Monday, April 9, 2012

Vote for a game titel/name

I just decided to make a list of possible names for the Verdani game.
But since I really have a hard time on deciding for one of those names, I thought it would be best to open up a vote for it.

The vote might end in about 2 weeks, but in case there is a clear "winner" in about 1 week, I'll may decide to just take that as a given.
Oh yes, and of course you can choose several options.
Not just one.

Furthermore I slightly updated the mascot section.
Shiwa now has a revised image uploaded, with slightly darker hair color.
(it's the same image, but the coloring is better and it's now the way it should be)
I also inserted the nickname of the teammember who is voice acting Shiwa into the information.
I haven't decided on the voice actress of Ferania yet, but there are several candidates.



  1. I voted for Papeheads, it sounds quirky and different, original you may say, i don't like the word Rape, it's too... strong, but that's personal opinion...

    Looking good, i like the art style and the size of the sprites, looking forward to more, specially in-game screenshots when they're ready....

  2. Dont use "Streets of Rape" cause i know a far better game to make with this title :D

    Maybe some of you know "Streets of Rage" on Sega Genesis
    this game with rape animations would be fucking awesome.

    So dont waste this tile name yet ^^

  3. I think "Never Surrender" is pretty nice, it fits with Verdani's personality after all. Although, Verdani vs the Paperheads isn't too bad either, or just Paperheads.

  4. I really hope Paperheads/Never Surrender wins.

  5. Paperheads and Never Surrender are the best ones I think.
    Also, when can we expect a demo? I'm looking forward to it!!