Saturday, May 26, 2012

Text to the CGs?

Yeah, I planned to have text to all CGs in the full release.
But for the demo I decided to do text for the special scene.

Whatever, I did everything important already, so I thought I should maybe include text for more than just the special scene?

The point is:
I could write loooong text, after all I do that every day.
I only see the main problem in the fact, that I'll have to write text for about 30-40 CG scenes.
And it would be overkill... if every scene gets a pretty long text.
(we are no professional VN company... just 2 people working on this project seriously, and several others giving slightly support (voice acting, translating etc.))

So I went with following decision:
I'll only write some "short" text for the scenes.
I'm well aware that short texts end up being a bit crappy, because you can't "squeeze" all the details of a game over scene into a few lines of text...
But I'll include longer texts for special scenes to make up for that.

This means... mostly "short" texts, but here and there a longer text.

I guess this is a good compromise, so we can keep the work at a minimum.
Also the translation into japanese won't take that much time, if we do it this way.
So I really think this is a good solution.

I also hope noone gets disappointed too much.
But it's really hard to do a good game, within a set time limit, without any limitations.

Anyway, that's all for now.
I'm writing all of the texts now, then I'll go to bed.
So tomorrow I'll just have to write down the story (I already came up with one) and give out the game for final "inofficial" testing.
If all goes well, the demo will be out on thuesday, just as promised.

Oh, and one final notice:
I already wrote a pretty good and long text for the tentacles.
But I'll include just a small version into the game.
Because I want to save the long text for the final demo-release (end of july), when the game is done.
(it might be one of the longest and most detailed CG text in the game... and it'll be a little "thank you" for all the tentacle lovers out there)

So please, don't be disappointed by the short version ^^"
I don't like the short version either... but it's just a temporary measure.

The other scenes should be fine as they are.
Since there are no longer versions for them, I can't complain myself.. lol

Enough chit chat, time to get back to work!


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  1. I wouldn't worry about to many people being disappointed by short texts. Especially when you are making so many CG's. Honestly, I prefer short and to the point rather then overly long and descriptive, because my mind can imagine anything just off of a picture.