Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally a name!

Paperheads News:

Today I have rather good news.
First of all, I decided to finally stop the poll/vote for a name for the first game.
Hereby I officially announce that the first game will be called "Paperheads".
As already stated, the so called Paperheads is the name of the organization Verdani is fighting in the game.
So the name has at least some meaning and connection to the game.
Thanks for everyone who participated in the poll/vote!

Currently we are working as fast as possible on the animations.
And I'm also experimenting more with Game Maker.
It's easy to use if you know at least the basics about programming.
And the programme can do much more than I thought at first sight.
At least we do good progress, so I'm confident we can do it within our set timelimit.

Wolfenstahl News:

The other good news relate to the Wolfenstahl game (second game).
Ferania now has her voice actress.
That means all important roles are filled.

Furthermore our main artist made some drafts from 2 of the bosses of the Wolfenstahl game.
(Those are bosses from the Wolfenstahl game, the second game. NOT from the first one!)
We just do occasionally stuff for the Wolfenstahl game.
Especially drafts with a pencil, when we are not at home and thus unable to work on the Paperheads game.
(obviously we need to be at home to work on the Paperheads game, because we need a computer for our work)
But I'll save on the details for now, I don't want to spoil too much.


This is Chao, one of the male characters in the Wolfenstahl game.
He will be one of the bosses you encounter with Ferania or Shiwa.

Strammer Max

Strammer Max, or short "Max", is one of the favorite demons and the right hand of the Demon Queen.
He is over 2 meters tall, and his physical strenght is even feared among demons.

As you might guess, for the Wolfenstahl game I plan to use more agile bosses.
(not all will be agile, but the more imporant ones will be)
Since the playable characters (Ferania & Shiwa) are pretty agile themselves.
So it's more fun to fight someone who is pretty fast himself.
Or at least that's what I think.
(that's the way I felt about the Megaman games I used to play)



  1. Chao looks incredibly agile, whereas Max looks a little bit... slow. Agile bosses are awesome, but the problem is that they all become the same. Strong, slow bosses are easy to kill, but I feel like they keep the game much more interesting.

    Anyway, they both look sweet! Glad to see you're planning for the next game, but you should finish Paperheads first :P
    Also, glad that name won!

  2. Max will be a bit slower, but more powerful in general, yes.
    Also the bosses in the Wolfenstahl game won't be the same, since some of them do wall jumps, other will be able to fly or hover etc.
    But I'll share that information when the time has come ^^

    Of course we're focusing on Paperheads.
    Our artist did those drawings during lunchtime in school.
    I just felt it would be a nice idea to share some concept art, so people see how we do our work.
    (the Paperheads game is fully planned out already, so there is not much we can think about)
    But... I could share some concept art from the Paperheads... I wonder why I haven't done that yet ^^"

    (sometimes one forgets the most obvious thing to do...)