Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Voice Acting

Again everything is going quite smothly.
During the past days, Amelia did the voice acting for Verdani.
As mentioned before, there will be nearly no spoken sentences, but all the voices will be recorded ourselves.
The sound effects are partly done ourselves, partly taken from various random pages throughout the internet.
(til now I would say, about 80 % of the amount of sound-files are done by ourselves, out of scratch)

So yeah, the game has now sound effects, voices etc. ... but still no music.
I highly doubt that I'll be able to add music to it for the upcoming demo-version.
So I hope no one is disappointed about the missing background music.

Anyway, what are our plans for the next two weeks?

Well, we will add some hentai-attacks for the Paperheads.
Then we do some more background tiles.
Making about 30-50% of the first stage available in the beta-demo.

And of course we have to write some text for the game over scenes.
So there's lots of time consuming stuff to do, but since everything works out so far, I highly doubt that we'll have any unforseen troubles.

Not that spectacular news, but I just wanted to give you all a brief status report.


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