Saturday, January 23, 2016

Final Version of LDH on Patreon

I totally forgot to mention that we've released the final version of LDH on Patreon a couple days ago.
As always I'll upload it here in about 4 weeks.

The final version includes:
- the new Werewolf enemy
- music
- a couple minor bugfixes (mainly edits of the levels)

LDH won't get any additional content beyond this.
But in case there are bugs, please tell us about it and we'll see what we can do.
We'll move on to working on DA (Deathblight Apocalypse) instead.

Or rather, we'll be asking our Patreons in a couple polls what they want us to do, since they're supporting us and we think they deserve to vote on what's about to come.
This means it's possible that we're reworking the existing graphics of DA.
We're also including a couple other voting options, since we're really curious as to what our Patreons want us to do, and we want to take as much options as possible into consideration.

That being said, I need to think about all the questions the poll should include.
So it will still need a couple days before the vote starts.


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  2. Are non-patrons going to have access to it eventually?
    BTW I really enjoyed the previous versions and am quite sad you're not going to update it anymore, I don't know How much more work would be required to add any more enemies but I think it would still be far less than most other games while the results have been quite awesome IMHO.

    1. Yes, non-patrons will get the new version (the same as previous versions) after 4 weeks of the release on Patreon.

      And I'm glad you liked it!

    2. with "the same as previous versions" I don't mean you get the old versions.
      I meant to say:
      In the past we always distributed the new Patreon versions about ~4 weeks after the Patreon release to the public.

      (I just wanted to emphasize this as my previous statement might have been a bit confusing)

  3. This is why stopped supporting you guys on patreon. You just pulled the plug on the second game I enjoyed from you guys. You threw away Geisterhand, and now this.

    Good luck in your endeavors, and even if I'm fairly upset, I still wish you success in whatever future projects you undertake.

    1. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the majority of Patrons voted for us to continuing work on something else instead of putting more work into LDH.

      Of course it's your right to stop supporting us if we take a path you don't like.
      I perfectly understand this and I would have done so myself (if I were in your place I mean).

      But please don't let it sound like we decided to drop this on our own.
      On top of that, LDH was designated as "test game" all along, and we actually added twice the content that was originally planned to the game.
      Basically LDH was "done" a long time ago, and we just now stopped adding more content in order to move on to something else.
      (that's what the majority of Patrons voted for)

      Thank you very much for your support, and I hope you enjoy some of our future projects.

    2. It's been more than four weeks, so where's the final version? When can we expect that to be uploaded publicly?

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  5. NOOOOOOO!!? i loved this game ooh well...the rich folk have spoken still though hope after you guys are done with DA you guys will finish this one up.

  6. You know what would be really cool in a funny way? A non-patreon-LDH-release on Valentine's Day XD That'd show a great sense of humour XD

    And... well, it is sad that LDH is "finished" so far - I really like the gameplay (it's simple but beautiful) and the graphics (very good quality) and I hope you'll make something similar in the future =)
    (Still, I've never won the game so far, I guess I'll have to try harder XD What happens when you save all girls? ^^")

    Keep on the good work! =)

  7. The wait has been long enough, please!