Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tentacle Monsters?

While working on the sewer stage of the Paperheads game, we where wondering about a thing.
At first we just wanted to include human enemies only.
But we thought... a tentacle monster would be nice, too?
I mean, just having a bunch of (similar) human enemies would be boring.
And a tentacle monster would be a bit more variation.

Again I want to remember, that we want to keep this a small game.
But I guess I'll leave the decision about this to you guys.
After all we want to make a game that you people might enjoy.

Adding a tentacle monster would only be a little bit work for us.
So don't worry about working time/power spend on this.
I would say it's even a bit easier than drawing a human enemy.

So, please vote and give your oppinion in our newest poll/vote.
The time limit is set to a week, because we need a fast decision on this one.
(after all we plan to release a playable demo at the end of may)



  1. Well, I'll be the first to say it...
    yes please.
    I mean, I dunno why, but you just should. :D

  2. Some tentacles would be great for variety, as you say. So I think it's a great idea to implement.

  3. monster tentacles in the sewer is a very good idea to add in the game!