Sunday, April 1, 2012

The game is still missing a name...

I thought it would be a good idea to post another update.
Especially because of the confusion caused by april fools day.
As already mentioned, this project is dead serious.
And that means of course it's no joke at all.

We are still thinking about a name for our first game.
Our team (Projekt Wolfenstahl) as well as our second game (Wolfenstahl) already have names.
But we have no name for the first game yet.
Possible names could be:

- Never Surrender
- Paperheads
- Verdani vs the Paperheads

Or something along the line.
But actually nothing sounds really satisfying.
(Paperheads is the name of the organization Verdani is fighting against)
But I might come up with something later.

Anyway to show some progress I guess it would be nice to present a draft of a CG.
I don't want to share 100% done / colored CG's, since it might spoil some parts of the game.
But showing small parts of the content, shouldn't hurt.

This would be a full CG draft, after the draft the lineart and finally the coloration will be done.
In our team, one person does the draft and lineart, while another one does the coloration.
But we actually do only 1 or 2 CGs per week.
Since we also have to do sprite graphics.
(solely done by our main artist who does the drafts and lineart)
School or work/jobs is also an issue that slows us down.
But we'll try our best to work on a constant pace.

Since our main artist is graduating from school this summer, we expect some faster progress around 1st of june.
So we hope that we're done with the game at the end of july.
At least this is what we planed.
But lets save the details for later.


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