Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Character introduction: Grizelda

This weeks character introduction is about Grizelda, a grizzly bear girl that loves explosions, flames and smoke.

Name: Grizelda
Type: Grizzly Bear – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Renegade (no Team)
Rival: Esmoda
Height: 1,82 meters

Swimming, gambling, card games, observing, watching stuff.
Destroying things, causing trouble.

Same as Esmoda, she's an observer too.
Bringing destruction and anarchy to the world. (secret purpose)

Superhuman physical strenght, just like Esmoda.
Fire-Elemental abilities.

Slower movement than most other demi-gods.

Grizelda is mainly very rebellious and very destructive, often she's also behaving like an asshole.
She doesn't care about rules or laws, and she thinks if you can't enforce your "rights" with your own power, then you don't deserve them.
Also she isn't that aggressive, just a little bit... mostly when she gets annoyed by "stupid people".
One of her secret purposes is to bring destruction and anarchy to the world, and that's what she's very good at.

Most of the time, she does whatever she wants to do, without listening to anyone.
If she sees something she likes in a shop, she simply takes it without paying.
Usually the shop owner tries to stop her, but this always results in the shop owner getting beat up.

When Grizelda passes by a mansion with a big swimming pool on a hot day, she'll likely use the swimming pool to cool off.
If the owner notices this and calls for the police, she simply blows their police car up and melt their bullets and weapons... sometimes even the police all along.
She would even melt tanks, destroy helicopters and planes etc.

On the other hand, Grizelda doesn't like to cause too much commotion, she's usually causing some destruction, and then she simply disappears.
And as long as others don't get in her way, she's usually not conspicuous in public.
She just don't like it if "authorities" try to force stuff on her, and anyone who tries to do so, gets his ass kicked... or barbecued...

Grizelda isn't setting up any big schemes, she's just a troublemaker.
A very bothersome troublemaker, as only very few very powerful beings are capable of stopping her.

Being an asshole, Grizelda wouldn't even care if a kid or an old person has an accident in the middle of the street. She wouldn't even help if someone else is in trouble and really needs some help.
It isn't that she's selfish... she just thinks that everyone in the world needs to fight for themselves.
And she deeply believes in natural selection.
(and when the world ends... well... she doesn't care, since it all becomes pretty much chaotic)

And yup, Grizelda loves gambling and card games.
Of course you can imagine, that she doesn't like losing at all...
(she enjoys watching stuff like horse races or other sports)

Grizelda is pissed.

Basically, Esmoda is the only other demi-god that's on par with her.
At least if you compare their rough strenght.
That's why Grizelda views Esmoda as her rival, sometimes even as her arch-enemy.
When their paths cross, it usually ends in a brutal battle.
It's no friendly rivalry at all, it's rather a really hard fight with a lot of destruction.

On a side note, Grizelda also likes to smokes cigarettes.
Being a demi-god, she's immune to the negative effects (health issues) that come with smoking.
So she can smoke as much as she wants to, without getting cancer or other health issues.
She mainly smokes because she thinks it looks cool, rebellious and most of all: bad-ass.

Grizelda: ...

And in case you wonder, why she would fight against demons?
Well... she wouldn't accept their rules and laws either.
So she'll continue to cause a lot of trouble and destruction.
Besides, being a "renegade" pretty much means not being on either side.
(she's not a demon-hunter, but she's also not fighting on the demons behalf)

Grizelda is as strong as Esmoda, and thus she's physically stronger than all the others.
(she can lift a bus without any problems, probably even a tank or even something heavier than that)
She can summon fire to burn her surroundings to ashes, and her flames can even melt through steel.
If her fire clashes with Esmodas ice, both abilities usually cancel each other out.

Grizeldas second form with long hair
Grizelda also has a "second form" powerup, in which her hair become longer too.
Her second form also enhances her fire element attacks.
After transforming back into her regular form, her hair become short again.

I hope you enjoyed Grizeldas character introduction.
And as always, if you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments ^^


  1. I always like a red haired girl. Though, this particular one would probably just punch me.

    I'm really liking the characters' heights. Speaking of that, the first three character introductions don't have that bit of info at the start. Honestly, I just wanna know how tall they all are. Especially Chiira.

    Also, while Grizelda's is most likely straightforward, is there a certain way to pronounce all their names?

    1. well I hope that Chiira is Petit >^.^<

    2. @Merikle:

      Ferania: 1,74 meters
      Aurora: 1,75 meters
      Chiira: 1,67 meters

      (maybe I should edit their introductions in the upcoming weeks in order to update them)

      Regarding name pronounciation:
      Well, Chiira is like "Cheera" (like the word "Cheerleader", just without the "leader" and instead an "A").
      And yes... actually "Chiira" is a derivation of "Cheetah", kinda... lol
      (well, she's a cheetah after all)

      And... uh... yeah, I guess it's fine to pronounce all names with regular english pronounciation.
      (Claire and Catheline can be pronounced in a french way as well, I think... but english is fine too)

      Maybe the whole pronounciation stuff is a bit easier if I would reveal the characters surnames.
      But I didn't do that aside from Feranias and Claires surnames.
      (I guess I'll do that sometime in the future, but not now)

    3. D'aww, she's adorably short~! I just wanna hug her now.

  2. is she really pure bad or is she deep in her hearth a good Person(bear)?? and if in which Situation should she come to Show/proove it?? -^.^-

    1. As I stated in several blogposts already:
      There's no good and evil in the wolfenstahl-universe per se.

      It's like in real life, if someone does something good for you, you view that person as "good", and if someone does something you don't like, or if that person is forcing something on you, you view that person as "evil".

      There is nothing like a pure good or pure evil being.
      Same applies to the demon-kings/queens, most of them have their own motivations or concerns, and most of them actually try to improve the living standards for their own kind, or they try to ensure their survival or such things.

      Grizelda is just interested in fulfilling her job/purpose, as well as enjoying her live.
      So, yeah, some people might view her as "evil", but I myself don't think she's evil.
      And yes... this doesn't mean she's good either.
      In the end, she's simply Grizelda lol

      However, from a human/mortal point of view, as well from other beings (demons, selphiel, dragon people etc.) point of view, Grizelda is definitelly not their "friend".