Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Character introduction: Minori

So todays character introduction will be Minori, the demon-huntress wolfgirl from japan.
(well, technically the countries from "our world" don't exist in the wolfenstahl-universe, but she would be from japan if it was our world, in the wolf-universe it's simply a country that resembles japan, kinda)

If Cres arm doesn't act up again, we're hopefully able to present you some preview stuff about the webcomic/manga soon.
(still mainly focusing on commissions)

And yes, for those who payed attention:
Minori looks a lot different than before.
I'll do a blogpost about character developement and changes in the upcoming days, showing what happened to Minori and why it happened!

Name: Minori
Type: Wolfgirl – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Team Schwarzfels
Rival: Aurora (not really, but they compete in martial arts occasionally, kinda)
Height: 1,63 meters

Training her martial arts abilities, doing sports, drawing manga characters etc.
Reading books, learning about new stuff, meditation.


Superhuman strenght (like most of the other demi-gods)
Gravitation control

Her gravitation control abilities are only very useful against certain enemies.
Against other enemies they have only limited usefulness.

Minori has a very high degree of self-discipline, and she's constantly training very hard.
She has a clear mind and conscience without any unnecessary selfish or evil thoughts, and she's very humble and gentle towards other people.
Her honest and straightforward personality earn her the respect of other people.
And she's trying her best to act as honorable and respectful as possible.

She would never step on an opponent that has already been defeated.
And she would do her best to protect those who are too weak to fend for themselves.

Minori is very brave and would prefer death instead of retreating in dishonor.
Though she understands the concept of retreating in order to be able to fight another day.
But she's not afraid of fighting a battle that's already been lost, as long as she can achieve something.

Because of all this, she's the most respected of all the demon-hunters.
Some people even view Minori as their idol, though she's humbly stating that she's only doing her job.
Aside from all this, she has a very sweet and cute personality.

Since she's constantly hard working, she often also tries to encourage her team members, especially her team leader (Claire), to be more productive.
Sometimes Minori even scolds Claire for being lazy, and to some degree Claire even does as Minori says.

Minoris biggest weak point is that she's a little bit clumsy and easily panics when things aren't going as planned.
For example: If she's frying something with oil in a frying pan, and the oil starts burning because she didn't pay attention, it's most likely that she panics and tries to pour water into the frying pan.
Which obviously makes things worse... so the next thing she would do in her panic attack would be to throw the burning pan out of the window... and to make things even more worse... it lands in a container full of cardboard and paper.
So it all starts burning uncontrolably, and Minori is facepalming herself for doing what she did.
(she knows that it's not a good idea to pour water into burning oil... but when she panics she doesn't think, she just acts... mostly doing something stupid)

It's not that she's dumb, she's very smart, but whenever something doesn't go according to plan, she easily panics and reacts in a dumb way.
Which leads to the situation getting even worse.

Minori spotting something disturbing

In her free time, Minori likes to draw manga-style characters and stories.
She's a very skilled doujin-manga artist, though she doesn't have enough time to draw full time, because of her demon-hunter job.

Minori is a skilled martial artist, her fighting style is karate.
Contrary to Aurora who uses different chinese fighting styles, Minori focuses only on japanese karate fighting style, constantly training this one fighting style in order to achieve absolute perfection.
Since she's one of the oldest beings in the world (in the wolfenstahl-universe that is), she more or less is one of the early founders of this fighting style.

Minori won't back down!

Aside from martial arts, Minori has the ability to manipulate gravity.
She can slow down (and slighty damage) her foes by increasing the gravity around her a lot.
And she can also summon a small black hole that pulls her enemies toward it and cause a lot of damage to them.
Though this technique costs her a lot of energy, so she uses it only occassionally.

I hope you liked reading about her.
(Personally I love her a lot!)

As always, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

I totally forgot to say her nickname is: Mimi


  1. I always look at the first bit of art and make an initial impression just to see how accurate I am. I thought she was extremely adorable in some roundabout way. I figured it was the eyes. Then I read her description and all. Yuuuuup.

    I'm totally expecting some sort of easter egg ability with her where with some command input, she'll pull out a frying pan, fire and all, and just toss it at the enemies. Effectiveness, probably none, entertainment level, all of the entertainment.

    At first, like the first second of seeing her, I thought Sheena from Symphonia. Any connections or inspiration in particular for her? I guess your inclusion of her nickname makes her seem special in some way.

