Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finally some screenshots

Today we put again a lot of effort into the game.
We sorta finished the title menu for now.
(we still have to implement some functions into it, but that doesn't matter now)

The HUD has been finished, and we also worked on some other stuff.
Don't worry, we will add more details to the levels/backgrounds.
So the sewer won't look that boring.

The hentai stuff comes with the Grab-System, but I implemented a game over picture anyway.
As you can see on the screenshots, you can walk on 2 platforms.
But you can move upwards and downwards on a platform, just as you like.
(but this has no big effect right now, not sure if I should do something bigger out of it... since it's pretty time consuming and all, and I never planed do work this 3D-like system (with 2D graphics) out too much... except the Grab-System, this is where I want to put the focus on mainly)

Right now, walking inside of the water doesn't do much either.
But Verdani will be less mobile (can't run while inside of the water) and she also might have some other disadvantages while walking inside the water.
I'll save the details on this for later.

And yes, there will be some sort of level-design.
At least it will be a little bit like a maze, with dead-ends, rooms filled with surprises etc.
It's not hard to do that, and I think it add's a good variety to the game, without consuming too much time.
(I'm even thinking about adding some traps that could assist the Paperheads in catching Verdani... but... yeah... it's too much to talk about now)

Before I write even more text... I should rather present you the screenshots.
(the screens are all 800x600 which will be the main-resolution for the game, but if possible I'll add an option for smaller resolutions, I'm just not sure if I can do it, and if the text is still readable...)
I hope you'll like what you see.

I hope the screenshots gave some first impression on what the game will be later on.
Of course a demo-version would be better than any screenshot.
We will work full-steam ahead, towards that goal.
But now, it's time for me to go to bed.
Stay tuned!



  1. Seems to be coming along pretty good! Kind of wish the demo was coming out sooner, since the end of May is going to be really heretic for me, but... oh well. Guess it'll be something nice to look forward to.

  2. I don't know what you plan on having in the dead ends, but a good rule of thumb is to avoid having dead ends that are devoid of any sort reward/purpose. Placing a powerup, health,etc , will prevent the player from feeling like the trip there was pointless. For instance if you look at games like castlevania, spaces in the level design or dead ends usually have candlesticks.

  3. These pictures give desire, but the sets need more details. I can only wish you good luck for the future!

  4. Thanks for the advice, actually that's what I planned to do.
    But by poiting it out to me, I realize that I might want to improve this aspect a little bit more than originally planned.
    (when talking to Amelia and another friend of mine, I came up with some ideas... actually I just hope I won't overdo it, but I guess this little "addon" might do the job)
    Thanks for this comment Kyrieru, I guess this settled my decision on this matter ^^

    There will be some things you might "need" to proceed in the game.
    Also there will be dead ends that are... dead ends (game overs), so there will be definitely a reason to get them.
    (but I better cover this topic in a new blogpost in the following days)

    And yes, as already stated we will add more details to the backgrounds.
    For example graffity, cracks in the walls, sewer water on the walls etc.
    (there will also be blinking lamps and other animated stuff, actually some of it is already implemented, but it's hard to show "blinking" stuff on a screenshot)
    So the sets won't stay as simple as they are now.

    I'm afraid a demo before the end of may isn't possible.
    At least, if you guys want a working "Grab-System", and since this is the focus of the game, it's too important to leave it out.
    Of course there will be a regular fighting system, but it won't be something revolutionary.
    (it won't be something cheap either, but it's just plain beat'em up like, with the focus on the Grab-System)