Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Character introduction: Claire

This week is Claires turn, Team Schwarzfels ninja-pirate wolfgirl leader... with psychokinetic powers!
(no kidding... seriously... lol)

Name: Claire Schwarzfels
Type: Wolfgirl – Demi-god
God allegiance: Hellwolf
Team: Team Schwarzfels
Rival: Ferania
Height: 1,72 meters

Sleeping, watching TV and anime, reading books and manga, listening to music, playing videogames and eroge/hentai games.
Competing with Ferania about anything, doing stuff that is fun (cinema, amusement parks etc.).

Demon-hunter and teamleader of Team Schwarzfels.

Superhuman strenght (not as much as Esmoda, but about the same as the other demi-gods)
Psychokinetic powers (telekinesis, short range telepathy and mind reading)

Her special attacks deal less damage than the other characters special attacks.
(except if she throws a truck or a tank at you via telekinesis...)

sleeping on a couch

Claire is a bit difficult to deal with at times.
She's proud to be the teamleader of Team Schwarzfels, and she loves to compete with Ferania.
(btw. Claire is exactly 1 day younger than Ferania, and they've been rivals ever since)
But other than that, she's pretty lazy.
Usually she sleeps a lot, watches anime or plays games, while leaving the house in a mess.
(empty potato chip (crisp) bags and other stuff everywhere)
So her teammembers need to clean up, or scold her until she cleans up herself.

She's not anti-social, as she has several friends, her teammates and she also likes to go to the cinemas and to amusement parks and game centers.
(well, everywhere were it's fun to go to)

Her lazyness applies to a lot of stuff, but she's NEVER lazy when it comes to a competition with Ferania.
Be it ridiculous stuff like a cooking contest (she can't even cook...), or other competitions.
Claire simply uses every possible occassion to compete with Ferania.
(and so does Ferania... which leads to funny situations once in a while)
Also, no matter how lazy she is, when it comes down to fighting or demon-hunting, she also overcomes her lazyness as demon-hunting is something she loves to do a lot.
Which means, her lazyness causes no problems with her job as a demon-hunter.
It only affects her regular everyday life.

Claire also has a husband, and 2 twin daughters.
Her husband originally was a mortal, but she asked the Hellwolf to grant him and her daughters eternal life, in exchange for their eternal service in his ranks.
Since then, Claires husband works as a scientist for the Hellwolf.
(He also became a werewolf and he prefers to stay in werewolf-form)
When they married, Claires husband got Claires last name, and thus he became known as the scientist Dr. Schwarzfels.

Once Claires daughters were old enough, and Claire didn't needed to take care of them all the time anymore, she left them with her husband and went back to demon-hunting.
(btw. this happened several thousand years in timeline before the "current game" we're working on)
After her daughters have grown up, they started to look for their mother occasionally, but whenever they managed to find Claire, she somehow slips away when they don't pay attention.
She rarely visits her daughters and her husband, as she's mostly busy with demon-hunting.

In general, Claires behaviour seems to be very unresponsible and lazy.
In fact, she doesn't like to carry too much responsibility (yet, she's the leader of Team Schwarzfels), but at the same time, her daughters would get into the way of her work (demon-hunting).
Also staying with her can be very dangerous, as she's often fighting demons.
While it's a lot safer for her daughters to stay at their fathers place.

Claires original outfit with eye-patch

Claire loves ninjas and pirates from anime and games, and her "original" outfit is inpired by this.
Usually she wears an eye-patch despite both her eyes being in good condition.
She just does this because she thinks it looks cool.
(we removed the eye-patch from her design for the "current game")

Compared to other demi-gods, Claires physical strenght is pretty much average.
(just like Ferania or Aurora)

Claire being pissed... better hope there's no large or sharp objects nearby

 Using her psychic powers, she can stop projectiles and objects and throw them back at enemies.
(she can't stop laser beams, but she can stop bullets, missiles and other physical stuff)
Claire can also use large objects as shields or throw them at enemies, thanks to her psychic powers.

Other than this, Claire also brings a set of special kunai with her at all times.
These kunai can easily pierce through magic barriers (shields), though they do only a little bit of damage.

I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks character introduction ^^

And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments below.


  1. I think I found my favorite, I'm a sucker for ninja scarfs XD.

    1. There's actually another character with a scarf, though that other character is an assassin, not a ninja ^^
      (a black panther --> catgirl with dark skin)

  2. I really like her. Probably because she's kind of a lazy, slacker and a bit of a geek? Which just makes me think of myself, somehow, ahahaha.
    Of course, as I'm terrible, I'm still thinking of rape scenes now. HENTAI GAMES, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME.

    1. Well, she's familiar with hentai games too lol

      I was thinking about how the characters are going to be "unlocked" in the game, if they're being added to the game.
      (depends on stretchgoals and funding)

      And I figured, some might be available at the start, others need to be defeated in a fight, while others have been "caught" by monsters and need to be rescued.

