Sunday, August 10, 2014

Minori old vs new

As some of you noticed, we did some major changes on Minori.
So, as part of the explanation I'll tell you a little bit about how I'm working on characters, personalities and background story.

First of all, this was the old Minori:

old version of Minori

And this is the new Minori:

new version of Minori

There are major differences between those two versions.

The reason behind this is as follows:
When we did the initial version of Minori, she already had a lot of her characteristics and personality.
But the problem was, that something important seemed to be missing.
She appeared to be way too perfect, strict, and "boring".
So we needed something to fix this.

After I put some thought into the matter, I decided to make Minori a little bit clumsy.
Also, I figured that despite her being almost perfect, she could easily panic when things don't work out as intended.
And as consequence, she could make everything even more worse.

With these changes to her personality, we figured that her old appearance doesn't fit any longer.
That's why we changed her.
(This, plus the thought that we would need a couple cute characters anyway)

So simply put:
1. There was the rough idea about her personality.
2. The sketch had been made according to this.
3. We changed parts of her personality.
4. Her appearance has been adjusted.

And yes, this is a common procedure when creating a character.

Speaking about reworking and evolving characters:
Shiwa gets a remake too!
But her introduction will most likely be in a couple weeks.
(next up is Chrysoula the harpy)

Progress on the game is really really slow.
"Probably" we'll be able to show some animated CG soon.
Though we're thinking about buying Emote if this makes animating CGs easier.
(Emote should help especially with the faces and stuff, but we still need to look into it, it's just an idea right now, nothing decided yet)

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