Saturday, April 14, 2012

So much stuff to do

The last days where pretty hasty.
But I guess our progress goes almost as planed.
I'm also messing around with the Game Maker software lately, so I haven't been able to color that many CG's.
(after all the goal is to set up a game, not just doing the CG's and animations)
So you can await some ingame screenshots soon.

And to be honest, I'm currently practicing my coloring skills on a Shiwa Wolfenstahl HCG.
Since her hair are pretty dark, it's way more important to get the structure of the hair right.
And yes, that's what I'm mainly practicing right now.
(Verdanis or Feranias hair aren't that hard, because their hair color is pretty fair haired)
After all I want to support our artist, so we can work on CG's much faster.
(That's the reason I'm practicing)

As I promised before, I'll place a "done" HCG of a Game Over scene here.
(I put the coloring on this one, our artist did the lineart though she could do the coloring herself)
This is the quality we aim at:

One of Verdani's Game Over scenes against a regular Paperhead.

The mistake in the CG has been corrected.
So it's the way it should be now.

And regarding the background.
I left it out, yes.
But some CG's will have background in them.
To save time we decided to just use background if it makes sense.

I added a poll/vote on this matter as well.
So if you all wish to have backgrounds in all CG's we will of course follow this wish.
It would take more time to do this, but I don't want to give the impression that we are hurrying along.
We take this project seriously, and so we want to fulfill some of the wishes that the community has.
At least if it's something that's possible for us to fulfill.
(I mean, we have a pretty solid concept and we planed everything out, but there is always some room where you can do compromisses or fulfill wishes of the community/fans)

Several people keep on asking for a demo version.
As I already stated on a board, I don't think it's very usefull to present a demo version without the Grab-System.
Since this is one of the main-factors of this H-game.
We still have to do more animations in order for the Grab-System to work.
After all the enemies need several different options for grabbing the heroine.
So I guess it's realistic to say that a playable beta-version demo will be out at the end of may.
(we try to do it faster, but I can't promisse that it will be done earlier, so better stick with "end of may")
We have 2 weeks holidays at the beginning of may, so we hope we can give the game another huge production boost then.



  1. Nice! The CG looks great! I know this is reeeeeeeally early to be asking, but do you have any idea what the game might cost? Just an estimate even?

    I told you that you wouldn't need backgrounds on CGs :P

  2. I guess this is really early to ask this, yeah.
    But I know "if" we sell the game, it won't be over 5$ since it's just a small game.
    We design it to be enough interesting to be worth at least those 5$.
    Maybe we will even give out the game for free.
    Hmmm... I guess the real answer to wether it's being sold or if it's being for free should be settled when the beta-version demo is out.
    (and that would be at the end of may)

  3. Not bad at all! Kind of refreshing, in a way actually, at least in my experience a lot of GoR CGs are very... over the top. Or the CGs are only after... "extended use", shall we say.

    There's a good showing of helplessness in this though, and it (for me anyway) makes me feel sorry for Verandi. Although, not too sure how the GoR's are justified in-game at this point.

    By that I mean, why the game is over if she's raped, or why she's being raped if she's capable of fighting back I suppose. At least in the CGs shown so far, by the hair grabbing, would seem to imply she's not mind-broken or something, so she should have fight in her, but they kind of forcibly make her do things anyway.

    *Ramble ramble*

  4. In most of the CG's she seems to be able to fight back, yes.
    At least that's the impression one gets when looking at the CG.
    But in fact mostly the enemies overwhelm her, tie her up (with bonds, handcuffs etc.) or take other measures so she can't really fight back.

    And we plan to do some "mind broken" CG's, or those "extended use" CG's you where talking about.
    But those will be just to show that she's done for.

    So it will look like this:
    1. Game Over CG scene (like the one shown in the post) + text/dialoge
    2. After that one mind broken/extended use CG that is shortly shown with a "Game Over" at the corner (or something like that)
    3. The game ends.

  5. I see, I see. You really have thought this all out, hahaha. On one hand, it makes me happy. On the other, it makes me wish I had a time machine so I could just leap forward a month or two of waiting, so I don't have to wait, hahahaha :P