      Claire would need to be defeated in a fight, since, well, I figured only "Team Wolfenstahl" (Ferania, Aurora, Chiira) should be available without unlocking them.
      And Claire is too smart to be caught by monsters... so yeah, you need to defeat her to "unlock" her.

      And besides being too smart... well... she knows that stuff from hentai games she has played xDDD
      (same as: "Gamers are best prepared to deal with a zombie apocalypse, as they are familiar with the setting through all the games they've played" lol)

      I'm also looking forward to seeing hentai-stuff with her ^^
      (well... I'm looking forward to seeing hentai-stuff with every character actually)

    2. Hahahaha, yeah that would give her an advantage, I'm sure! It'd be like...

      "Well, if this WAS a hentai game, these bad guys would probably want to do all SORTS of things to me!"

      It's a shame writing dialogue would take too much extra time and such, because I somehow could see her dialogue as being very aware of such things, and hanging 'lampshades' on them as they say.

      I have a lot of OCs myself, but I barely have art for most of them, and not any hentai of them...!

    3. Hey and what about making (later when the Game already is finished and selled) an update with Dialog to download it if you like to?? = ) then if they/you find time you could do it and agregar it as an extra update or something like that Ha It was my Idea I know I ´m just an really Cute Jinius (ähh don´t know how to write it -°.°-)

    4. @Kris:
      lol, yes, that's how I imagine her to be xD
      And yeah, dialogue is something that we can't afford to work on right now.
      We want to keep it simple for this game, not getting over-enthusiastic and maybe messing things up then.

      Regarding your OC's, you can always ask Crescentia for a commission ^^

      @Christin Eleven:
      Uhm, well I imagine it to be too much work to "later" add dialogue for the characters that are in the game by that point.
      (not sure if it's just Ferania or more characters, as it's depending on the Offbeatr campaign <-- I think I can't emphasize this enough)
      I mean, if it's 6 characters, each having ~10 CG scenes... it's 60 dialogues.
      If it's even more characters... well... this can get pretty ugly.
      (it would be too much work I guess, and we're trying to focus on other stuff already)

    5. Understandable!

      And I have considered it, its just I know she's super busy doing this and I don't really want to burden her with even MORE work.

    6. Hmmm will you make perhaps in future an other Version about this game here?? I don´t know just different but same Chars/Story/and so on then the Pictures perhaps diferent but then with Dialog? Or will you make the Dialog Versions just in the continues about this game? (I meen the gamas after this continuing the Story of Wolfenstahl^^)

    7. @Kris
      Cres arm is nearly healed (at least it looks that way, she's trying to not strain it too much at the moment), and since we're short on money she's currently concentrating on commissions.
      (usually she works on the game, and only sometimes on commissions, but right now she focuses on commissions)

      I guess in about ~2-3 weeks or so, we're able to make some actual progress on the game again ^^
      So, it's okay to give her commissions.

      @Christin Eleven:
      I can't say that right now, I just want to finish this game first, and after that... well... we'll see what comes after that.
      (most likely a different game with different characters)

    8. Well I don´t care what you do since all what you did until now was pretty Awesome -^.^-

  3. Yay I found my favourite Char XD I like her Charakter, she´s funny chaotic and Action filled just like I like it most -^.^- (She remembers me in a lot of Points- I also can´t cook and I somehow are lazy and so on but I love to have fun with Friends and because of that I manage to often Forget the work . . . hehe . . . he . . . -°~°-) Ps: how are her doughters alike?? One Wild and cool and the other calm and collected (and more inteligent) or are they both not so diferent? And her Husband?? Is he nice ??

    1. I'm glad you like her ^^
      I don't want to talk too much about her daughters, but... well, one of them is very impulsive (the slightly older one of the twins), while the other one is indeed more calm.

      Claires husband is a nice guy to his family, but maybe a bit cruel towards others.
      (it depends on who it is)

    2. Why you don´t wanna?? °_° puh ^^ cool the Husband is nice ^^ for me . . . well =( all guy´s that I met were stupid pigs Q.Q But really ^^ Until now She is my absolute favorite = ) (She even remembers me of Michelangelo from Ninja Turtles XP)

    3. It would be too much text, so I'd rather save it up for some other time.
      I'm glad you like her, but I don't think she's like Michaelangelo at all... Oo"

    4. XD well a Little mikro Little bit like him perhaps?? hmm or well don´t know by myself . . . just say She seems a Little bit like a Chaot (Chaotical Char) -^_^-

  4. Well now, intresting char, just out of curiosity her rivalry with ferania is a friendly rivalry or is it a rather bitter one?

    1. It's more a friendly one.
      Sometimes they argue, but in general they respect each other a lot.
      And if they have a real fight as competition, they usually smile while punching each other because they're enjoying it a lot.
      (but yes, it's a friendly rivalry and they would help each other out if necessary)