Saturday, April 7, 2012

mascot section implemented

I finally took my time and wrote down some information on our mascots.
(the two in our banner)
Maybe I overdid it again.
But yeah, I think those informations should answer most of the questions.
It even gives a hint about our second game (main game).
Or at least on the storyline of it.

Whatever, I'll have to come up with a good name for the Verdani-Game (test game) soon.
One of our team members is suggesting names like:

- Verdani Nation
- Legend of Verdani
- Sex City
- the Unknown

But I'll have to think about this some more.
I'm still not convinced by any name so far.



  1. How about:

    Legacy of Wolfenstahl - Verdandi
    next one like
    Legacy of Wolfenstahl - (Main Charakter)

  2. I thought about something similar.
    But the problem is, actually the game with Verdani is completely different from the following games.
    Which means, since the following titles will be "Wolfenstahl" games.
    It could be confusing naming the Verdani game the same.

    The next games will have possible titles like:

    Wolfenstahl - Awakening
    Wolfenstahl - Returning of...
    Wolfenstahl - Apocalypse

    etc. and they are all sequels to each other.
    But thanks for your suggestions ^^


  3. Lol the unknow xD! The wrath of Verdani or Legend of Verdani are good.

  4. Fall of the Paperheads

    Verdani's Sexual Fight