Wednesday, August 20, 2014

About the webcomic

Currently we're trying to get everything set for the webcomics Patreon page.
That's why talking about various things regarding the webcomic is very important right now.
(thus the frequent talking about it)

Once those things are out of the way, we'll talk more about the game of course.

So, first things first, the poll states that you guys and girls wish for a hentai webcomic, and so be it.
Of course it won't be hentai all the time.
Sometimes there will be a bit ecchi, sometimes a joke, but the webcomic will also contain hentai.

Roughly said, we're aiming for about 20-25% hentai and ecchi "content" (mainly hentai), as we still want the story to move on.
There might be times where 1-2 chapters have no hentai at all (but most likely ecchi and perverted jokes), and then another chapter is full of hentai, while other chapters might contain a few pages of hentai, but the rest is regular storyline.
(just to give you a rough idea of what we have in mind)

Furthermore, we're currently thinking about one thing:

In the webcomic, we want to have the demon hunter demi-gods as main characters.
(in other words, some of the characters of the current game)
This means we can either tell their story from the very beginning, which means: medieval times!
(High Fantasy, with demons, dragons, knights etc.)
Or we could tell the story behind the game, which is an apocalyptic future.
At any rate, we want to tell the story of the medieval times, sooner or later at least.

It's just the question if we do the "future story" first, at least for a few chapters...
Or if we simply do it sometime else.

Currently we're favoring the medieval story, and we thought about designating stuff with date stamps.

Like, the medieval story starts at "year 50" or something.
Then there might be a time-jump at some point to "year 104" etc.
And the future story would be "year 50XX" etc.
So all those eternally living characters don't confuse you too much, because you actually know how much time had passed.

Anyway, all those time and date things are not important right now, since we're focusing on one thing only, and "someday" we'll move forward.
And when that day comes, I'll make sure to properly explain what's going on.
(mainly through the webcomic of course)

So, lets say we'll do the medieval story (as I said, we're in favor of this at the moment).
The webcomic would then focus on the demon hunter demi-gods, Ferania, Claire and their teams.
When they started out doing their demon hunter job, and all the other stuff that happened.
Other demi-gods will also appear from time to time, for example Esmoda, Grizelda or Shiwa.
This way the webcomic will cover their background story and past.

I'm not doing a poll about this one, so please feel free to discuss this matter with me in the comments.

Thursday will be the next character introduction.
We're just missing 4 more characters, then we're done.
And in the upcoming days we'll present you some "sample pages" of how the webcomics quality will be like.

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

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