Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Concept Art

Currently the work progresses as planned.
I hope we can present some screenshots this weekend.
At least if everything goes according to our plan we will do that.

To shorten your waiting time till then I thought about sharing some (old) concept art of the Paperheads game.
Everything has been drawn on paper with a pencil.
The coloring has been done with coloring pencils as well.
Some colors (blush etc.) might seem a bit off.
This corruption happened while scanning the artwork.
Somehow the scanner messes some of the colors up, but I can't fix that.
No matter what I tried, this is the best possible outcome.
(I already improved the scanning quality quite a bit, but still some colors are corrupted)

Anyway, those are only concept art, so never mind that.
Of course there is much more concept art to show, but I thought about throwing in stuff once in a while.
I guess this is better than throwing in all at once.

Concept art of a Game Over Scene
On this one the blush is more red/intense than on the original (pencil coloring on paper), due to scanning corruption

The scribbling has been done on a computer after scanning.
There is also a version where Verdani's body is scribbled full of text.
(I just decided on uploading the non scribbled version)

I hope you all enjoy the concept art.
And I hope it somehow shortens your waiting time for the first ingame screenshots.


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