Monday, April 30, 2012

Progress report

First of all I have to apologize for not delivering any screenshots this weekend.
We worked really hard on the animations, backgrounds and programming of the game.
I would upload some screenshots, if I wouldn't be so tired.
So I'll keep this newspost short... (hard for me, since I love to type long text) lol

Tomorrow we will give the titel-menu a nice background.
After that we'll screenshot some of our stuff and I'll upload them here.
From now on the closed alpha testing phase begins.
But the Grab-System is not there yet. (just basic fighting moves)

Good news is, we are starting with our work on the Grab-System in the next days.
(we have 2 weeks holidays right now)
So if nothing bad happens, there will be a playable demo-version at the end of may.
And jup, we plan to contain a full level in the demo-version.

So stay tuned!
I should go to bed now...


Just got up now.
Maybe someone noticed this too:
I just realized that the number of votes on the polls is decreasing day after day.
Though they are done already?
Seems very confusing to me.
(I'll remove them later anyway)

So for the results:
- The games name is "Paperheads"
- Not all CG's will have backgrounds, but a few will have
- There will be a tentacle monster in the game

So, it's time to get back to work ^^

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