Thursday, July 17, 2014

Character introduction: Catheline

I know, I pretty much pulled this off at the very last moment.
(it's still thursday where I live, so I managed to get this done within my self-set time-limit)

There was lots of stuff going on the past days, but nothing bad I think.
So, lets get this weeks character introduction going!

Name: Catheline
Type: Catgirl (Liger = Lion + Tiger) – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Team Schwarzfels
Rival: Aurora (a little bit)
Height: 1,80 meters

Being a curious cat, talking a lot, asking a lot of questions, flirting with guys.
Cooking, and experimenting with cooking.


Superhuman strenght (less than Esmoda, but above most other demi-gods)
Shadow powers (becoming a shadow to avoid attacks)

Her abilities consume a lot of MP, so she needs to use them wisely.
Also, her curiosity can lead her often into trouble.

Catheline has mostly a very curious and cute personality.
When she meets an interesting person for the first time, she usually asks a lot of questions.
Even a lot of personal stuff, without being embarassed to ask every kind of things.
Sometimes this scares some people away.

Overall, she's friendly towards others and she appears to be cute (at first?).
But actually, Catheline is a refined, self-confident, young woman.
She knows what she wants and she's usually getting what she wants.
Catheline doesn't show her self-confidence in public, but she's not afraid to do what she thinks she must do.

She loves to chit-chat a lot, so she often talks with her team mates or joins them in their activities.
Other than that, she also has a habit to take Claires potato chips (crisps) while she's sleeping or not paying attention, which occasionally pisses off Claire.
(but only if Claire notices...)

Catheline cooks a lot of delicious stuff for her teammates, but sometimes she's trying a new recipe or she's trying new stuff out of her own curiosity.
When cooking something new, there's chances that the food doesn't taste that great, so she sometimes needs to force her teammates to eat up.
Mostly Catheline improves her new dishes until they taste really good.

At times, Catheline feels the urge to have sex with someone.
She's usually very picky about who to have sex with, but in rare occasions she's willing to take almost anyone.
One of her specialities is to seduce men, and if this fails, she's sometimes forcing it on her "target person".
While doing this, she usually tries to act as innocent and cute as possible, while still forcing it on that person.
(imagine this 1,80 meter tall girl holding you down, trying to have sex with you, while she's acting very cute and innocent lol)
Of course this can be a bit creepy for some people, but Catheline doesn't mean any harm to others, she's just trying to have some fun.

Being one of the very few characters that have (consensual) sex once in a while, she's kinda having a silent competition with Aurora about who had sex with the most guys.
With the main difference being, that Aurora is mostly drunk while having sex, and Catheline having sex with fewer guys because she's being more picky in her choices.

Cathelines close combat fighting style is focused on dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
She can't take as much damage as Esmoda, also her individual attacks do lower damage than Esmodas attacks, but Catheline has the ability to completely avoid damage by using her shadow-abilities to let attacks go right through her.

She can also summon shadow-chains that bind her enemies for a brief moment.
Or pull her enemies towards her with the help of shadow-chains.

Catheline also has a "second form", in this form she becomes a shadow herself, making her invulnerable as well as boosting her attack damage for a short time.

old sketch of Catheline

I'm not sure which character to pick next week.
I could either pick Minori, the third member of Team Schwarzfels,
or I could go with Grizelda, who's Esmodas rival.
I think I might pick Grizelda next, but we'll see about that.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Catheline.
And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments!


  1. Can I marry her? I wanna marry her. Love her personality so much. Like...if I had to make up an ideal girlfriend, she's got the important parts down.

    I am really curious as to how everyone views each other, but I suppose that's something left to the manga/comic/story done on the side of the game, right?

    So far, the girls whose names start with C are my favourites. Can't wait for more posts.

    1. Yes, the individual relationships between the characters are best depicted in a manga/comic story.
      We're currently thinking about "maybe" financing the webcomic/manga via Patreon, as this would make us possible to work on it instead of doing commissions.

      Currently Cres is doing commissions alongside working on the game, to ensure that there's money to buy food and pay bills.
      But those commissions mostly have nothing to do with our characters.
      So, in theory, if we would use Patreon to gather funds for a webcomic, Cres could reduce the time she spends on commissions and instead work on the webcomic/manga.
      (if the funding is high enough, she could even stop working on commissions entirely (or nearly entirely), and concentrate on the webcomic/manga as well as our game project and future game projects)

      But that's just an idea right now, we're not sure yet.

      And I'm glad you love Catheline that much ^^

  2. Will you be doing any further posts about the deities, factions, and human world state?

    I seem to be easily pleased as all the girls so far have passed the "I want to play her" test. Hell even the small bit of info on Failure gave hir? a pass, though that is very unlikely to become reality.

    If this was a vote I would go for Sanura to hear about next, but these two as well seem interesting.

    1. I can dedicate the upcoming post towards more information about the world and the factions, yes ^^
      (I mean, the upcoming post this weekend, there will be a regular character introduction next week around wednesday, as usual)

      Failure will be definitely making an appearance as boss monster.
      (but she won't be playable)

      I decided to have Grizelda in the upcoming character introduction.
      I "think" I'll pick Minori after her (so we can finish Team Schwarzfels), and then maybe Sanura?

  3. I think I'd like to hear more about enemies and villains, so Grizelda would be my choice. My biggest question would be if she's going to be a boss, and if she's going to have a gameover CG if you lose to her.

    1. Grizelda would be a playable character (if she gets funded that is), but she will also appear as enemy in the game.
      Plans so far are, if she makes it into the game, you need to beat her in a battle in order to unlock her.
      (this battle is kinda a mid-boss battle)

      Of course she would have all her regular attacks and moveset.
      Losing to her however, won't give you any special CG.
      (only the "real bosses" give game over CGs for every character that's implemented into the game)

      I'm not sure if I should... kinda... do a spoiler here...

      Anyway, Grizelda would be a playable character if she gets funded so we can add her to the game.
      And yes, she's one of the "evil" playable characters.
      (I'll get into the details in her character introduction next week)

      This weekend might be a good idea to write about some enemies, the factions, as well as the world (and other related stuff)?
      Yeah, I guess I'll go with this because of the requests so far.