Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Final Version of LDH released

With this final version of LDH, we'll finally move on to a new project.

Just for clarification purposes:

LDH (Last Demon Hunter) was always planned to be a "test game" only.
Which means, there was never the intention to fully flesh out the CGs and other parts of the game.
Originally our initial plan was to release the game with 3 enemies, which we did with the first release. But then we figured we could add a couple more enemies to the game.

So, even if some people are disappointed that we're not fleshing this one out, we went past our initial plans and added a lot more content to the test game than we originally planned to do.
Since the majority of people (on Patreon, as well as here on the blog) voted for not continuing LDH and moving on, we're obviously taking that direction, and... well... move on.
Still we hope you all enjoyed LDH at least to some extent.

Have fun playing the game!

[LDH ver 0.48C]

- new Werewolf enemy added
- music added
- a couple minor bugfixes (mainly edits of the levels)