    Mimi is fun to say. Mimimimimimimiiiiiiiiiii...mi.

    1. lol
      That's a nice easter egg idea xD

      I don't know who Sheena is, and there were no inspirations for Minori either.
      We just wanted a japanese-clothing-style wolfgirl with karate as fighting style, and black hair.
      And she should be very hard working, and one of the more reasonable characters.
      The rest evolved around this "base idea".

      I just came up with that nickname since it sounds cute, and since it's different than the others.

      I mean:
      Minori --> Mimi
      Grizelda --> Griz or Grizi
      Catheline --> Cat or Cath

      etc. etc.
      (most are just short forms of their names, but Minori has like Mi-Mi, twice the short form... kinda, instead of calling her Mino or simply Mi)

      Mimi is pronounced like: Meemee
      (I think if you say her name like: "Mimimimimi" she'll feel offended...)

    2. sheena is from the game "tales of symphonia" and now you done it, here is my no.1 fave char (so far anyways) .... i like the cute shy ones XD

      as a side note, i hope cres's arm gets fully better (not for the webcomic but overall, it sucks having your arm hurt lol) wish i could draw but i suck ass XD

      oh just as a small question but is the webcomic itself going to have ecchi (as in h-content) elements or no? i rather it not myself just so you can go with the chars and story but thats just me thinking

    3. Ah, thanks ^^

      The webcomic/manga is planned to contain ecchi and hentai, however, we also want to tell the story.
      So it's part of the webcomic/manga but it's not happening all the time.
      Probably around ~25% of all pages or something.
      I guess with the stuff I had on my mind, it should fit in with the story most of the time, and not feel out of place or slowing the story down or anything.
      At least in theory...

    4. ahh i see, my thought would be unless the story would have h-things with the char (catheline comes to mind lol) then only ecchi-ness should only be involved (not like a random hentai scene for the sake of it, like a h-manga) but it is your work lol

      sometimes tho i wish i can contribute something creative to you guys XD but the only thing i can do is give my thoughts (and money but i lack that at the moment XD)

    5. Well, I figured that during the storyline sometimes a character could be "captured" briefly, and either free herself or get rescued by someone else.
      But also consensual scenes (Catheline and Aurora) and other stuff.
      In the end it should make sense, and of course it should be part of the story.

      Giving your thoughts as creative contribution is very appreciated ^^
      Please keep it up!

    6. i see, i just hope there isn't anything rapey in the webcomic tho (i think it will leave a bad taste in people's mouths more so then a game anyway) but anyways, thank you for responding to all of stupid blabering and questions^^

      oh i have a question a friend wants to ask you (he doesn't have a google account or anything so i'm asking for him) do you accept and use OC chars from fans?

    7. I don't think that it's stupid, and I like to answer questions ^^
      Well, I guess the webcomic/manga "might" have rapey-like scenes where someone was captured or something, but the characters mostly enjoy it and stuff... well, it's hentai after all.
      I don't think that I need to explain this in detail.

      And yeah, some people might complain about this?
      But there's always someone who's not agreeing with stuff you do, and well, it's not that anyone gets hurt or so.
      (I'd say, if we're worrying about "those kind of things", we wouldn't be doing hentai games with this theme at all)

      Regarding your question about the OCs:
      We only use our "own" OCs, and there's a lot of reasons for this.
      (using characters as we wish, without needing to ask anyone for permission and other "legal issues")
      This means, we're not using the OCs of other people or characters from known anime etc.
      (I hope your friend understands why we're not doing this)

      But we're open to "requests".
      Which means, if people wish for a... lets say, a tigergirl from india...
      Then we "might" consider creating one ourselves.
      (this doesn't mean we add a character necessarily, but at least we read the requests and think about them... and well.. "maybe" we'll do it, maybe not...)

    8. he had a OC he wanted to be in the story (as a one shot or permanent idk) he'll be disappointed XD

  2. XD How cuteuute -^.^- I would LOVE to see her geting in Panic = P

  3. Will we see her geting in Panic-Mode someday/sometimes in the Web Comic? = D

  4. I have read your comic and I like all the characters! The comic had some interesting characters and some good story twists. It is beautifully drawn. I am edger to see how the story continues and how the heroines deal with the challenges ahead.