Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Character introduction: Sanura

Originally I wanted to do this blogpost on thuesday or wednesday, but there was just too much stuff going on. So I wasn't able to deliver this character introduction earlier, sorry for the delay!

On a side note, we're seriously thinking about getting the webcomic/manga started very soon.

This weeks character introduction is Sanura, the wisest assassin of the desert region.

Name: Sanura
Type: Black Panther – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Guardian
Rival: no rival
Height: 1,73 meters

Keeping pets (cats & dogs, also birds), botanical medicine, growing herbs and plants.
Studying the behaviour and characteristics of animals and plants, as well as humans.
Drawing stuff.

Guarding the royal family of a desert nation.
Assassinating enemies.

Superhuman physical strenght, high mobility and high jump height.
Excellent assassination skills

Low endurance (low HP)

Sanura is about 300 years younger than Ferania and the other demi-gods of the 1st generation.
(Aurora, Chiira, Claire, Catheline, Minori, Esmoda, Grizelda, Shiwa, etc...)

She has been created in order to protect the royal family of a mighty desert nation.
(This happened during a time when the nation faced lots of problems)
In exchange for this, the desert nation is bound to the Hellwolf, and in case he ever asks them to do something, they'll need to fulfill this request as good as possible.
(However, this rarely happens over the course of several hundred years)

As long as the lineage of the royal family continues, Sanura and her partner Zahra (a jackal girl demi-god) protect and support the royal family.
And they also remind each generation of their commitment towards the Hellwolf.
Since they live forever, they'll see a lot of kings and queens grow up and eventually die one day.

But that was thousands of years ago.
Sometime in the future, there might not be any descendants of the royal family lineage anymore.
So basically Sanura ends up being independent more or less.
At least for the time being.

Sanura is very smart, wise and mystical.
There are a lot of mysteries about her, as she usually doesn't open up to other people.
To most people, she's the silent type, she usually also keeps a low profile.
Back in the old days, she usually guarded the royal family or the temple, sometimes even out of the shadows.
Being a bodyguard for members of the royal family, or occasionally assassinating people in powerful positions that are about to cause trouble.

The only person she opens up to is her partner Zahra.
When talking to Zahra, she can talk quite a bit.
Occasionally she also speaks to members of the royal family moderately.
Sometimes she even gives her opinion as consultant of the royal family.
(Sanura and Zahra are kinda also consultants to the royal family)
However Sanura usually doesn't speak much to strangers, only if necessary she does so.

Sanura loves all kind of animals, and she keeps some pets, mainly cats and wolves/dogs.
She's not totally obsessed with animals, but she still loves them a lot.
One of her hobbies is also to grow herbs in order to produce medicine and other helpfull stuff.
(as well as poison)
Sometimes she even draws pictures of animals, humans and nature.

When fighting against enemies, she usually never attacks them head on.
She's always trying to outsmart her enemies, attacking their weak spots and taking them by surprise.

Sanura has a wide range of techniques that make her an exceptional assassin.
Basically she has superhuman strenght like most of the other demi-gods.
With her claws (long nails) she can easily pierce through steel armor, so she doesn't need any weapons.
(she can even pierce through steel more easily than all the other demi-gods)

Other than this, she can become completely invisible.
Sanura is also capable to create one or more doppelgangers of herself, of course they're not as strong as herself, but they're strong enough to deal with most enemies.
She also uses poison to take out larger groups of enemies or tougher enemies.

Sanuras paralysing glare

Her trump card is a special eye technique that paralyses everyone that looks into her eyes.
Once paralysed, her enemies are completely at her mercy.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Sanura!
And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Next week I'll probably write about Minori.
And as things are currently looking, she'll probably get a complete makeover.


  1. Will the comic come out before the game, or as a lead up to it?

    1. Currently we're thinking about starting the webcomic parallel to the game.
      It won't interfere with the game developement if we finance the webcomic through Patreon, as we're able to do less commissions and instead focus on the webcomic and game.

      So, the webcomic would be starting before the full version of the game is done.
      Depending on how things are going, we might be able to release a playable demo version before starting the webcomic.

      But... nothing of this is set in stone yet.
      It's just the current estimation and status of how the things are looking.

  2. I like her guardian status. Something I feel very close to. I'd love to listen to her rattle on about whatever random. I really like the paralysis from her and Gladius.

    Speaking about the desert makes me think about if there's going to be a map of the world/continent/country/something. More specifically, I am reminded of Fire Emblem desert levels and how they tend to be far away somewhere on the map in between levels.

    1. The game will only have a randomly generated city-map.
      But the webcomic/manga might get a world map at some point.

      (ah, Fire Emblem, I loved how the desert levels in Fire Emblem looked like)

  3. Guess I found my second favorite character, well she's an interesting one... I admit I'd be tempted to commission a "game overish" situation with her, but of course with your permission. Cheers, and can't wait till I can aid in the effort ^^

    1. Cres said she'd happily take commissions with our characters involved.

      You can contact her via Tumblr:


      Or her commission e-mail that's on her hentai foundry profile:

      (she checks the e-mail only once a week, so tumblr and DA are better)

      Please keep in mind, that her arm isn't 100%ly healed right now.
      And there are some other commissions she's currently taking care of.
      So most likely she can't get to new commissions right away.
      (but still it's highly appreciated if someone is interested in a commission)

    2. Understood, rather wait till she's fully recovered, and I'll swing by tumblr to ask her a commission. Cheers and thanks for the info ^^

  4. i'm not a fan of panthers but personality wise she is one of my favs,

    oh i have a question about the lore (it's ok if you don't reply to it if you don't want anything spoiled) i know from a game/gameplay point of view why they are all women but from a story perspective is there any male demi-gods? (just wondering)

    1. Yes, there are several male demi-gods.
      (A few with the Hellwolf and several more with the other god-creatures)
      We thought about "maybe" including one of them as one of the bosses in the game.
      But we're still thinking about this.