japanese karate fighting style, constantly training this one fighting style in order to achieve absolute perfection.
Since she's one of the oldest beings in the world (in the wolfenstahl-universe that is), she more or less is one of the early founders of this fighting style.

Minori won't back down!

Aside from martial arts, Minori has the ability to manipulate gravity.
She can slow down (and slighty damage) her foes by increasing the gravity around her a lot.
And she can also summon a small black hole that pulls her enemies toward it and cause a lot of damage to them.
Though this technique costs her a lot of energy, so she uses it only occassionally.

I hope you liked reading about her.
(Personally I love her a lot!)

As always, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

I totally forgot to say her nickname is: Mimi