Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Final Version of LDH released

With this final version of LDH, we'll finally move on to a new project.

Just for clarification purposes:

LDH (Last Demon Hunter) was always planned to be a "test game" only.
Which means, there was never the intention to fully flesh out the CGs and other parts of the game.
Originally our initial plan was to release the game with 3 enemies, which we did with the first release. But then we figured we could add a couple more enemies to the game.

So, even if some people are disappointed that we're not fleshing this one out, we went past our initial plans and added a lot more content to the test game than we originally planned to do.
Since the majority of people (on Patreon, as well as here on the blog) voted for not continuing LDH and moving on, we're obviously taking that direction, and... well... move on.
Still we hope you all enjoyed LDH at least to some extent.

Have fun playing the game!

[LDH ver 0.48C]

- new Werewolf enemy added
- music added
- a couple minor bugfixes (mainly edits of the levels)


  1. Thanks a lot, for both makeing this little gem and for publishing it for free.
    I can't wait to see your next work, is there a working version of DBA?
    If so I'm going to be one of your supporters very soon

    1. Thank you very much!
      Technically there is a prototype version of DA, but it's just a prototype with a very rough concept and nearly no content yet.
      Our Patrons are currently voting on what project to work next (this is important since our funding is not sufficient to make big progress on larger game projects).
      So I wouldn't advise to support us based on DA alone.

    2. If I can ask this, which tool do you use (or used to use) in DA? I mean Unity, some kind of graphic motor, raw code...?

  2. I'll keep tabs on your next game. If you guys actually finish it, and the 'final' version isn't less than 1.0, then i'll be happy to return to being a regular supporter. Otherwise, good luck.

    1. Also. What are the chances of you guys releasing the engine source for this? You're not going to be doing anything else with it, so it's just going to be gathering dust...and NO, i'm not asking for the assets, just the engine.

    2. While I understand your concerns, I think "finishing" it doesn't really work with LDH.
      As I said, LDH was never intended to even go this far.
      (several blogposts and even the votes on Patreon as well as the vote on this blog show this)
      And a version number is just a version number, it doesn't really make a difference about the actual game itself.
      But I understand your standpoint.

      Since we're moving on to working on "full" games (LDH was designated as testgame since the beginning), you can expect the upcoming projects to be in colour and having proper graphical quality overall.

      At this point we don't intend to make the code of LDH available to the public.

  3. You guys pretty much took all of my biggest fetishes and tucked them into one game, well played!

  4. Hi A little Fan patch for LDH V0.48
    French translation Pack.
    Pack de texte fran├žais V0.48

    1. Thank you very much for the hard work!
      I added it to the list of fan translations.

  5. I only played the game recently, can I ask how you got in touch with ahriman? i can only find their twitter account.
    id love to be able to make a game like that too without having to use rpgmaker xp

  6. I hate to be that guy, but I wanted to know if there was a way to find the images that appear on the left hand side when playing LDH. I've been following you guys since I discovered the Geisterhand trial a long time ago.

    I remember when LDH only had the imp, mutant and tentacle monsters, and with each release I've been privately coloring the CG for cutscene's (I've never released it or sent it to someone else, it's just for myself) and I wanted to know if it was possible to color the in-game drawings too on the left-hand side whenever your grabbed.

    As with all development processes and difficulties with engines/codes/piracy I completely understand if there isn't a way I can access those images, but I've tried several different ways and can't figure it out myself, so I'm left with the only option being to ask.