Thursday, August 21, 2014

Character introduction: Shiwa

I bet some of you waited for this a loooong time?
Well, here she finally is: Shiwa, the demonic wolfgirl!

Name: Shiwa
Type: Wolfgirl – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Renegade (no Team)
Rival: Ferania, Claire, Aurora
Height: 1,65 meters

Annoying other people, loving pets, watching anime, reading manga, getting really obsessed with anime characters.
Hand puppets and voodoo dolls.
Collecting jewelry and other valuable stuff.
Stalking other people.

Bringing destruction and madness to the world.

Superhuman strength.
Cursed flames.

Her abilities drain her MP very fast.

Shiwa can be pretty much described as "yandere", which basically means that she has a nice and sweet personality, but she can be super-obsessed with someone, and depending on the situation she can be super creepy and super violent.
(btw. Ferania is more like a "tsundere")

Other explanaitions for the term "yandere":

She's very obsessed with Ferania and Grizelda, who are both strong, independent, and a bit violent.
If she could, she would like to make them all hers, but obviously they don't like that idea.
So the least thing she does is stalking them all the time.
Usually Shiwa tries to get Grizeldas attention, but Grizelda is often annoyed by her, chasing her away. Ferania on the other hand, usually attacks Shiwa right away, so it ends up in a fight between the two of them most of the time.

This is because Ferania is way more aggressive compared to Grizelda, as well as the fact that she's viewing Shiwa partly as an evil demon.
That's because of the things Shiwa usually does.

Shiwa: "This is my playground..."

Shiwa views the world as her "playground".
She does her job, by destroying things, and by bringing madness to the world.
In order to achieve this, she usually offers very ambitious humans to make them more powerful.
Seducing them by giving them more power, if they'll have sex with her.
(well, she seduces people not only by offering them more power lol)
Some time after they had sex, the humans get automatically cursed by Shiwa.
War paint appears on their bodies, they become way more powerful, but at the same time they gradually grow more and more insane.
Consumed by power and madness, they'd slaughter other beings, until they are either killed by someone or until they die from exhaustion, as the curse slowly eats their life force away.
Depending on their mental strength, they would either only kill their enemies, or maybe even turn against their former allies, in case they turn totally insane.

Shiwa on the other hand, gains more and more power through those cursed humans, as she gets their energy after they died. This whole curse thingy only works with non-demonic beings, as she practically turns those humans into demons.
(or rather like, she grants them demonic powers... in exchange for their energy...)
So, this whole curse thing doesn't work on demonic enemies.

Also, Shiwa likes to seduce a lot of men.
She usually isn't doing it with everyone, but at times she's not that picky.

Aside from all this, she likes to fight the other demi-gods, especially the Hellwolfs followers.
This is mainly because she wants them to be captured by demons, so she can have all of the Hellwolfs attention for herself, and prove that she's the very best of all of them!
(yeah she's wicked at times)

However, she can get along with the others, if it's really necessary.
It's just that she's sometimes mentally unstable, turning on her allies, or doing some other wicked stuff.

Shiwa: "You're not going to leave me behind... are you?"

Shiwa is usually arguing with Claire about anime stuff and anime characters.
And Aurora doesn't like her, because she despises Shiwa for turning humans into demons.
Especially all those poor, good looking guys, that she (Aurora) might need to kill because they're demons now...

To say a few words about her hobbies:
Yes, she likes to annoy Grizelda and Ferania quite a lot.
(mainly by trying to get their attention)
But she also annoys other people, and she likes doing that.
She kinda loves to have all the attention, either because people think she's awesome, or because they think she's annoying... whatever works best.

She loves ALL kind of animals, even the creepy ones.

And her obsession for anime characters is... well... she wants to keep them all in her basement... tied up of course. But she knows that they're not real... but if they would be real, she would keep them tied up in her basement...
(that's how she would like it)

And yup, she loves to collect valuable stuff.

Shiwa also likes to create hand puppets that look alike her demi-god sisters, and she also loves to "play" with them. If everyone else ignores her, she also likes to talk to her hand puppets. 
She sometimes even does some voodoo stuff with them, but it doesn't work at all.
(it's just creepy, that's all)

Shiwa: "Aurora, you can't be serious! Shiwas boobs are the best!" Oh why, thank you Ferania!
Yeah... Shiwa and her handpuppets... roleplaying Ferania totally out of character.
(drawing requested by Merikle)

Aside from her supernatural strength (comparable to the other wolfgirls strength), Shiwa has the ability to control cursed flames.
The cursed flames are not as hot as regular flames, but they gradually suck the life out of other beings.
She can also control the trajectory of her cursed flames, enabling her to attack her enemies from unexpected directions.

Her special ability is called "Asura".
When using this ability, her body is being covered in war paint markings, and she becomes nearly invincible. (she can use this because she takes all the energy from the cursed humans, in the game she simply uses MP for this ability)
Most attacks that hit her, only deal greatly reduced damage.
And her body cannot be cut by anything.
Her cursed flames and regular attacks also gain a slight boost.
However, her strength can't keep up with Grizeldas or Esmodas strength.
So this is basically the ultimate defensive ability, making her nearly invincible for a short time, while also boosting her offensive abilities slightly.

Shiwa using her Asura ability

This special ability (combined with the "curse" stuff) is what makes most other demi-gods consider Shiwa as a demon herself... and she's not denying it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Shiwa.
In the upcoming days we'll present you some sample pages for the webcomic/manga, so stay tuned.

And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!


  1. I have one thing to say: Yandere eyes~~<3

    Aside from that, I can't wait to see a picture of her playing with hand puppets. Just a chibi Shiwa playing with chibi hand puppets or something would be the most adorable. She seems like someone that would be fun to be friends long as she isn't after you in any sort of way.

    Excited for the sample pages! Keep up all the great work!

    1. Is that a request? ^^

      Thank you very much!
      We're trying to get them done as soon as possible.

    2. And there you go!
      I edited the picture into the character introduction.
      (into Shiwas personality description, just at the part about the handpuppets)

    3. She's. So. ADORABLE! I have the softest spot for cuteness and this...yeah...

  2. Will the Offbeater campaign start after the comic is released, or will the money made off the comic help pay for the game?

    1. The Offbeatr campaign for the game will start once the game is almost done (or even completely done) with 1 character (Ferania) only.
      The money made with the comic isn't directly related to the game, but it will help us to work on the game.
      I mean, we need money for food and bills, it doesn't really matter to us where that money comes from, as long as we can pay for those necessary things.
      Gaining money through the webcomic, would allow us to use our spare time to work on the game, instead of working on even more commissions.

      If I should explain this more detailed, please ask and I'll do so.
      (originally I wanted to write the detailed explanation, but I figured it wouldn't be necessary to post a wall of text)